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There is an impressive range of bike accessories available on and a must-have has to be a bike backrest, the one like for Harley Davidson. If you are an ardent traveller looking for some functional and stylish bike accessories or just someone who loves to adorn his beloved two-wheeler, then you don’t want to miss putting your hands on a nice bike rider backrest.

At, you can find a versatile variety of bike backrest offered by manufacturers trusted all over the country. You can also check for other bike parts and accessories.


Riding for long hours without a nice back support can be very tiring. You’ll especially hear this from sports bikers who will always be seen complaining about a lack of back support. We are yet not talking about the increased protection from falling off your bike due to a sudden acceleration or a bump.

Bike backrests are especially recommended for people with certain medical conditions where their body posture plays a crucial role in their well being:

  1. Back Injury -

    If you have suffered from a back injury, a backrest for bike would offer you with a lumbar support. This would be helpful if your physician suggests that such a support will aid in healing your injury faster.
  2. Overweight -

    A bike backrest also works best for overweight people. This is because the excessive weight puts a lot of pressure on the spine. Hence, lumbar support from a backrest for bike can be of great help. Just make sure that the size of the chosen backrest is large enough to accommodate you comfortably.
  3. Motor Handicaps -

    A backrest for bike would also be beneficial for you if you have met with a motor accident. However, it is best to take your physician’s advice in consideration when you think of installing a bike backrest.
  4. Carriers -

    If you work as a delivery service provider or a carrier then you surely have to roam around on your bike for many, many hours throughout the day. In that case as well, a nice bike backrest can increase your comfort while offering lumbar support for a better posture.
  5. Lumbar Affections -

    If you suffer from low back pain, bike rides can sometimes be very hard for you, as long as you don’t install a good quality backrest for your bike.
  6. Elderly -

    While healthy, young people might not need to install a bike backrest, elderlies can really benefit from them and enjoy an ache-free bike ride.


Bike backrest installation is quite an easy task and you don't need to ride to the mechanic to get some help installing a backrest for bike. Follow these steps to install a bike backrest all by yourself:

  1. Remove the trunk if your bike has one.
  2. Remove your seat. Also, make sure to unplug any wiring that you see attached to the seat.
  3. Unscrew the grab handle and remove it. We will not need the grab handle screws.
  4. If you have received cushion tapes in the packaging, stick one at the spot where the rear of your backrest will be placed. This is to minimise vibration in the backrest set-up.
  5. Now place the backrest such that the screw holes on the backrest superimpose the screw holes for the grab handle.
  6. Next, place the grab handle back in its place.
  7. Now screw this set-up together with the longer screws that you’ve received in the packaging. Make sure to nicely tighten these screws.
  8. It’s time to screw the backseat cushion with the backseat. If your backseat didn’t come with a detachable cushion, you will skip this step.
  9. Remove the rubber washers under the seat and fit the seat back on your seat.

Note: Bike backrest is designed to provide back support to the rider. Do not push it back with your full body weight. Also, do not try to lift the bike from the bike backrest.


Finding the perfect fitting backrest for your bike can be quite a tricky task if you choose to ask Google 'bike backrest near me'. Instead you want to just check the amazing variety of bike backrest available for you to choose from at


When there is everything available on the internet for you to shop for, why can't you purchase a backrest for bike online? With Carorbis's amazing product catalogue and impressive service you actually can. Just enter your bike's model type, engine type, and manufacturing year. The next page opening in front of you will have the entire variety of best backrest for motorcycle riders available in India for you to shop from. So you can just conveniently place an order for your favourite bike backrest online and get it delivered right in front of your door within 5 working days.


Carorbis is an online automobile marketplace hosting a huge, comprehensive, and versatile range of bike and car parts and accessories. Carorbis is quickly growing a vast customer fanbase for its authentic quality of products, impressive Product range and perfect customer service. Here are some of the best reasons to love

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There can be hundreds of brands for bike backrest in India. However, Carorbis strives to put together a collection from only the most trusted manufacturers from around the globe. When you are looking for bike parts and accessories on the internet, you can trust on the premium variety offered by brands at

  1. MK Designs India -

    MK Designs India is an Indian-grown brand that is renowned for manufacturing premium quality customised bike parts and accessories for bikes. They deal in bike seats, carriers, fuel tank riser, drag bar, engine guard, saddle stray, and bike backseat.
  2. Bosch -

    The Bosch brand is a household name in countries like the UK, US, Spain, Germany, Italy, and India when it comes to premium automobile solutions and technology. Their product portfolio includes car tool kits, car care products, wiper blades, horn, and much more.
  3. Gulfstar -

    Gulfstar enjoys 100% recognition in India for its high quality lubricants for two-wheeler engines, car engines, and heavy duty automobile engines. The lubricants offered by Gulfstar originate in the United Arab Emirates and conform to the international standards of quality.
  4. Jelly Belly -

    If you are looking for some refreshing and delicious fragrances for your car, then Jelly Belly is a sure treat for you. This brand offers long-lasting and affordable car air fresheners in duo vent, vent membrane, 3D gel, paper and pump spray, etc. The flavor variety includes bubblegum, cherry, blueberry, tutti-frutti, island punch, and many more.
  5. MANN-Filter -

    MANN-Filter specialises in providing unique and innovative solutions to car air filtration demands. The superior quality air filtration with MANN-Filter air filters can really uplift your overall health and lifestyle.
  6. Michelin -

    Michelin is another big-boss with a forte in automobile parts and accessories. While it is majorly known for the long-lasting tyres, Michelin also deals in car care and auto detailing products.
  7. Roots -

    Roots Industries India is a leading manufacturer of high-performance roots for cars, bikes, and heavy vehicles. Providing durable automobile horns for more than 5 decades now, Roots is also known to be the first largest horn manufacturer in the entire world.
  8. Softspun -

    Car care kits are incomplete without microfiber cleaning solutions from Softspun Microfiber. While they provide microfiber clothes and gloves for easy and quick car wash routines, the clothes are efficient enough to remove all tough stains and residue without causing any harm to your vehicle’s paintwork.
  9. Shell -

    Also known as Royal Dutch Shell, this Anglo-Dutch multinational company works with an aim of offering minimum emission lubricants. They produce mineral oils, synthetic hybrid oils, and hybrid oils.
  10. Philips -

    Philips lighting is the biggest LED company around the globe. Philips strives to produce healthier, innovative, and energy-efficient lighting solutions for the world. They deal in car exterior and interior lights like fog lights, headlights, reading light, etc.
  11. Osram -

    Osram is another German based company that provides sustainable lighting solutions. Their product portfolio includes everything from headlight bulbs to fog lights and parking bulbs to indicators.


Q 1. Is a backrest bike seat durable?

Ans. TAll the bike backrests at Carorbis are 100% genuine products from trusted brands. Hence, they are very much durable.

Q 2. How long will it take for my bike backseat to be delivered?

Ans. Carorbis dispatches your order within 24-hours of you placing it. So, you can expect to receive your order within 5 working days.

Q 3. Is it easy to install a backrest for bike rider?

Ans. Yes! It is quite easy to install a bike backrest by yourself.

Q 4. Does a bike backrest provide good back support?

Ans. If the backrest is the right size according to the physique of the rider, it does provide good enough bike backrest support.

Q 5. Can we buy adjustable backrest for bike?

Ans. Yes! Most of the backrest for bikes come with adjustable heights.