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Carry All Your Luggage With Premium Saddle Stay From Carorbis

Carrying heavy luggage on your bike for a road trip is never simple. Lucky for you, Carorbis online shopping has the perfect solution with an extensive selection of high-quality, premium saddle stay mounting racks to provide a safe and secure base to attach heavy luggage. With advanced and customised design for each bike model, our saddle bags provide a stable base and will not interfere with the rear suspension, seat, wheel or exhaust system.

Get a whole new riding experience at Carorbis, where we bring you the convenience of online shopping, allowing you to buy the most affordable and must-have bike accessories in the market. A few clicks are all it takes to have your favourite saddle stay motorcycle racks delivered right to your doorstep in 3-5 business days. Not only is it fast, but also cost-effective, with orders above Rs.499 shipped free of cost. Combined with discounts, special offers and price reductions, you can save even more when you shop online at Carorbis.

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Why Do I Need a Saddle Stay for My Bike?

Motorcycle saddle stays are made from durable steel or aluminium to support the heavy weight requirements of bike cargo and keep them secure. At the same time, saddle stays maintain balance and prevent saddle bags from shifting, thereby creating a stable platform to mount all types of luggage. It’s a crucial accessory, especially on long trips when you may need to carry extra gear, heavy items such as camping good, rain clothes, boots, etc.

A saddle stay bike accessory is usually custom made for a particular motorcycle model due to different chassis designs, mounting points, weight limitations and handling aspects due to stability. Carorbis offers bike saddle stays for a wide variety of two wheelers that will not compromise performance or aesthetics. On the other, you will find motorcycle saddle stay racks that complement your bike and improve convenience, functionality and style.

You might be wondering if installing a saddle stay is a difficult job. Typically, saddle bag stays from Carorbis come with all the mounting brackets, screws, nuts, bolts and even some basic tools such as Allen keys to mount the hardware. You don’t need any special mechanical knowledge to fix these saddle stays. Simple instructions and basic hand tools are sufficient.

While the primary saddle stay use is a mounting point for luggage bags, they also serve anaesthetic purpose by using sleek designs and customisable options such as modular construction that allow you to complement the bike’s overall look.

Start browsing Carorbis online shopping website today and buy the best saddle stays for your specific bike model. Its an affordable way to enhance your motorcycle’s utility with any permanent modifications or costly upgrades. With prices for bike saddle stays on Carorbis starting at just Rs.1,000 it’s the most affordable way to prepare for a road trip with all your essentials strapped on.

How to Install a Saddle Stay Bike Rack?

Here is a step-by-step process on how to easily mount a saddle stay rack on your motorcycle.

Make sure you have all the necessary tools and equipment, including all the saddle stay brackets, mounting hardware such as bolts, nuts, washers and all other required tools such as Allen keys and wrenches.

Park your bike on the centre stand so that it will not tip over. You should have enough space to move around the bike in order to install the motorcycle saddle without any obstructions.

The saddle stay is installed at the rear of the bike on the chassis mounting points just below the seat. Before you attach the rack, align to make sure it is going to fit without any modifications. Saddle rack stays on Carorbis are custom made for a specific bike model and will offer a perfect fit.

Use the provided mounting brackets to secure the saddle stay to your bike’s frame. This may involve bolting the rack and using the screws to securely attach it.

Tighten the bolts and screws using appropriate tools until they are snug. Gently shake the saddle stay to make sure that it is secured. Check for any movements or looseness and if necessary, re-tighten the bolts to ensure a perfect fit.

Before you load any luggage or saddle bags onto the saddle stay, take the bike for a small test drive to check for stability and proper handling. Pay attention to any vibrations which could indicate loose fittings. Once you return from the test drive, check the saddle stay again.

Make final adjustments to align the saddle stay. Remember once luggage is mounted and strapped on, it may be difficult to make changes to the saddle stay alignment, so get it right before you set off on a ride.

Why Choose Motorcycle Saddle Stay From Carorbis?

Saddle stays from Carorbis are designed to be pillion friendly for a comfortable ride and adjustable to suit your personal needs. You get plenty of space around the grab rail and foot rest for better movement and it’s easy to get on or off the bike. Plus, they come with modular mounting options that can be individually replaced. You can even install the saddle stay only on one side as the whole assembly can be attached in parts.

Since these saddle stays are mounted on specific points on the subframe, they have better weight distribution and higher weight capacity under heavy load conditions.

In addition, premium quality saddle stays from Carorbis are made from precision engineered metal alloys that have been CNC cut and bent. They are then built with the highest-grade industrial process for welding and finally powder coated for resistance to rust and corrosion. They offer a robust and strong structure that can withstand the rigours of all road conditions and riding styles.

There you have it, Carorbis has just made your tours much more enjoyable and convenient with easy to install and affordable saddle stay for bikes. It is the best way to carry all your luggage safely on long rides. You can even use a saddle stay for daily rides to carry the occasional groceries, a backpack or spare items around town. Your bike now has as much storage space as a small car. It’s a huge utility advantage at a low price. Start shopping on Carorbis today, the ultimate home for all things automotive and get custom saddle stays that have been engineered for your comfort and convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is a Saddle Stay for Motorcycle?

Ans. It is a rear mounted motorcycle mounting rack to secure luggage such as bags, panniers, duffle bags. It provides a stable and safe base for carrying cargo, prevents it from shifting while riding and keeps it away from the exhaust and rear wheel.

Q2. How Do I Install a Saddle Bag Stay?

Ans. Use the mounting brackets provided with the product and make use of a basic tool set to install the saddle stay on your bike.

Q3: Can I Fit a Saddle Stay on My Bike?

Ans. Saddle stays are specific for each bike model due to changes in frame design, seat, exhaust and rear suspension position. Purchase the saddle stay that is compatible with your bike model.

Q4. Can I Remove the Saddle Stay When Not in Use?

Ans. You can ride your bike with the saddle stay attached even if you are not carrying luggage as it doesn’t interfere with ride and handling. However, it is possible to dismantle the saddle stay if you decide you don’t want to ride with it.

Q5: What is the Price of a Motorcycle Saddle Stay?

Ans. You can find saddle stays online at Carorbis from prices starting from Rs.1,000 onwards. These accessories are durable, high-quality and an affordable option to improve the utility of your motorcycle.