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Keeping your car looking brand new for years is not as simple as monthly shampooing. Just like most automotive things, there are right detailing products for cars and bikes and tools for every job. While you can choose to get your car washed by your local car wash, having your own car care kit by your side can save you huge sums of money. On top of that, taking care of your beloved vehicle yourself is sure to bring you more satisfaction and joy.

If you are looking for some great car care and auto detailing products for your vehicle, you can choose from the vast and versatile variety of car products detailing offered by These detailing car products can transform your vehicle for a ‘right out of the showroom’ look.

Top Auto Detailing and Car Care Products to Keep Your Vehicle Shining Like New

Maintain your car in its pristine and peak form with the help of these excellent car care and detailing products from

  1. Car Washing Products

    A car wash product is a must-have exterior car care product. Car wash shampoos and car washing kit are specially designed to remove tough stains and invisible impurities from the car surface without damaging the paintwork.
  2. Car Wash Brush

    Car Wash brushes for cars are ergonomically designed to clean mud, grime and stubborn residue on tyres. The dense and durable bristles offer sturdy support and high resistance for efficient cleaning.
  3. Scratch Repair Pen

    A scratch repair pen is an applicator pen that is used to minimise the visibility of scratches. These are handy, easy to apply pens - just coat the scratch with a thin layer of the application, let it dry for 10-15 minutes, and your car’s paintwork will be as shiny as before.
  4. Fabric Cleaners

    Your interior car cleaning products kit is incomplete without a fabric cleaner. Fabric cleaners constitute active agents that are able to clear away stubborn residue and stains easily.
  5. Glass Cleaners

    Glass cleaners are multipurpose cleaning solutions that are effective in cleaning glasses, mirrors, plastics, lights, and laminated surfaces. These wonderful cleaners not only make your glass a neat and shiny surface, but the special formula also keeps the surface clean for longer while also leaving a pleasant aroma behind.
  6. Car Towels

    Microfiber car towels and chamois clothes are super absorbent materials that clean the surface in just one swipe, without leaving any streaks.
  7. Car Wax

    Car wax is a kind of paint sealant that is applied after washing and polishing the surface. Adding a layer of shine onto the paintwork, it also acts as a protectant that repels any dust particles falling on the car's surface.

There’s a larger range of car care products available on Carorbis that you can explore.

International Brands for Car Detailing Care Products

There are hundreds, if not thousands of brands of cleaning products for cars and bikes on the internet. However, Carorbis ensures to bring only the best of all global brands to your fingertips. Here are the top brands at Carorbis for car accessories, car detailing products, and car maintenance products:

  1. Bosch

    The Bosch Group is a globally established and renowned brand that deals in technology and services. Bosch offers a variety of repair shop equipment and spare parts. Tap here to discover Bosch's latest products.
  2. Michelin

    While Michelin is most popular for its premium quality tires, it is also the leading manufacturer of car care products like car shampoo, car polish glass cleaner, etc. Discover more here from Michelin products here.
  3. Softspun

    Softspun microfiber is a car care brand that specialises in microfiber cleaning towels, polishing pads, microfiber gloves, thick lint microfiber cloth, etc. All of their products are designed to make cleaning the most delicate automobile parts convenient and efficient.
  4. Wavex

    Wavex is another extremely popular car wash cleaning products brand when it comes to gentle and pH-neutral shampoo for car washing. All their products are not only economical but very mild on your car's paintwork while being effective on tough contaminates.

Why Choose

Established with an aim of transforming the online automotive marketplace, Carorbis hosts an impressive variety of car parts and accessories and auto care products. All the products at Carorbis, including car care products, are from the best and the most popular automobile brands around the world. With an ever-expanding Carorbis family, you don’t have any reason to not be a part of the club. Here is why people are loving

  • Authentic Products: Carorbis makes sure to collaborate with only the most trusted, verified, and certified brands from around the globe. Furthermore, auto care products at Carorbis always undergo strict and detailed quality checks before they are cleared for delivery.
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  • Hassle-Free Returns: Carorbis always ensures to send only the right fitting products for you. However, if in any case, any of the products are not suitable for your automobile, you can conveniently apply for hassle-free returns at Our delivery partner will pick the product up from your doorstep and return it to the manufacturer. The return process will start soon after that.
  • Secure Payments: A lot of people are not able to enjoy online shopping only because they are reluctant to pay online. At Carorbis, all your payments are 100% safe and secure as we incorporate secure-server software that encrypts all critical information like your bank and contact details.
  • 24*7 Customer Support: Customer satisfaction and experience are a top priority at Hence our customer support team works day and night to solve your queries with the utmost patience and integrity.
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    Shop for Car Detailing Online

    Why run from one local store to another when you can just conveniently scroll through and choose from an entire list of best quality car cleaning products on your smartphone and buy car care products online in India? Carorbis brings an entire range of car cleaning products in front of you in a user-friendly website interface that guides you in selecting the best and most suitable products for your vehicle.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q 1. What comes under car care products?

    Ans. A comprehensive car care kit includes shampoo, car polish, a protectant spray, a tyre dresser, a dashboard dresser and a microfiber cloth.

    Q 2. Where to buy car cleaning products online?

    Ans. When you are searching the internet for best car cleaning kit in India, you can always trust the variety offered by This website is the best car care products market as it offers premium quality and authentic car cleaning accessories from the most popular and affordable brands in India.

    Q 3. Are auto detailing products worth it?

    Ans. Yes! Regular wash and care with auto detailing products help to remove invisible dirt and dust particles from the car body. Doing so prolongs the paintwork life and keeps your car looking brand new for many years.

    Q 4. What products do professional auto detailers use?

    Ans. Apart from the best quality car shampoo, wax, and polishes, professional auto detailers use a soft, microfiber cloth to wash their cars, and not a sponge. Microfiber clothes offer less friction and more efficiency for fast and easy cleaning. Just make sure to use two separate clothes for washing and drying. We carry best car cleaning products in India from the top brands that will help keep your vehicle looking its best.

    Q 5. When should I polish my car?

    Ans. Car polish is used to remove scratch marks and swirls from the car's surface. A car polish works by removing a very fine layer of the car paint so the scratch appearance can be minimised. Polish should be used before applying wax. However, it should not be used as frequently as wax. One coat of car polish coupled with frequent wax coatings can keep your car shining for several months and even up to a year.

    Q 6. How often should I wash my car?

    Ans. To keep your car’s paintwork looking as fresh as new, give it a nice wash every fortnight. Some people might think that washing your car so frequently will remove its paintwork. However, this isn’t always the case. If you wash your car and don’t apply wax after the wash, it will surely affect the paintwork quality. Therefore, always make a habit of coating your car with good-quality wax after each wash.

    Q 7. When is the best time to wash a car?

    Ans. It is most suitable to wash your car on a cool and calm day. Avoid washing your car in direct sunlight as doing so will make the shampoo dry up quickly, leaving stain marks behind. Also, car washing on a windy day is not suitable as well because the wind can bring along unwanted dust particles sticking to your car's body like dirt, dust, pollen, etc.