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Preserve Your Vehicle In Mint Condition With The Best Car Clay Bar

Most drivers don’t know that a car is not completely clean even after a thorough wash. The truth is, most paint accumulates tiny dirt, contaminants, corrosion and fine particles over time which gets embedded into the surface, especially in the clear coat. Once these tiny specks bond with the paint, a car wash (even with car shampoo) will fail to remove these impurities.

Cars that are parked outside frequently, in windy or dusty conditions will gather more contaminants in the paint. It is difficult to avoid this because you can’t always find a covered parking spot or shield your car from the elements.

Getting rid of these impurities is key to preventing scratches, helping wax to form a protective seal over the paint and getting the polish to work more effectively. Auto detailing experts advocate the use of a clay bar for car cleaning after a wash and before applying a polish coat. The clay bar can also be used on the car windshield, windows, headlight lenses and any other glass surface on the vehicle. Clay bar sprays are a sort of lubricant that helps the clay bar glide over the painted surface without damaging it.

Why Do You Need a Clay Bar for Car Cleaning?

Car clay cleaning is an excellent way to preserve the fit and finish of your vehicle’s exterior. All you need is a good car wash before the clay bar treatment and a high-quality polish and wax after the clay cleaning.

Here are some advantages of using clay bar for paint and glass surfaces.

  1. Prevent Scratches

    Fine dust particles can bond permanently with the exterior layer of paint and dislodge themselves during a wash or when wiping with a wash mitt. The buffing action of a microfibre cloth during polish or wax treatment could produce fine scratches in the paint that are impossible to remove. The clear coat literally wears away at this point and your perfect paint finish is ruined. A clay bar removes fine dust particles from the body panels before they can cause any scratches or blemishes.
  2. Decreases the Chances of Pitting

    Pits are caused by larger particles on the surface of the paint. They are deeper than minor scratches and are visible under direct sunlight. A good clay bar cleaning will lift larger impurities and prevent them from damaging the paint. You will get a complete protective layer of wax on a flat painted surface.
  3. Get an Even Coat of Wax

    Contaminants in the clear coat will prevent wax from adhering to the body panels. If you don’t use a clay bar, you will be waxing the impurities and not the paint. Once you are done with clay bar cleaning, a smooth even layer of wax can be applied to the paint.

How Does the Best Clay Bar for Car Work?

Using a clay bar for glass or on the body panels is the only way to remove all bonded contaminants from the surface. The clay bar car cleaning product is made of a special sticky resin that pulls dust, dirt, sand, metal shavings, moisture, pollution and tarmac dust away from the paint.

A clay bar lubricant helps the clay bar glide over the body panels effectively removing impurities without damaging the smooth surface. The dust and contaminants break loose and embed themselves in the sticky clay bar. The cleaning process takes only 30 minutes and takes care of intricate detailing on the windshield, doors, bonnet, trunk and even the headlight lenses.

Clay bar car cleaning should be carried out at least twice a year and should be followed by an application of wax coating. Clay bars can be reused until they get embedded with too much visible dirt. A Clay bar on ceramic coating will help protect the exterior layer and increase the life of the painted surface.

After washing and drying your car, apply the clay bar over the entire body before adding any polish or wax.

How to Use a Clay Bar for Car Cleaning?

First, test the surface for smoothness. Wear a thing, fabric glove and glide your hand over the entire body panel to check if it is flat and glossy like glass. If you feel any imperfections, grit, unevenness or bumps, then you need to use a clay bar over those spots. Once the clay bar treatment is completed, you can polish and wax the paint to seal it.

Get your clay bar and lubricant spray ready. The clay bar spray helps the clay bar move across the body without scratching it. The lubricant spray is specially designed to allow the clay bar to glide without friction. You also need a few dry, microfibre cloths to wipe away any loose dust and excess lubricant spray.

Break the clay bar in half and knead it carefully into a flat oval shape that fits in your fingers. Spray the lubricant on the clay bar and the surface of the car you are about to start on. Glide the clay bar back and forth gently over the surface and wipe off the extra lubricant spray with the microfibre cloth. Test the paintwork for smoothness with a fabric glove ensuring it is flat and even. After wiping the clay bar on the car, you will find that picks up impurities, dust and fine particles. When it gets too dirty, knead the clay bar over until you see a clean surface. Continue this process until you have wiped the entire car with the clay bar.

Once you’re done, apply a good-quality polish and wax coating to seal in the paint. Your exterior finish should look good as new for many years to come.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. Is clay bar reusable?

Ans. Clay bar for cars can be reused several times until they accumulate too much grit. At that point, you should discard the clay bar and use a new one. Don’t use a clay bar if you accidentally drop it on the ground as it may scratch the paint. Clay bars can be folded over and reused many times.

Q 2. Can clay bar be used on glass?

Ans. Windshields and glass do not require special clay bars. Most clay bars can be used safely on windshield and glass surfaces without scratching the surface. Just avoid clay bar for windshield that is too heavy or aggressive as it may require a round of polishing after the clay bar treatment.

Q 3. Can a clay bar be used for detailing?

Ans. Clay bar detailing removes harmful contaminates from paintwork and leaves the surface dirt free. Clay bar for cars is made from a special type of resin that can take off metal particles, grease and fine particles from the body panels of a car. Clay bar cleaning should be used with a lubricant spray to avoid ruining the paint.

Q 4. Are clay bars good for cars?

Ans. Yes, cleaning car with clay bar is excellent for improving the surface finish. You will be left with a shiny, glossy car body with a clay bar paint treatment. It is definitely worth investing in this procedure as you can see from the results of the first application. An inspection of the clay bar after treatment will show you how much dirt is removed during the cleaning process.

Q 5. Is clay bar better than wax?

Ans. Clay bar car cleaning process and wax treatment serve two different purposes. The primary function of a car clay bar is to remove dirt and dust from the painted surface. A wax solution is applied after this treatment to form a seal over the paint and protect it from damage, scratches and deterioration.

Q 6. How much is a clay bar for car?

Ans. A clay bar costs around Rs.500 and the entire clay bar kit consisting of clay bars, lubricant spray and microfibre cloths can cost around Rs.1000. Car clay cleaning removes foreign particles, rust and fine dust from painted surfaces and glass windshields and windows. You will be left with a mirror-like smooth finish.

Q 7. How often should you clay bar your car?

Ans. Clay bar detailing should be carried out at least twice a year to remove contaminants from the paint surface. It is not necessary to use a clay bar for car cleaning every time you wash the car. Using the clay bar too often may strip the clear coat from the painted body panels and lead to deterioration.

Q 8. Where to buy clay bar for cars?

Ans. You can get great deals on clay bar detailing products online on the Carorbis car accessory website. Just browse through clay bars for car cleaning from brands such as Wavex. You can also buy a clay bar kit with lubricant spray, and microfibre cloth which are guaranteed to leave your car looking brand new.

Q 9. Is clay bar bad for paint?

Ans. Clay bars will not damage your paint, instead, they are specially designed to be gentle on the surface while removing dust, dirt and fine particles. If you follow instructions while using a clay bar for car cleaning, you will not have any scratches or swirl marks left behind.