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Do you want to revamp the entire aura of your car? Or trying to give your automobile a modern look with some nice and cool car cabin lights? If yes, you are just at the right place as hosts an impressive and ever-expanding variety of cabin lights for cars.


There are plenty of car cabin light options available on that enable you to customise every part of your car interior.


All cars come installed with some standard interior lights. Such lights are useful for increasing visibility during night for reading maps, searching things, etc. There are three major types of standard car cabin lights:

  1. Dome Lights -

    The dome light is located on the roof of your car, right in the middle of it. This light is automatically turned on when the doors open. So, apart from helping the backseat passengers in reading or viewing things at night, they also serve as warning signs for an open door.
  2. Map Lights -

    These are two small-sized lights installed on each side on the roof in the front side of your car. Just like dome lights, the map lights open up when any of the doors is opened. As the name suggests, these lights were originally created to view maps at night (before we had smartphones).
  3. Door Lights -

    Door lights come installed in many latest car models. They are placed near the bottom of each door and light up when the door opens. Door lights allow you to see the ground clearly when you are entering or exiting the vehicle during night. They are also helpful when you are parking on an unfamiliar road.


If you want to step-up your car interior game, LED mood lights are a great way to customise your vehicle. LED lights are not only inexpensive and super easy to install, but they are also available in many different colour options. You can add LED strip lights under the dashboard, seat, or/and footwells. These strips come in different colour options that are sometimes controllable by a remote. Also, laser lights for car roof really make for a light show.


There could be many reasons why you want to refurbish your car cabin light bulbs - maybe you want to add a brighter light set-up as you oftenly travel during nights, or you just want to add an aesthetic appeal in your car interiors. Choosing the right car interior light bulbs can be a bit tricky if you are a first timer. Here are a few points you want to consider before starting your search for 'car cabin lights near me':

  1. Locate the Car Cabin Light Bulbs -

    The first step is to look out for how many cabin light bulbs your car has and where they are located. Most vehicles come with at least one dome light and a couple of map lights. The newer and the high-end options can also have two map lights in the rear, and even accent or ambient lighting.
  2. Know their Type -

    There are two basic types of car cabin lights: the festoon bulbs and the wedge base bulbs. The first type comes with a silver cap on both the ends. The other type has a metal bottom that looks like the tip of a knife. You need to be sure of the kind of car cabin light bulbs fixed inside your vehicle because these two are not interchangeable.
  3. Safety and Legality -

    Certain car cabin light models can be unsafe and unfit for your vehicle model. Avoid installing excessively bright lights as they can be a distraction to yourself and also to other drivers on the road, posing a major safety concern.


Brighten up your beloved car with the best variety of car cabin lights and other lighting solutions from these brands:

  1. Osram -

    Osram Licht AG is a German company based in Munich that manufactures light modules, lamps, and sensors in 120 countries all over the world. The lighting solutions range from parking lamps and headlights to roof lamps and driver headlamps.
  2. Philips -

    Originally known as Royal Philips, this is a Dutch multinational conglomerate corporation founded in 1997. They offer a range of durable car cabin lights like LED lamps, reading lights and headlights and fog lights.
  3. Biolight-

    Certain car cabin light models can be unsafe and unfit for your vehicle model. Avoid installing excessively bright lights as they can be a distraction to yourself and also to other drivers on the road, posing a major safety concern.
  4. Super -

    Super automotive is a homegrown brand that has a forte in lighting solutions and electrical switches for automobiles. They offer a variety of car accent lights like LED fog light projector and fancy strobe brake flashing LED light.
  5. Potauto -

    Potauto is another established automotive brand that deals in premium quality and reliable headlights and headlight attachments. With affordable prices, their lighting solutions are highly resistant to pressure and thermal shock.

Stay in proximity to the modern age with the latest and exclusive product collections from international brands:

  1. Bosch -

    Bosch relishes 100% recognition in several countries like the US, UK, Germany, Spain, et cetera. Bosch has a vast portfolio that includes products like automobile horns, wiper blades, car washer, car polish, battery charger, etc.
  2. Michelin -

    While it is most renowned for its superior quality tyres, Michelin is a French-based multinational company that offers a diversified array of automotive components. The deal in tyre inflators, foot pumps, pressure gauge, wiper blades, tyre dressing, air freshener, etc.
  3. Roots -

    Established in 1975, Roots Industries India is a household name when it comes to premium quality horns for automobiles. They also supply automobile switches and wiring harnesses, electrical holders, automotive relays, and cables.
  4. Softspun -

    A car care kit is incomplete without Softspun microfiber clothes. These microfiber towels are especially designed to be tough on stubborn stains and residue on the car surface and mild on the car paintwork. Softspun microfiber glove is one of their most popular products for its efficiency and ease-of-usage.
  5. MANN-Filter -

    Mann-filter a top and interbrand that provides innovative solutions for automotive filtration demands. The products offered by Mann-filter adhere to the global OEM production and testing standards
  6. GulfStar -

    Gulfstar is an established brand based in the United Arab Emirates. It provides a variety of quality lubricants for increased engine protection and performance. Their product portfolio includes car and bike engine oil, heavy duty engine oil, automatic transmission and speciality products.
  7. Jelly Belly -

    Jelly belly specialises in car fragrances offering more than 22 delicious variants like tutti-frutti, blueberry, cherry, bubblegum and many more. It provides fragrances in 3D gel, vent membrane, duo vent, paper and pump spray, gel can, etc.
  8. MK Designs India -

    MK designs India is a popular automobile brand of the nation that retails customised accessories for multiple bike brands like Royal Enfield, Harley Davidson, Jawa, and Triumph.
  9. Shell -

    Royal Dutch Shell is a renowned multinational company that deals in semi-synthetic, fully-synthetic, and mineral oils for cars, bikes, and heavy vehicles. This Anglo-Dutch company works with the aim of offering minimum emission oils in the automobile marketplace.

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Q 1. Are car LED lights worth it?

Ans. Yes! LED interior lights are much more efficient than incandescent bulbs. Also, they live much longer than regular bulbs.

Q 2. What are ambient lightings?

Ans. ‘Ambient lighting’ provides a soft glow like natural lighting. It provides enough light for you to function, without creating a harsh glare.

Q 3. Where can you find the best cabin lights for cars online?

Ans. You can find the best variety of car cabin lights like dome light, map lights, door lights and ambient lights at This website brings the best of products from the most popular brands at one place.

Q 4. Is it difficult to replace car cabin lights?

Ans. No! Replacing car cabin lights is super easy and can be changed at home. All you need is a flathead screw and the replacement bulbs. There are many videos available on the internet that can guide you through the DIY process.

Q 5. Is it illegal to drive with cabin light on?

Ans. No it is not illegal to drive with cabin lights on in India. However, it is not safe to do so as it can be distracting and can lead to a road accident.