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Buy Car Fans Online: the Ultimate Accessory for Your Car's Luxury Interior

India is a country with hot and humid summers, and due to this a car fan for dashboard becomes a saviour on those hot days. With a plethora of options and choices of car interior fans at Carorbis, India's fastest growing digital car marketplace, we assure you to keep you cool on a hot and humid summer day. All you need to do is buy a car fan for the interior from Carorbis at a very reasonable rates, and have the product delivered to your doorstep. A 12V car fan in India is probably the best way to beat the heat.

Treating your car with automotive accessories like a car dashboard fan has never been this simple.

It is advisable to go for a high quality electric cooling fan from a reputable and known brand. It would last longer and would be more efficient in its working, resulting in fewer battery changes. Generally, a cooling fan for car requires a 12V battery input. Also, besides this, car fan 12V DC type accessories are designed in such a manner that they could easily be slotted into a place inside the cabin like the dashboard.

Here’s Why You Should Buy a Electric Car Fan, Even if You Already Have an Ac

Sometimes, even an AC can fail under the hot and scorching summer heat. The excess use of plastic in the car’s cabin also raises the car’s temperature. In most cars, the car AC fan is just too slow for it to cool the car’s interior. In this case, an electric cooling car fan comes in as a messiah. Where you can take the direct air of the 12V fan car in an already cooled cabin at a faster rate, it instantly drops down the overall cabin temperature and you start to feel relieved within seconds. In most cars, the car AC fan is just too slow for it to cool the car’s interior. And with the 12V dc fan price in India starting from just Rs.399, it is an affordable interior car accessory to keep you cool in the summer.

Buy Car Interior Fans From 100% Original Brands

Carorbis is an online marketplace that provides a ton of choices of brands to choose from. It enables you to choose the right brand, of the best quality and price. One of the best brands for electric cooling fans to choose from is Geomex. Geomex is a brand that has its roots in Morocco and is owned by a company called Hexagon. Geomex was created specifically by Hexagon, for emerging Asian markets like India, and has become quite popular amongst consumers, because of its reliable and high quality products. Geomex has a range of 12V fans for car available on Carorbis.

Carorbis in its ever expanding inventory of products, has various types of fans. With class leading quality, some brands have established their name in the market for mass producing their flair craftsmanship. As of now, we have a Geomex coach fan of a 4’’ radius and another one of an 8’’ radius. Another different type of fan is a more powerful version with more cooling output thanks to its double fan integrated into a stand.

How Well Are These Car Fans Actually Made?

The large radius of the fan has an increased surface area, which enables a higher amount of cool air to pass. It is advised for big cars, while the smaller 12V 4 inch fan is suitable for smaller cars, with narrow dashboards. There are also double 12V car cooling fans for better air circulation.

The stand and fan have an excellent colour combination and have a high quality plastic material used. When placed inside the car, the fan looks extremely stylish and looks perfectly in proportion to the dashboard in the car. This is due to the versatile colour of the fan’s body that matches with every common car interior colour, such as beige, white and black. And don’t be fooled by the low cost of these accessories. High speed 12V DC fan price start from just Rs.399 on Carorbis, however you get a good quality cabin fan that keeps you cool.

The fans can easily be connected to the car with its 12 Volt wire, which can be put into any easily available 12 Volt charging socket in the car. Here’s a quick tip, you’ll generally find a 12 Volt socket made for appliances such as car fans, tyre inflators etc, near the driver side cubby hole, flat storage compartments, or inside the opening driver and co driver armrest. Read the 12V DC cooling fan specification before installing it in your car.

Now Here’s the Problem, How Do You Install a Cooling Fan for Car?

Now you might be wondering, if the 12V charging slots are near the cubby holes and cup holders, then how are we going to install a car electric fan which is generally put up high on the dashboard.

But don’t worry, Carorbis always keeps and is associated with brands that keep top notch products that are not only of high quality and look elegant, but at the same time is practical. This is the same case with Carorbis air cooler car fans. The car 12V fans we keep have a long enough wire to easily be attached and kept practically anywhere inside the car.

Safety Precautions of Keeping a Fan Inside a Car

It is a safety precaution to not to keep a car interior fan in close proximity of your body parts like fingers, when the fan is on. This is because of the chances of fingers being cut or injured. And this is exactly why small children should be warned by elders beforehand, so they too keep an eye on this matter. 12V DC fan for cars come with protective front mesh to prevent accidents.

Also, from your side, it is a safe practice of keeping a rubber dashboard mat that provides a grip to the fan so that it won’t fall. Usually, the cooling fan for car interior is securely fastened to the dashboard with reatianing clips or screws.

Look Out for These Features of Car Fan While Buying

These are some of the features and attributes a good fan carries within itself.

  1. A rotatable fan: A rotatable car fan 12V DC that provides a 360 degree turn would keep all the passengers cooled and as a result happy when kept in the middle of the car.
  2. A fan that looks good: All the things inside the car really can upgrade or degrade the overall ambience in a car. And with a stylish fan, you can never go wrong with bringing practicality, comfort, and style at the same time.
  3. High fan speed: A fan has a single role, keeping a person cool during a harsh summer day. So this is an absolute must check thing before buying a fan, that if it has a sufficient enough fan speed that could also act as an extra help along with the AC on because sometimes, the AC can have too much load on it.

Therefore, keep things cooler than ever this summer and beat the heat, by bringing home and treating your car, and yourself, with a car interior fan at discounts of up to 33% from India’s fastest growing automotive marketplace,

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. What is 12V DC fan?

Ans. A 12V fan for car operates on the 12-volt direct current of the car’s electrical system to circulate air within the cabin to keep passengers cool in hot weather.

Q 2. How to make a fan powered car?

Ans. You can purchase a high speed 12V DC fan for car on Carorbis for as low as Rs.399 and install it on the dashboard to keep you cool during your daily drives.

Q 3. Will a 12V fan kill a car battery?

Ans. A car’s battery can handle a 12V car fan without its power draining. Just ensure the engine is on while the fan is running.

Q 4. Will a 12V fan drain my car battery?

Ans. The car battery can run a car 12V fan without any issues.

Q 5. Why do my car fans stay on?

Ans. It could be an electrical issue which needs to be inspected by a mechanic.

Q 6. Why do cars have 2 fans?

Ans. A double fan on the dashboard provides more cool air and keeps the cabin well-ventilated in the summer.

Q 7. What is the best 12V fan?

Ans. Geomex 12V car cooling fans are excellent products available on Carorbis. These fans have superior quality and high-speed efficiency.

Q 8. When should fan come on in car?

Ans. Use the 12v car cooling fan when you feel hot and need some air circulation within the cabin.

Q 9. Will 12V start a car?

Ans. A 12V battery has sufficient voltage to start a car. Most vehicles use a 12-volt battery in their electrical system.

Q 10. Why does the fan come on my car?

Ans. The radiator fan is situated in the engine and comes on to reduce engine temperature. The 12v car cooling fan in the cabin is not connected to this radiator fan.

Q 11. Are car fans always on?

Ans. Cooling fan for car interior has a switch to turn it on and off as required.

Q 12. Can a car run without a fan?

Ans. A 12v car cooling fan will refresh your interiors and relax during your daily drives.

Q 13. How to connect car fan to battery?

Ans. It is not recommended to run the fan directly from the battery. Wire the fan to the electrical system with a relay and appropriate wiring.

Q 14. How to bypass car fan?

Ans. It is not advisable to bypass the 12-volt car cooling fan. Connect the accessory to the appropriate wiring harness.

Q 15. Can you drive a car without a fan?

Ans. A 12v car cooling fan is useful for circulating air in the cabin and keeping passengers relaxed and comfortable.

Q 16. Do you need a cooling fan for car?

Ans. You will need a cooling fan in hot weather, during the summer or if you keep the windows rolled up all the time.

Q 17. Why are there two fans on a car?

Ans. One fan is situated in the radiator to keep the engine cool, while a cooling fan for car interior keeps the interior cool.

Q 18. What are car fans called?

Ans. It is called a cabin fan which is installed on the car dashboard.

Q 19. Can a fan cool a car?

Ans. An interior fan for cooling can help get rid of heat and can provide relief in summer weather.

Q 20. Can a fan cause a car to overheat?

Ans. A fan will help cool down the interior during hot weather.

Q 21. Is it bad to leave the fan on in your car?

Ans. Leaving the fan on may drain the battery of power. It may not be possible to restart the engine afterwards.

Q 22. Do fans help overheating?

Ans. Yes, a 12V cabin cooling fan can help the interior from overheating when driving through hot and humid weather.

Q 23. Does fan speed increase cooling?

Ans. With a higher fan speed, there will be more cooling for passengers.

Q 24. How much cooling does a fan provide?

Ans. A fan doesn’t reduce the cabin temperature, but it can circulate air and provide relief from the heat.

Q 25. What fan speed is best for cooling?

Ans. Turn on the fan speed to high setting for maximum cooling.

Q 26. How is cooler better than fan?

Ans. A car fan is designed to move air around the cabin while a cooler reduces the interior temperature, similar to an air conditioner.

Q 27. Are fans healthier than AC?

Ans. An Ac works well in high humidity climates, while a fan is better when you need fresh air circulation.

Q 25. Which is cheaper AC or cooler?

Ans. It is not possible to fit a cooler in a car cabin as it requires moistened filter for evaporative cooling. An Ac is or a 12v fan car accessory is a better option.

Q 25. What is the 12 volt car fan price?

Ans. Price for the Geomex 12V 4-inch fan is Rs.399 on Carorbis.