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Get the Best Bike Care Products Online for Your Bike

A bike goes through a lot of abuse and generally has a high amount of daily running. This is why you absolutely need to take care of your bike with utmost care along with using the right products for it as well. This in turn would prolong the life of your bike, and run smoothly and hassle free over the long term period.

Here we have compiled a complete guide of Bike care, regarding the bike washing kit, Bike Washing Products, price comparison.

Premium Bike Cleaning Product That Makes Your Life Easier

A bike washing products, as the name suggests is a kit comprising of bike washing products that is an all in one product in itself. It is extremely useful as it eliminates the need to buy any other product. It works as a preventive barrier against your bike and the outside environment’s dirty and polluting substances.

Top Bike Care Kit Products

Bike care kit includes various products useful for protecting and maintaining bikes such as a ph balanced shampoo [specifically made for this purpose, not the commercial ones used by us for hair], shiners that are used for shining various parts of the bike like plastic, tyre, metal surfaces, vinyl, etc…However all these products aren’t available in each and every bike washing kit, it depends entirely on the brand as to what it offers in its kit.

Buy Bike Cleaning Products to Make Your Bike Look Like New

There are many brands to choose from for buying bike cleaning kit, but choosing the right one that provides the most value for money is a good thing to do. The most reputable brand of bike care kit is the 3M, which has all the products needed and required for proper maintenance of a bike. The products include 3M shampoo, an application pad, a 3M liquid wax, an all-in-one shiner, and a free 3M microfiber bike cleaning cloth. All of these products are of 100 ml only. Some more details are as follows.

  1. PH balanced shampoo for cleaning bike surfaces.
  2. Rinse-off foam formula is good in removing dirt and road grime from bike.
  3. All-in-one shiner is great in sparkling bike surfaces.
  4. Reduces dust accumulation and protects bike surfaces from harsh UV rays to a great extent.
  5. All in one shiner is quite versatile and can be used on vinyl, plastic, tyre and engine surfaces alike.

Some other respectable brands for buying bike care products and kits are myTVS, Michelin, and Formula 1.

Must Have Bike Care Products Not Available in 3m Kit

These are the must-have products to buy apart from the products available in the kit. The 3M kit has various items that are very useful to clean and maintain your bike for most of the time.

We have compiled a list of must have Bike care products to keep your bike even more spick and span. Products include Fabric cleaner from Michelin, microfiber cleaning cloth from myTVS, liquid wax from 3M, bike scratch remover from turtle wax, Formula 1 Carnauba paste and a ‘perfect it one step finish compound’ from 3M.

Bike Care Products Bought Separately Vs 3m Kit

Everybody loves a good value for money proposition and a product that is a bang for the buck. This is why we have a comparison between the products bought separately vs the Kit itself. For reference use the table below.

Products separate Price3M kit Product
136 INRliquid wax
80 INR [after calculating cost for 100 ml, as only 250 ml is available when sold separately] 3M shampoo
68 INR [after calculating cost for 100 ml, as only 250 ml is available when sold separately] all-in-one shiner 
270 INR3M microfiber cloth
Total Price…554 INRTotal Price…611 INR

Now once you see the table, you might start to think that buying the items separately is a better option as it saves nearly fifty INR. But the catch here is that if you buy these items separately you would have to buy the items in more bulk, since the items like bike shampoo, shiner, and wax, all are only available in 250 ml bottles. And 250 ml isn't actually completely used even for seven to nine years based on customer reviews, as only a small portion is required to clean the surface.

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