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When riding your motorcycle, there are only three parts of it that you touch- the footrest, the seat and the bike handlebar. Therefore, all these elements together function to make your ride comfortable and enjoyable. Choosing the right handlebar also contributes to better performance and increased riding comfort as it plays a major role in defining your position and weight distribution during the ride. So, a road bike handlebar basically serves these purposes:

  1. It plays a role in the ergonomics of your bike.
  2. It houses almost all the controls of the bike.
  3. It helps you display your style in front of the world.


While a bike handlebar is a great way to enhance the appearance of your automobile, for day-to-day usage, it is essential to choose one that is most comfortable for you. Here are different bike handlebar types. Read on and decide which is the most suitable for your needs:

  1. Drag Handlebar -

    A drag handlebar is a straight handlebar with no rise above the bike’s neck. A drag handlebar makes the rider lean forward, contributing to enhanced aerodynamic abilities. Drag handlebars are mostly found on sports bikes.
  2. T-Bar -

    T-bars are majorly similar to a drag handlebar except for the rise in the middle, making the handlebar appear T-shaped. The rise helps the rider sit in a more relaxed position as compared to a drag handlebar.
  3. Z-Bar -

    Z-bars appear like a ‘Z’ on the motorbike neck that is connected to its mirror image. Z-bars are mostly found on narrower motorcycles as they are not very wide and tall.
  4. Clubman Handlebar -

    A clubman handlebar has its middle body leaning forward and the grip handles or ends bent towards the rider. It can be mounted in two positions- with the upside down or pointing up. While the upside-down position is better for a cafe racer style look, it can be a trouble to control it with the bulky fuel tank and control panel that comes with modern bike models.
  5. Motocross Bar -

    Especially designed for motocross bikes, motocross handlebars come with a slight curvature and cross-brace in the middle of the structure. They are also common for off-road and dual sports bikes.
  6. Cruiser Handlebar -

    A cruiser bike handlebar is a long handlebar with the ends sloping towards the rider from the middle of the handlebar. A cruiser handlebar aids in an upright position for the rider.
  7. Clip-on Handlebar -

    A clip-on bike handlebar comes in two pieces that have to be mounted on the front fork of your bike. A clip-on handlebar can be fixed below, on, or above the triple tree. Such handlebars are majorly seen on sports bikes as they make the rider lean forward.
  8. Ape Handlebar -

    Majorly found on choppers, an ape bike handlebar comes with an exaggerated height. So much so, that the rider has to reach for the handles. Ape handlebars make for an upright position. Hence, they are suitable for riders who don’t want to hunch down to the handles.
  9. Beach Handlebar -

    A beach handlebar is much like an ape handlebar but the ends of the bar curve closer to the rider rather than being heightened. Hence, they offer a more relaxed position to the rider.
  10. Buckhorn Handlebar -

    A buckhorn bike handlebar lies between ape handlebar and beach handlebar. It has the ends of the bar rising upward and then bending down with a curve towards the rider.


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Q 1. Which bike handlebars are best?

Ans. There is a great variety of bike handlebars available in the market. The right road bike handlebar type suits your body posture, enhances the appearance of the bike and provides ergonomic or aerodynamic benefits, if you are looking for them.

Q 2. What if I can’t find the right bike handlebars?

Ans. If you are not able to decide which bike handlebar you should install on your bike, then the best solution is to go for a universal bike handlebar.

Q 3. What is bike handlebar price in India?

Ans. Due to the large number of bike handlebar types available in the aftermarket, the bike handlebar price range varies largely. However, you can purchase top-notch bike handlebars from at the most affordable prices.

Q 4. Where can I find the best bike handlebars?

Ans. When looking for bike handlebars online, you can’t miss checking the amazing variety of premium bike handlebars available at At this website, you can get the best bike handlebars from popular brands at lowest prices.

Q 5. Is it easy to install a bike handlebar?

Ans. Yes. Installing a bike handle bar doesn’t need any special tools or skills. You can easily install a road bike handlebar at home without anyone’s assistance.