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Bike Body Cover That's Built to Last

Riding a bike is more than a way to get around; it's a passion, a lifestyle. Here at Carorbis we truly understand the bond that riders have with their two wheeled companions. That's why we are committed to offering top notch protection for your bikes through our selection of bike body covers.

Our bike covers go beyond being shields against the elements; they symbolize our promise to safeguard your investment. From the moment you bring your bike home you dedicate yourself to its care, longevity and pristine appearance. Our covers share that dedication. They are more than a layer; they act as your bike's defense against scratches, rain, sun damage and dust – preserving both its beauty and functionality.

We acknowledge that every bike is unique and has requirements. Whether you ride a sportbike, an off road motorcycle or a timeless cruizers, Carorbis provides a diverse range of covers designed to perfectly fit all models and sizes of bikes. Our unwavering commitment to quality ensures that each cover is crafted with attention using premium materials making them completely water resistant, resistant to scratches and capable of shielding against sun rays.

Furthermore, our dedication extends beyond protection. Our bike covers serve as an embodiment of reliability and durability—a testament to our commitment in providing lasting solutions for riders, like you.

Our covers are specially designed to endure the passage of time guaranteeing that your bike will stay in condition for years ahead. Each cover showcases our dedication to providing the quality reflecting our understanding of what riders truly require to protect their cherished machines.

Benefits of Using Bike Body Cover

Our bike body covers offer protection against environmental elements.

  1. Complete Protection:

    Our bike body covers provide protection acting as a shield to safeguard your bike against environmental elements. We've designed them to be scratch proof ensuring that your bikes paint remains untouched and preserving its flawless finish
  2. Weather Resistant:

    Our covers are specifically crafted to withstand all kinds of weather conditions offering protection, for your bike during showers. The waterproof feature prevents rust and corrosion thus maintaining the integrity of your bike.
  3. Sun Protection:

    Our covers are made with UV materials that offer sun protection for your bike. They effectively shield it from the effects of prolonged sun exposure preventing paint fading and helping to maintain its appearance.
  4. Debris Barrier:

    In environments our covers act as a barrier against dust and debris accumulation on your bikes surfaces. This ensures that your bike stays clean and ready to hit the road at any moment.
  5. Tailored Fit:

    We understand that each bike is unique in its way. That's why our covers come in sizes to ensure a snug and perfect fit, for bike models. This tailored fit not only provides protection but also adds an aesthetically pleasing touch that complements your bike's style.
  6. Covers Are Designed to Last:

    We use high quality materials that ensure durability with use and exposure to wear and tear. These covers effectively protect your bike. Remain reliable, over time.
  7. Simple Upkeep:

    Certain covers in our collection are designed to be machine washable making maintenance incredibly easy. Just follow the care instructions provided and your cover will stay in condition always ready to protect your bike whenever necessary.

How to Use the Bike Cover

Before you put on the cover make sure your bike is clean and dry. This will prevent any scratches or damage when you place the cover over it.

Unfold the cover. Lay it flat, on the ground or hold it up to check that it's facing the way. Most covers have tags indicating which side is the front and which is the rear for alignment.

Carefully drape the cover over your bike starting from the front. Gently pull it over the body of the bike making sure it covers everything including the handlebars, mirrors and wheels.

Adjust the cover to ensure a fit. You want it to be secure enough that it won't blow away in conditions but not so tight that it puts stress on the material.

Some covers come with features like hems, buckles or straps to help secure them in place. Use these mechanisms to fasten and tighten the cover around your bike so that it stays firmly in position.

Double check to see if all parts of your bike are adequately covered in areas that are more vulnerable, like headlights, tailpipes and wheels.

Once you have securely placed the cover on your bike make sure to give it a check to ensure that the cover is evenly spread without any wrinkles or folds that might trap moisture.

When you are ready to use your bike gently remove the cover starting from the top and gradually working your way down. Fold it neatly for storage. Make sure it's completely dry, before putting it on.

Catering to Your Bike Model:

At Carorbis we go above and beyond to cater to your bike model with our range of bike body covers. We understand that each brand and model has its characteristics and that's why our covers are tailored to fit perfectly.

  • Jawa:

    For Jawa enthusiasts whether you prefer the Old Jawa or the newer models our covers are designed to preserve the iconic look of these bikes.
  • Royal Enfield:

    Royal Enfield owners can rest assured knowing that we have covers for every model in their lineup. From the timeless Bullet series to the Classics our covers provide protection.
  • TVS:

    If you own a TVS bike like the Apache or Jupiter our snug fitting covers will shield your ride from the elements. Keep it in condition.
  • Bajaj:

    Bajaj bike owners have options too! Our range includes covers for models like Pulsar and Dominar ensuring they have the protective solution.
  • Benelli:

    Benelli enthusiasts can trust us to preserve both elegance and performance with our range of covers for their motorcycles. From the TNT series to Imperiale we've got them covered.
  • BMW:

    BMW bike owners deserve nothing but protection. That's why our tailored covers offer top notch safeguarding, for these machines.
  • Harley-Davidson:

    Harley-Davidson riders know how important it is to maintain their bikes' charisma. Our crafted covers are here to ensure that by safeguarding these rides.
  • Hero:

    Hero bike owners can rely on us too! Whether you ride a Splendor or an Xtreme series motorcycle our comprehensive covers will keep your bike protected.
  • Kawasaki:

    Whether it's the Ninja Z series or the Versys our goal is to provide covers that maintain the powerful appearance of Kawasaki bikes.
  • KTM:

    We have covers that are suitable, for all KTM models, including the Duke, Adventure and RC series. These covers offer protection to keep your bike safe.
  • Mahindra:

    Our range of covers includes options for models like the Mojo and others. We make sure that Mahindra bike owners have access to the solution.
  • Suzuki:

    Whether you own a GSX R or an adventure ready V Strom our covers are designed to safeguard Suzuki bikes with precision.
  • Triumph:

    Whether it's the timeless Bonneville or the versatile Tiger series our covers are crafted to preserve both style and functionality of Triumph motorcycles.
  • UM Renegade:

    Our covers ensure that UM Renegade bikes remain protected and ready to hit the road whenever you're up for a ride.
  • Yamaha:

    We offer a selection of covers for Yamaha bikes ranging from the R series to FZ. Our goal is to provide fitting and protection for your Yamaha motorcycle.

Why Choose Carorbis

Carorbis is widely recognized as the choice when it comes to Bike body covers.

  • Commitment to Quality:

    Carorbis puts quality above all else. Each bike cover in our inventory goes through quality checks to ensure it meets the standards. We use premium materials to ensure durability, reliability and lasting protection for your bike.
  • Customized Fit:

    We understand that every bike is unique. Our wide range of covers caters to bike models offering a fit for various shapes and sizes. Whether you ride a sports bike or a sturdy cruiser we have the cover to meet your requirements.
  • Features:

    Carorbis embraces innovation by incorporating cutting edge features into our covers. From waterproof and UV resistant materials to design elements like hems, secure fasteners and ventilation pockets our covers prioritize functionality and convenience.
  • Great Value for Money:

    We believe in delivering value with every purchase. Despite their quality our covers are competitively priced, ensuring affordability without compromising on effectiveness or durability.
  • Customer Focused Approach:

    At Carorbis our customers are at the core of everything we do. Our commitment to customer service doesn't end with the purchase. We are dedicated to providing support, guidance and assistance at every step of your journey, with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Size Bike Cover Should I Get?

Ans. To choose the right size cover you'll need to consider the dimensions of your bike. Measure its length, width and height so you can select the size from our options.

Q2. How Do I Properly Use a Bike Cover?

Ans. Unfold the cover and position it over your bike making sure it fits snugly. Then use the provided straps or fasteners to secure it in place.

Q3: Which Type of Material is Best, for a Bike Cover?

Ans. For protection against rain, sun and dust materials like polyester or nylon with UV resistant properties are highly recommended.

Q4. Is It Beneficial to Cover My Bike?

Ans. Absolutely! Using a bike cover helps shield your bike from elements preserving its condition and extending its lifespan.

Q5: Can I Wash a Bike Cover?

Ans. Yes! Many bike covers are machine washable. Just refer to the product label or instructions for care guidelines.

Q6. Is It Safe to Leave My Bike

Ans. While using a cover offers protection if your bike will be exposed to conditions for an extended period of time additional precautions like parking in sheltered areas are advisable.

Q7. Should I Use a Cover for My Bike When It's Raining?

Ans. Definitely! Using a cover during rainy weather prevents water damage, rusting and corrosion thus helping to maintain your bike condition.