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  • Uno Minda D95 12V Horn (Set of 2)Uno Minda D95 12V Horn (Set of 2)

    Uno Minda D95 12V Horn (Set of 2)

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    • Vehicle Compatibility: All 12V vehicles
    • Frequency: 335/440Hz, Sound level: >115 dB @ 2m, Voltage / Amps: 12 Volts/3 Amps, Dia: 95mm
    • UNO MINDA D95 is a loud, sharp, and penetrating horn
    • India’s first 100% water immersion-proof horn.
    • Top-notch OEM Quality for longevity and reliability.
    • High-strength diaphragm and contact material.
    • Use of horn relay is recommended for all single-disc horns above 100mm dia, pair of disc horns above 85mm dia and all trumpet horn sets for longer switch life, wiring protection, and best performance.