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A car wiring or car wiring kit is basically a collection of electrical wires, and cables with exterior sheaths. The wires are used to connect devices to their power source in the vehicle.

It has an exterior cover to protect the internal components from environmental damages such as moisture and physical damage. The key items in a car wiring kit include wires, cables, locks, terminals, connectors, and others.

In simple terms, a car wiring kit contains designated wires for a specific purpose. It contains a set of wires for the headlights, wires for the audio system, wires for the box light, wires for the starter, and many more.

The number of car wiring you need is based on the number of electrical components your vehicle contains. If your vehicle is very basic and simple, then you will only need a small number of wiring.

If you have a car with a lot of luxury electrical items like woofers, or expensive high-performance headlights then you might have a lot of wires.


There’s a wide range of components constituting car wiring kits, each available to meet different requirements of the vehicle. The components include -

  1. Wires -

    Wires are definitely the primary components present in the car wiring kits. It carries a current or signal to power the electrical devices installed in the vehicle.

    The wire’s capacity must meet the voltage or bandwidth it’s expected to transmit. The most common types of wires used in cars are made up of copper with special coatings.

  2. Fuses -

    Fuses are required to prevent power surges from overloading or damaging a device flowing through wires.

    Different wirings require different types of fuses. It’s mainly used for the purpose of protecting the electronic items within your vehicle.

  3. Connectors -

    Wire connectors are present in a wide variety and sizes for connecting different kinds of wires.

  4. Grommets -

    Grommets act as insulators to ward off the moisture of the connector. It’s used to protect lines, wires, and cables from rubbing off rough surfaces. It’s also used to reduce vibrations.

  5. Terminals -

    As the name suggests, terminals are made up of metal parts attached to the end of the wire to be attached into a connector or any connecting equipment.

  6. Strain Relief -

    It’s effective in maintaining complete cable protection. Added to the outside of the connector, strain relief relieves a sable of stresses and tensions that might break the conductor inside.

  7. Insulators -

    As called sleeves, tubes, and outer coverings, insulators are vital for providing abrasion resistance, electrical shock, and environmental protection.

    Insulators are usually made up of various materials including plastic, nylon, or polyolefin.
  8. Relays -

    These tools are switches controlled by electrical power to turn circuits on or off.

  9. Clamps -

    The cable ties and clams are used to keep wires inside the wiring attached to a stream of wires in a particular direction. It’s ideal for reducing the mobility of the wires and creating a fixed structure by using them at certain points.

  10. Locks -

    Inserted into the connectors to eliminate the terminal from being pulled out of the connectors.


It’s always best to know what you are looking for before heading to the market. Certain qualities or features make a product perfect for your use. Take a look at the key features to consider before buying car wiring products.

  1. Type of Wire -

    Look for the right type of material, gauge, and length to match your car model.

  2. Ease of Installation -

    You don’t want to waste your time installing the products for hours. If it ain’t simple, then it’s not the best for you.

  3. Sheath, Conductor, and Insulation Material -

    You must consider the material to prevent electrical shocks or damage to the internal components.

  4. Voltage and Current Capacities -

    It’s vital to buy wires or cables that exceed or match the required capacity.

  5. Environmental Capabilities -

    Consider the product’s resistance to moisture, chemicals, or heat to prevent serious damage.

  6. Safety -

    It’s incredibly essential to check the safety of the product certified and if it matched the industry-specific regulations to avoid severe damage in your car.


Car wirings are undoubtedly the most essential product for car efficiency, safety, and performance. Even a slight fault or error can result in great damage.

Moreover, significant failures can even harm the car’s efficiency and safety. Therefore, quality assurance of the car wiring products is the No. 1 priority at Carorbis.

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Q 1. How much does it cost to rewire your car?

Ans. The average cost of rewiring your car is INR 30,000 to 40,000 in India.

Q 2. What type of wire is used in automotive?

Ans. Automotive cross-link wire and automotive primary wire is one of the most common wiring used in cars.

Q 3. How long does wiring last in a car?

Ans. The chances of replacing the entire car wiring are extremely low. We aren’t implying that the car wiring lasts for the entire lifetime of the vehicle, but it’s incredibly durable.

Q 4. How much wiring is in a car?

Ans. A typical car contains 22 kg of copper, approximately 18 kg of electrical components, and 4 kg of non-electrical components such as wiring and cables. While a luxury car contains some 1,500 copper wires, all almost 1 mile in length.

Q 5. Can I use primary wire for speakers?

Ans. Primary wires for speakers work fine. Although, we recommend checking if the wire is certified for outdoor use to ensure drivers’ safety.

Q 6. How do I know my care has bad wiring?

Ans. Bad car wiring can be identified by the following indication -

  1. Dim Lights
  2. Electrical devices working vimproperly.
  3. Flickering lights.
  4. Damaged throttle or transmission cables.
  5. Hard time starting the electrical equipment.
  6. Faulty fuel pump.
  7. Intermittent failure of sensors.
  8. Burned out AC compressor clutch.

Q 7. Do wiring harnesses go bad?

Ans. Yes! But the possibility of the entire harness going bad is quite rare unless your vehicle had a major short circuit and burnt all your car wiring. Consider replacing the entire car wiring. Wiring does go bad often but for only a few components of the vehicle which are very easy to replace and assemble the new back together.