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Motorcycle seat cowl, also known as a rear seat cover or motorcycle rear seat accessory, is a piece of decoration for motorcycles. It is typically used to enhance and personalize the appearance and style of a bike. Seat covers are becoming popular with sportbike riders because they often represent their personality and interests. They allow owners to express themselves while still protecting the original seats from weathering and normal wear and tear.

A motorcycle saddlebag can be attached to it so that satchels, such as handbags or briefcases, etc., can be sat on the back of the pillion passenger seating area instead of on top of it thereby offering additional space for storage during longer trips. This has the additional advantage of leaving the seat open for use as a luggage carrier by simply putting one's luggage in it instead of on top.

Resembling car interior, motorcycle seat covers are made up of fabric or leather material. The latter is more durable and suitable for heavy-duty applications, while the former is good at regulating temperature according to weather conditions. They will attach to your bike with straps, zippers, toolbox snaps, folding flanges, custom-fit hooks, and elastic cords.


Motorcycle seat cowl is an accessory usually seen on sportbikes, roadsters, and cruisers. It is not meant to be functional, but rather to enhance the appearance of a motorcycle. A seat cover can help protect the original seat from weathering or wear and tear that occurs with everyday usage. This accessory fits onto your handlebars so you can maintain control of your bike while riding. The main function of this motorcycle rear seat cover accessory is for attaching bags such as satchels, etc., so that they don't have to be placed on top of the pillion passenger seating area thereby offering additional space for storage during longer trips. With these types of rear seat covers, luggage can be put into them instead of on top. If you are the type who likes to personalize your ride, this is an accessory you might want to consider buying.


Seat cowl for motorcycles, as the name suggests is a seat cover designed especially for motorbikes. It is a unique design that not only makes your vehicle look attractive but also helps in safeguarding it from dust and sunlight. A motorcycle seat cowl comes with several features such as safety straps, adjustable fitting mechanism, and leather finish among others.

Motorcycle Seat Cowl increases the overall resale value of the motorcycle. This is because no one would like to purchase a bike with torn or damaged seats. The cost of repairing or even replacing this part of the vehicle will be more than buying an entirely new seat cover. Wrinkles and patches on the motorcycle seat cowl ruin its appearance and give a shabby look to your bike.

Dust, mud, and rain make bikes dirty. Sometimes you may find it difficult to clean your motorcycle due to its complex structure. However, during such times, the protector seat cowl for motorcycles makes it easier for you because you do not have to clean or repair the entire seat of your bike but cover it with a protective sheet that keeps all kinds of dirt away from the vehicle's seats without hampering visibility.


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Q 1. When is the best time to buy a motorcycle seat cowl?

Ans. The best time to buy a motorcycle rear seat cover accessory would be when you notice that the seat cowl of your bike is broken or in a poor state of use.

Q 2. What is the difference between a saddlebag and a motorcycle seat cowl?

Ans.A saddlebag and a rear seat cover accessory serve similar purposes, but they are different in terms of materials used. While the former usually have leather material, the latter comes with fabric upholstery. Aside from this, their shapes differ too. Saddlebags typically have a triangular shape while backseat covers are more oval-shaped or rounder.

Q 3. Is it safe to buy directly from Carorbis?

Ans. All of our products are original, latest, and branded. There is nothing to worry about when shopping with Carboris as we ensure the highest quality of automobile product range.

Q 4. Can I return my order if I don't like it or if it does not fit?

Ans. If for any reason you will decide that the Seat Cowl for Motorcycles is not what you need, just remember that we have a No-Hassle Policy. You can easily return your purchase within 10 days after receiving our product. For more information about returns, please check out our Returns & Warranty page.