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Car cameras or mainly dashboard cameras have been with us since quite long. But people have never realized their usability until recently and so now people are interested in these cameras like never before. We will look into two main types of aftermarket camera for cars- dashboard camera and a parking camera.


This type of camera is mounted on the dashboard of your car or just beside the rearview mirror. Now why should you spend money on a camera which is not used for capturing normal photos like your mobile, you may ask. So, here are the benefits of a dashboard camera:

  1. You have a full recorded proof of a mishap

    Let us face the truth that with the kind of road infrastructure and kind of drivers here, it is not uncommon for an accident. With a dashboard camera, you have the proof of the accident or mishap and may serve you if you are being harassed without any fault. This can even be used as evidence in the court if you are in for a trial.
    Also, let’s not forget how often people here start fighting without knowing the reason, in that case also you can prove your innocence with this camera.
    There are many instances of hit and run and the accused just escapes. If you encounter a similar problem happening even to someone else but you were present there then you can potentially help the victim's family to get justice as you have the recording with you.
  2. No police harassment

    We are not blaming the law enforcement as a lot of honest officers are present who are doing their duty. But many police officers are corrupt and are always looking for some quick bucks. They can stamp false allegations on you like overspeeding or not wearing a seat belt may be. In those cases you have solid proof on your side and if you say that you have the evidence most likely, they will stop harassing you.
  3. Escape from road rage

    Road rage can brew pretty fast because of short tempered people out here. They may not think before hurting you physically. In such instances, taking out the dashboard camera and pointing at their face can bring their conscience back and they may stop. If they still don’t stop there then you’ve got a recorded proof of getting physically assaulted which can be used later in law.
    Road rage can even turn so nasty that it may prove fatal. In those cases you can bring justice to the victim’s family. Police will be able to track the accused with the help of the captured video and his car or vehicle’s number which may have been captured by the camera.
  4. Throwing out bad drivers

    There are a lot of bad drivers out here and you are most likely to encounter one whenever you go on a ride. With the camera you can record their rash driving and the damages they are causing. Along with their misdoings you will also be able to record their number plate and this can be used to approach a police station to get a complaint registered against them.
  5. Many more things you may capture

    India is an incredible country. It is full of surprises on the roads too. Haven’t you seen those viral videos where a monkey is helping out a poor stuck puppy? You may capture a similar incident or something beautiful. During a fast happening incident, you may not be able to pull your mobile phone out of your pocket. Before you can it may vanish.

Now let’s talk about parking cameras

A lot of modern cars nowadays come with parking cameras and sensors but only the high end cars. These are helpful cameras for safe parking. So, if your car is old or modern but doesn’t come with a parking camera then also keep your chin up as we have got your back.

You can install aftermarket parking cameras in your car! Yes, that’s true. So, what are the advantages of a parking camera and what to look for when buying a parking camera?

The advantage it provides is immensely huge. It can assist you while parking. I know many people who still ask their passengers to get out of the car and guide them in parking. Don’t let that happen to you anymore. A parking camera will show you the view of the rear and so, you can see if there is any obstacle etc. Better yet, many cameras come with grid lines support which can guide you with lines and they will appear on your car’s infotainment system.

Here are some of the things to look for while buying a parking camera?

Make sure that your camera has these features before buying them:

  1. Night time infrared vision:

    Make sure that your parking camera supports infrared vision as this is a major thing. Many cheap cameras won’t have infrared and so, while parking in a dark place you will not be able to see anything from the camera.
  2. Weather resistant:

    Next thing to ensure is that it must be waterproof and has a wide range of working temperature. If the camera is not water resistant then it may get damaged in the rain. Along with this, a shockproof camera is better as it will survive small impacts in case of contact with other cars.
  3. Easily installable:

    Car owners will avert from installing a parking camera as many cameras will require drilling of the car. But not anymore! MyTVS cameras don’t need drilling. They are very easy to install and won’t damage the car’s body.
  4. Wide angle and resolution:

    Wide angle cameras are available which give about 170 degree view. MyTVS manufactures these and are very useful. Also, a high resolution camera will be better.
  5. Dynamic trajectory:

    As we were saying, many cameras give you guided line paths on your infotainment system. That is really useful. So, try to buy this kind of camera.
  6. Warranty:

    Last but not the least, you should also ensure that the manufacturer is providing some warranty in case it gets damaged. MyTVS provides 1 year of warranty on their cameras.

So, both dashboard camera and parking camera are useful accessories which you will not regret installing. There are no cons of these and hence you should go ahead with the decision of buying them. We have tried to explain to you all the instances where car cameras will prove their usefulness.