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The air filter plate is a unique type of bike component meant for sports bikes and touring. The air filter plate improves the bikes power, road efficiency and acoustics. Usually when the air filter plate is added, a change is made to the exhaust system to provide more power and performance.

Air filter plates provide superior engine protection while improving limits and engine performance. They have a unique, sleek and compact design that provides riding comfort and is ideal for long engine and vehicle life.


Mild steel is a preferred choice for automotive accessories because of their high strength and durability. Mild steel finds applications in many industry verticals from motorcycle spokes, to other automotive parts. Mild steel finds applications in many areas such as air filter plates.


CNC cut parts are very precise and ensure a perfect fit on your motorcycle. CNC can be used for a variety of industrial processes like cutting, drilling, bending and rolling. It is used to automate a variety of complex manufacturing processes.


The air filter plates are powder coated in a process that sprays pigmented dry powder onto the steel part electrostatically. It is then baked in an oven to provide a hard, durable and water-resistant layer of paint.


An air filter plate has the following advantages:

  1. Extended engine life

    The engine’s air filter has the responsibility of filtering out dirt and debris that may lead to damage of engine parts, namely the piston and cylinder. It is required to change the air filter are regular scheduled intervals. This increases engine life and longevity of engine components like the piston and cylinder, valves and piston rings. Small particles, sometimes as small as a grain of salt are enough to seriously damage the engine.
  2. Extended Improved fuel economy

    Increasing the fuel economy is one of the biggest reasons for changing the air filter at scheduled intervals as mentioned in the owner’s manual. Certain research states that changing a dirty air filter can increase fuel mileage by up to 14%, especially in older vehicles that are carbureted. A dirty filter can also impede driveability of the vehicle. For a fuel injected bike, replacing a dirty air filter can increase the fuel economy by 6% to 11%.
  3. Extended Emissions are reduced

    A dirty air filter will clog the air passage ways and restrict air flow to the engine. The result is the engine is choked and strangled of air and is not able to breathe properly. As a result, there will be inadequate air-fuel mixtures sent to the engine and may cause spark plug issues like fouling due to a rich air-fuel mixture. This can prevent the bike from performing properly, as the engine may start to sputter or misfire. The spark plugs once fouled up will cause the engine to run poorly and idle roughly. The fuel economy will also drop and emissions will increase. A new air filter will greatly reduce these problems and also reduce harmful emissions.
  4. Extended Air intake is increased

    By replacing the stock air filter plate with the aftermarket air filter plate, the quantity of air that the engine can intake is increased. The stock plastic cover restricts air by having only a small opening for the air intake. The new air intake plate has a larger opening that will allow more air to enter the engine. As a result, the motorcycle breathes better with higher fuel efficiency and power.

    The redesigned air filter plate improves fuel economy, reduces pollutants, and provides an optimum air flow to the engine for the perfect air-fuel mixture. Changing the air filter will prevent any undue wear to the engine components. Engine damage of the piston, cylinder, valves and piston rings will cause a problem when riding, and may lead to expensive engine repairs.


With the stock air filter box, and factory fitted air filter plate, the engine is highly restricted in terms of breathability. The combination of a small air intake plate and restrictive air filter doesn’t allow the engine to breathe properly.

Aftermarket air filter plates can be used to solve this problem. They should last the lifetime of the bike because of their high quality and attention to detail. A high flow air intake plate is perfect for increasing performance, reducing emissions and increasing fuel economy.

Since the air filter is of high quality, it will not have to be replaced as often as a stock air filter every time the motorcycle gets serviced. The air filters come pre-oiled so it is not necessary to oil them before installation.

The motorcycle with an aftermarket air filter and special air filter plate has been tested as safe in all situations. Remapping of the ECU is not required. The air filter plate and air filter are often sold separately, but it is better to replace them together.

The air filter plates are made from high quality mild steel, and provide unrestricted air flow for increased performance from your motorcycle. At the same time, they protect the engine from damage by filtering out harmful dirt and debris.

Air filter plates are custom made to provide low restriction, high performance and reduced emissions. The air filter plate can be installed at home by following instructions in the owner’s manual.


Not all the air filter plates online can be as effective as they claim to be. You have to carefully choose the best air filter plate out of all the variety of fake and counterfeit products that the internet can present to you. Or, you can just pick anything from the range of premium branded air filter plate products at Carorbis ensures to put together a range of only the best products, so, whatever you choose, it’s sure to be the best of all its counterparts.


Q1. What is the purpose of an air filter?

Ans. The air filter is used to remove pollutants, dirt, dust, and debris from the air that is entering into the engine through the intake. The air may be filled with oil vapours, dust or sand particles and aerosols. The air filter removes these contaminants effectively. Without the air filter, the contaminants may cause serious damage to the engine of the motorcycle

Q2. Is it possible to filter out oil from the air?

Ans. Yes, absorption filters are able to filter out oil from the incoming air and remove most of the lubricants.

Q3. What are the effects of inadequate air filtering?

Ans. Air that is not purified before entering the engine can have some serious outcomes. Dry dust and dirt particles, water vapour and oil are contaminants that are found in air. Intake valves in the engine can be flooded with inadequately filtered air which may cause seals in the engine to wear out by expansion, and mechanical components can get damaged as a result.