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When you are out touring on your motorcycle, you need a comfortable and convenient way to carry your cash, mobile, wallet and important documents. Thigh bags are the perfect item for this. They are really useful for their spacious compartments and sturdy build.

Whether you prefer to go touring on long rides, or spend most of your time in the city with your motorcycle, a thigh bag will make your ride easy and convenient. Premium thigh bags are most commonly made from durable premium fabrics, polyester, and leather materials. The tough nature of these bags doesn’t allow them to tear easily, and they come with straps and buckles to safely secure to your belt and thigh.

While riding your motorcycle, thigh bags are in the perfect position to pull out your belongings easily due to their close access points.

Thigh bags are a practical solution for easy access to cash, credit cards, mobile, passport, gloves, GoPro, and other small essentials. They have sleek and balanced designs for not only carrying essentials but to give you an easy and comfortable ride on your motorcycle.

When riding on the highway, a motorcyclist will most likely encounter toll booths along the way. With these thigh bags, you can easily reach out for your pass or change without getting off the bike.

Thigh bags can also be used for other sports like hiking, trekking and many other outdoor activities. They are very portable and convenient for carrying things.


On some types of bikes, there may not be too much storage available. In this case, a thigh bag is a great storage option to carry keys, a wallet, mobile, earbuds and other devices. Thigh bags are sometimes even interchangeable, meaning if you adjust the straps and buckles, you can even use them as a shoulder bag.

Whether you are riding your motorcycle or just trekking to the camping site, thigh bags are extremely convenient.

The insides of the bags have organisational panels and zippers to keep your belongings compartmentalised. Very often the fronts of the bags feature reflective materials to improve visibility while riding.

The straps of thigh bags are designed to be wide so that they are comfortable to wear and they don’t chafe your skin too much while riding.

They come in different materials like nylon, polyester and leather. The buckles feature quick release mechanisms so that you have easy access to the bags.

Some thigh bags are water resistant while others are made of breathable cotton and come in varying colours. The waist and thigh bands are adjustable so that you get the perfect size always.

Thigh bags are usually large enough to accommodate a tablet and have smooth operating zippers so that they don’t snag when you try to open them with one hand.


  1. More storage:

    Some motorcycles do not have too many storage options. Thigh bags for bikes are a great storage option for your keys, wallet or mobile.
  2. Versatility:

    Thigh bags are available in a variety of sizes, colours and materials. They come in leather finishes and synthetic options. Some thigh bags can even be converted to messenger bags and shoulder bags.
  3. Affordability:

    Thigh bags are reasonably priced, so you don’t have to pay a lot of money for a high-quality bag that will keep all your belongings safe while riding.


  1. General:

    Most riders will appreciate thigh bags for the storage, versatility and affordability they offer. They come in a variety of materials like leather, synthetic, canvas, and other water-resistant finishes to keep your things safe. Thigh bags carry enough space for you to keep your wallet and mobile phone easily accessible. Thigh bags are usually secure, durable and easy to carry when you are touring on your bike.
  2. Tactical:

    These types of thigh bags are generally a bit larger than the regular kind. They expand a lot further down the leg and are able to carry more things than the general-purpose thigh bag for bikers. These kinds of bags have more storage space and even have the option of snapping on other bags to it.


Most thigh bags fall in the price range of Rs.1500 – Rs.3000, although you do find thigh bags for bikers that are priced slightly more than this depending on the quality they offer. Higher priced thigh bags are commonly made from full grain leather and offer a certain degree of water-resistance.


  1. Size:

    You can opt for a large or small thigh bag depending on your needs. Larger thigh bags for bikers have up to 10 litres of space. But usually, they are meant to carry small items like keys, wallets and mobile phones while you are riding on your bike. It should be noted that using a larger thigh bag while riding may feel a bit inconvenient and uncomfortable.
  2. Straps:

    Thigh bags for bikers have two straps that attach firmly to the bikers’ legs. There is sometimes another strap that goes around the waist of the rider. The straps ensure that the bag stays secure when you ride and don’t move too much. The straps are also adjustable most of the time so that they can accommodate different body types.
  3. Material:

    Biker thigh bags come in a variety of materials such as canvas, leather, cotton and nylon. Thigh bags for bikers made of leather are generally more durable and offer a fair bit of water resistance, although they may be a little bit more expensive to buy.
  4. Water-resistance:

    It is best to get a thigh bag that is water-resistant or waterproof. Water- resistant thigh bags will keep your belongings safe in the harsh rain and other adverse weather conditions. If the thigh bag is not water-proof, the contents of the bag may get ruined in the rain. It is best to avoid bags that only allow you to wear them when the weather is dry.
  5. Style:

    There are many styles available when you are looking to buy a thigh bag for your riding tour. Some are made of canvas while others have leather finishes that come with embellishments such as skulls and studs. Whatever style you do choose, ensure that it suits your personality and goes well with the look of the bike.


· Decide on what you plan to carry in your thigh bag before you make the purchase. The thigh bag that you are purchasing should have enough pockets and compartments to hold all the things you plan on carrying.

· Some thigh bags are bulkier than others. Make sure you don’t overfill it with things because this may interfere with your riding and ease of access to your belongings.

· You can get a thigh bag for tactical purposes; in which case they are longer and larger to conceal what you may be carrying. Check the dimensions of the thigh bag to make sure it will fit what you want to carry before you purchase the item.


Q1. Do thigh bags work on both legs?

Ans. Thigh bags are designed so that you can wear them on both legs. They come with straps that are adjustable so that they can fit different body types.

Q2. Can you use a biker thigh bag as a sling bag?

Ans. It actually depends on the brand and type of thigh bag, but generally the straps can be adjusted to use them as a sling or shoulder bag for convenience.

Q3. Do thigh bags cause chaffing and come in the way?

Ans. Ensure that the straps are adjusted securely so that the bag doesn’t keep moving and coming in your way while riding. The thigh bag should not cause any chaffing.