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You don’t have to worry anymore about messing up your favourite shoe when shifting gears on your motorcycle. The shoe protector for bikes is an elegant design to protect your shoes or boots from scratches, dirt and grease when riding your bike, so that you can concentrate on the road.

Bike shoe protectors are adjustable enough to fit on most shoe sizes and flexible enough to fit any shoe shape or form. Shoe protectors can be made from full grain leather or synthetic plastics with rubber inserts. In the case of a leather shoe protector for your motorcycle, you will get a soft contact point with the gear lever and it will ensure that your shoe is well taken care of.

Bike gear shifter shoe protectors come with adjustable straps to fasten onto your shoe. They have metal fittings to add some durability as well, and the leather adds strength. Adjustable straps are made in such a way that they fit any shoe type and size.

The shoe protector is such a versatile product that it can be worn even on riding boots that have thick toe protectors and solid heels. The bike shoe protector has been tried and tested on a range of sneakers, boots and riding gear and has been found suitable for all.

Some shoe protectors come with a button clasp to attach onto the shoe’s laces, however this is just an extra security feature and is not essential for the shoe protector to stay on your shoe.

The bike shoe protector is an essential, practical and stylish item for all motorcyclists.


Leather shoe protectors for bikes go well along with leather jackets, caps and other genuine leather accessories for the motorcyclist. The shoe protector is an ideal product for the avid motorcyclist who doesn’t want to get their shoes dirty with muck, grime and grease.

Leather shoe protectors for bikes are usually made from genuine suede leather to prevent any damage to the shoe when switching gears using the toe gear shifter.100% pure leather means no compromise and no cheap linings made from synthetic materials, plastic or rubber.

The leather shoe protector comes with adjustable straps to fit any shoe type and size and the shoe protector is available for both left and right-side shoes. Since leather shoe protectors are made from top quality materials, they ensure durability and comfort.

High quality shoe protectors for bikes are an amazing fit for every biker. They are comfortable, flexible, sturdy and durable when it comes to long hours of riding and endless changing of gears that would otherwise damage your expensive shoe or at least make a few scratches. Shoe protectors prevent any damage to your shoe when riding your motorcycle.

The shoe protector prevents mud and water from getting splashed onto your shoe while riding. This ensures that your shoes stay in great shape even after a long ride. It keeps your shoes safe from water, dust, dirt and any other foreign material.

Shoe protectors protect your fine dress shoes from dirt and grime that might get accumulated during long drives. The best part about leather shoe protectors for bikes is that it matches perfectly with the rest of your riding gear, and is camouflaged well on your shoe. They add a classic touch to your riding gear without being too flashy.

If you are looking for the best shoe protector, choose one that is made from 100% suede leather that has no cheap lines so that your shoe is not damaged in any way. Adjustable straps on the shoe protector ensure that it is a comfortable fit and will stay securely on your shoe the whole day or the length of the road trip.


There are some all leather shoe protectors for bikes that offer a waterproof advantage over others. They are designed to keep your shoes clean and dry in the rain. The shoe protector is made from leather that is soft to the touch yet durable enough to last years.

Made from pure suede leather, the shoe protectors come with adjustable straps to secure the protector tightly to the shoe, so it doesn’t slip off even when wet in the rain.

The premium suede material prevents any damage to your shoe and also provides extra cushioning to prevent foot fatigue.