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Studies reveal that indoor air can be as polluting and harmful as outside air and that stands true for the air quality inside your car as well. All the allergens pollutants you find outside your car are present inside it as well, in addition to particulates and chemicals that are released by the car itself. While indoor air pollution can have serious long-term impacts on your health, especially for those with lung and breathing issues, a car air purifier can help you get rid of all dirt, dust, pollutants, lingering odors, and even germs in the indoor car air.


With the increasing concerns for global pollution and warming, we want to create an environment as safe as possible for the health of our bodies. If you ask, 'How important is air filter in car?', it's immensely important. This is because your car's air is not only polluted because of the contaminants present in the outside air, but there are more pollutants being released by different parts of your vehicle. The fewer the contaminants in the air, the cleaner will be the air you breathe and consequently, the healthier you will be. An effective air purifier is able to help you get rid of :

  1. Dust
  2. Allergens
  3. Smoke
  4. Particulate Matter
  5. Mold Spores
  6. Bacteria
  7. Pet Dander


There are two major types of car air filters that you can find for your automobile:

  1. Air Ionizers -

    Ioniser is a type of air purifier that works to clean indoor air. Most of air ionisers work in one of these two different ways:
    • Sending negatively charged ions into the air that latch onto pollutants. This weighs the particles down so you can’t inhale them.
    • The method two is based on electrostatic precipitation where pollutants get trapped on electrically charged plates as through the air filter. These plates have to be wiped clean regularly.
  2. HEPA Air Filters -

    High-efficiency particulate matter technology uses a kind of mechanical air filter made of fine mesh. As car air is passed through the HEPA filter, all pollutants like pollen, dust, pet dander, and smoke get trapped into the mesh filter and clean air is released outside.


When you are on your search for the best car air purifier, look for these features and you'll make sure to put your hands on only the most effective and worthy car air purifier:

  1. Air quality sensor
  2. Separation efficiency
  3. High dust-holding capacity
  4. Water resistance
  5. Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR)
  6. HEPA filtration technology


There can be hundreds, if not thousands of brands for car parts and accessories like car air filters. However, Carorbis ensures to collaborate with only the most certified and trusted manufacturer and distributors from around the globe:

  1. MANN-Filter -

    MANN-Filter is a premium brand that specialises in filters and purifiers for automobiles.
  2. Philips -

    Royal Philips is a Dutch multinational conglomerate that was established in 1997. Since then, Philips has been a household name, majorly for its innovative lighting solutions. Philips also offers an impressive collection of high-quality air purifiers and filters.
  3. Jelly Belly -

    Jelly Belly has its forte in car fragrance with 22 delicious odour variants like tutti-frutti, blueberry cherry, bubblegum, etc. Their fragrances are available in the form of paper and pump spray, vent membrane, 3D gel, duo vent, gel can, etc.
  4. Bosch -

    The Bosch brand has its forte in premium automotive accessories and parts. They deal in a variety of products like car care and auto detailing products, car wipers, horns, battery charger, etc.
  5. Michelin -

    Michelin is mostly recognised for its superior quality tyres. However, the brand also offers a diversified range of automotive components like tyre inflators, foot pumps, tyre dressing, air freshener, etc.


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    The interface of any website reflects the amount of time and resources the brand has put into building an impressive website design. The user friendly interface at Carorbis helps you through the selection process so you can purchase only the best and the rightly fitting product for your needs.
  5. Easy Monthly Installment -

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If you are visiting multiple local automobile stores to find the right car air purifier at the best price or if you are searching the internet for 'car air purifier near me', you can just end your search here and check the entire variety of car air purifiers available at At this one-stop destination, you can find all the available car air filters in India from the best of brands and at the best prices.


Q 1. Should you leave air purifier on all day?

Ans. If you have invested in a good quality car air purifier that is capable enough to clean the car air in 2-4 minutes then you don't need to leave the car air purifier on for the entire day. This is because you can just switch it on before starting your ride, wait for a few minutes and there will be healthy air inside your car. However, even if your car air purifier takes a little more time to clean the car air you can keep it on at the lowest setting for the entire day or you can switch it on about an hour before your ride.

Q 2. What is the best car air purifier in India?

Ans. The best car air purifier in India not only cleans the air effectively, but does so in the minimum time possible. Also a good car air purifier has a high dust holding capacity so you don't have to clean or change the dust holding plate every now and then.

Q 3. Is car air purifier effective?

Ans. If you invest in a good quality car air purifier, like those available on, you can get rid of at least 98% pollutants present inside your car. So, yes, they are totally effective.

Q 4. Do air purifiers make the car cabin cold?

Ans. No! Generally, car air purifiers do not incorporate an air cooling mechanism therefore they do not make the car air cool.

Q 5. Is it worth getting an air purifier?

Ans. A good quality car air purifier can effectively help you get rid of all unwanted pollutants that affect your overall health not just in the short term but in the long term as well. So taking care of your health by installing a nice car air purifier in your automobile is totally worth it.

Q 6. Do air purifiers use a lot of electricity?

Ans. Air purifiers do not consume a lot of electricity. They have the highest wattage of between 40 watt and 200 watt. You can easily run your air purifier at a lower 10-40W setting.

Q 7. Do I really need an air purifier?

Ans. If you don't suffer from any allergies or lung and breathing problems or if you spend only a few minutes in your car then you may not need to install an air purifier. However, if you do you suffer from any allergies and have to sit inside your automobile for more than one or two hours, you surely want to invest in a good quality air purifier.