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For many, riding a bike is a passion like no other. Even if you are just riding to the store or office, or maybe a long trip, the two most important concerns are safety and comfort. Bike handlebar grips provide the much-needed safety and comfort along with greater control of your bike and easy riding.

Handlebar grips have a no slip surface which keeps your hands planted on the handle bars. Handlebar grips give comfort and control for bikers not just travelling a few kilometres, but even those going on long road trips of 100’s of kilometres.


Handlebar grips feature advantages that turn your bike experience from good to awesome

  1. Materials:

    Handlebar grips are made of leather or synthetic materials like plastic or rubber.
  2. Installation:

    Handlebar grips can be installed easily and on your own.
  3. Suitability:

    Bike handlebar grips come for specific bikes due to their shape, size and dimensions. Bike handlebar grips can also be universal, meaning they can be used for any model of a bike.
  4. Comfort:

    Bike handlebar grips offer a certain level of comfort for the rider by reducing the pressure the rider has to exert to hold the handlebars while riding. The handle bar grips are soft and comfortable to ride long distances without causing fatigue to the rider. Bike handle grips are made of soft leather or rubber and do not have a rough finishing.
  5. Weather resistance:

    Bike handlebar grips work well in the rain by providing the same amount of grip levels even when wet. They do not become slippery or get worn out easily. Bike handlebar grips can be used in rainy, summer or winter weather.


Bike handlebar grips are useful because the let you cover long distances on your bike comfortably without any exertion or pain to your hands. The bike handlebar grips act as a sort of cushion for your hand, when touring on long rides.

Many biking enthusiasts enjoy long rides on their motorcycles because it is an adrenaline rush for them. However, during long tours, the rider will have to constantly have his/her hands on the throttle and clutch.

The best solution for reducing fatigue on the hands is to install a pair of bike handle grips which are made of leather, rubber or other such soft materials.

The features of good bike handlebar grips include a soft texture finish that is easy to grip, durability to withstand constant use and bad weather, easy to install, and compact in size.

Bike handlebar grips have a big impact on style and the riding experience you have on your motorcycle. It adds a little personality while making the ride more comfortable.

The bike handlebar grips you choose will depend on the type of bike (sports, touring or adventure), your personal taste and the budget you allocate for the bike handlebar grips.

Riding style is also important. You can ask yourself questions like, do I ride off road, cruise long distances, or just ride in the city and commute locally. Depending on your riding style you would have to choose bike handlebar grips that have well cushioned grips and reduce vibration, or have a good style that matches your personality and bike.

Most of the time, sports bikes have more functionality and simplicity in their handlebar grips, while cruisers and street bikes have a more aesthetic appeal to handlebar grips. The materials used in such grips range from aluminium, rubber, plastic, leather, or foam construction with a variety of graphics and colours to choose from.


Steering and balance are two important characteristics of riding a bike. If we can improve on these two factors, it is worth looking into.

Many bikers ignore this important aspect of riding a motorcycle, and the role of bike handle bars to improve these conditions. Bike handlebar grips improve the steering, handling and balance when riding a bike.

This is why motorcyclists should keep the bike handlebar grip on top priority when they are considering taking a long ride.

It is worth noting the importance of handling bar grips. Old, damaged or worn-out grips will affect the way you ride, without you even realising it. Handlebar grips make a difference to the steering and balance of the bike while riding.

Having a low level of grip on your handlebars while riding is both dangerous and difficult. It is also very uncomfortable and can lead to fatigue in your hands.

If you constantly find your grip is slipping or you get hand cramps while riding, it is a good idea to look into a new set of handle bar grips.


  1. Price –

    The price of bike handlebar grips varies depending on the type of materials used to construct it, the shape, size and functionality, and purpose. There are a wide range of price points available from Rs.500 to Rs.1500.
  2. Performance –

    remember that functionality beats style always. Some bike handlebar grips rely on graphics and colours to increase style, while others focus on grip, feel and durability.

    Since bike handlebar grips are integral to balance, steering and control of the bike, a bike handlebar grip that meets performance criteria is vital.

    On race bikes, this becomes especially important because the difference between winning and losing is just milliseconds, so handlebar grips make a huge difference.
  3. Purpose –

    The type of handlebar grips that work best for a bike will vary from model to model. Not all bike handlebar grips are universal, so you will have to find one that best suits your bike.

    Bike handlebar grips for dirt bikes are different from bike handlebar grips for cruisers like Harley Davidson. The position of handle bars is different in both bikes and they will need different handlebar grips.

    Big heavy bikes will need handlebar grips that reduce vibration whereas a dirt bike will need to feel every bump on the road to maintain the right speed and position.

    Bikers may feel that they need a different kind of handle bar grip in different scenarios. For example, during winter a leather handlebar grip will keep you nice and warm, but if it is raining, a rubber handlebar grip will be more suitable for the better grip they provide.


Bike handlebar grips can get dirty, dusty and drenched in water, causing a lot of wear and tear on the materials. Keep the handle bar grips clean after every ride and you may find that they last much longer than you expected.

Moisture is a big handle bar grip killer, so make sure you dry it up well to prevent further damage and premature wear.


Before fitting a new bike handlebar grip, take off the old grip and give the handle bar a nice and thorough clean. Get rid of all the dirt and moisture that may interfere with the new handle bar grip.

Usually, the new handle bar can just be slid in or wrapped around the handle bar. You may have to undo a few screws if there is a throttle cable and clutch lever attached to the handle bar.

When you are finished installing the new handle bar grip, it should be comfortable and stable.