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Handlebar tassels for motorcycles are an aesthetic accessory. Trip machine makes tassels.Trip Machine makes very good leather accessories like Triumph and Royal Enfield. Basically, bikes of old Britain. We will quickly see about the uses of handlebar tassels and how to install them.

Motorcycles like Triumph and Royal Enfield have brought back the practice of wrapping things again like wrapping the exhaust pipe or the handlebars.


Handlebar tassels may come in various lengths. The trip machine tassels are 13in. The colors offered by the manufacturer are tobacco brown tan, cherry red tan, vintage tan and classic black tassels. You can choose from these colors and if you want to flaunt your style more, then you can buy two or more of the tassels so that you don’t get bored with the same color and also people get to see a fresh look at times.

The history of tassels goes back to 40, 50, 60 or even 70 years. Some people say that the tassels are meant to direct rain off of you and the rain water will sip through the tassels. Well we don’t know how useful it is regarding that matter but we will surely give you some solid points why handlebar tassels can be used.


  1. Styling

    First and foremost the function of handlebar tassels are serving aesthetic purposes. They give an old vintage look to the bike and look different. That's the main reason behind using handlebar tassels.
  2. Grip

    Another purpose of handlebar tassels is gripping. They attach not only from the end of the handlebar but also cover the holding area of the handlebars. So, this gives grip to the riders and it is especially helpful when riders are wearing gloves as gloves tend to slip. Using a handlebar tassel won’t need you to purchase handlebar grips separately.
    Handlebar tassels also add thickness to the handlebar as many handlebars are narrower like the Royal Enfield Interceptor 650. Handlebar tassels can add some chunk to your narrow handlebars.


Materials used are 100% top grain leather in Trip Machine tassels. There is no mixing of any other materials. As genuine leathers are very durable, handlebar tassels will not cause any trouble upon being used in the rain. In the heat aslo it won’t degrade.

Attention to details are given in handlebar tassels and each hanging strand is cut with high precision. This will surely attract love from you. Also, they are handmade! Handmade products have different recognition and come at a premium price. The feel of these handlebar tassels are luxurious.

Handlebar tassels are one of the cheapest modification accessories for bikes. If you are looking for a modification or styling which won’t cost you a fortune then this is it. It is cool and stylish but won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

The logo of Trip Machine Company is marked on the handlebar tassels.

Now we will reveal to you the installation process

Installing a handlebar tassel is very easy and requires no tools.

To start with, first clean the handlebars of your bike. Doing so, the tassels will stay in their place more securely. Also, dirt and particulate matter will rub against the handlebar tassels and will wear off the leather faster. Also, remove any aftermarket hand grips that you are using.

Then, slowly pull up the handlebar tassels to the handlebar. Do it slowly as pulling it hard may cause damages to the tassels and the leather may get damaged.

Make sure that the logo is facing upward and the stitching should face downward. This will look better and is the right position.

That’s all. You are good to go.


Q1: Are handlebar tassels long lasting?

Ans. Yes, handlebar tassels are made from genuine leather which makes them long lasting. There can be manufacturers who do not provide 100% genuine leather so you need to be cautious. You can shop with us as we deal in Trip Machine handlebar tassels which are made from genuine leather.

Q2: Will handlebar tassels cause any issue to the bike?

Ans. No, handlebar tassels are modification accessories which don’t need you to make any changes to your bike. So, it won’t cause any damage to your bike. Also, it does not interfere with any bike parts.

Q3: What is the best brand for handlebar tassels?

Ans. Without a second thought, Trip Machine Company! This company is serious about old vintage styling and sells products which are genuine leather made and many products are even hand made.

Q4: Are handlebar tassels hard to find?

Not at all. Handlebar tassels are always available with us and you can buy the accessory for your bike at the comfort of your home without having to tie your shoe laces. Just select the color you like and add your address. It is that simple.

Q5: Will I be able to install handlebar tassels on my own?

Ans. Yes, without any problem. Just follow the procedure given in this article and you will be able to install it yourself without spending any bucks. They are very easy to install.