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A helmet hanger is a hassle-free helmet accessory that hangs helmets off a hook. It keeps the helmet off the floor and closer to you, so you never have an excuse to leave it behind.

The helmet hanger keeps all your riding gear organised and out of the way. It is a great way to store your helmet, gloves, jacket and keys.

It mounts easily on the wall and is thoughtfully designed giving enough space between the helmet and the wooden base. The helmet hanger is a classy addition to a garage or a bedroom. A helmet hanger is the most stylish, compact and safest way to hang a helmet.


The helmet hanger is said to safeguard your favourite helmet while putting it up on display for everyone to see the love you have for your motorcycle. Helmet hangers have no sharp edges that could tear the inner lining or depress the shock absorbing foam on the inside of a helmet.

Preserving the inner lining and shock absorbing foam of the helmet is important because it will save you in a crash.

It is a bad practice to hang your helmet on the mirrors of your motorcycle because this will most likely damage the lining. Also, the helmet could easily fall off and get damaged permanently.

Instead of hiding your helmet in a cupboard or having it torn by a traditional hook, a helmet hanger is a functional way to look after your helmet and also add a bit of style.

The helmet hanger consists of a wooden base, a stem and a vintage leather support for the helmet, and a twin spanner design to hold all other riding accessories like jackets and gloves.


There are many times when a motorcyclist will stop using his/her motorcycle and use another form of transport for an extended period of time. This is when riding gear like helmets, and jackets go unused and are likely to get damaged when stored in the wrong way. Luckily there are some ways to keep all your riding gear safe when not in use. Helmets are quite expensive, so it makes sense to store them properly when they are not being used on a motorcycle.

Read on to find out ways to keep your riding gear safe.

  1. Wash and wax

    When keeping your helmet away for an extended period of time, make sure to keep your helmet in a safe place. Use a little warm water and baby shampoo and gently clean the helmet to remove dust and dirt. After washing the helmet, apply a little bit of wax to the outer surface and buff with a dry, microfiber cloth to give it a little shine.
  2. Store properly

    If you keep the helmet in a place where moisture may set in, the helmet may end up being covered in fungus. To make sure that doesn’t happen, store the helmet high above the ground on a helmet hanger so that it is kept away from moisture, pets, and small children. Do not place the helmet anywhere you anticipate moisture to set in.
  3. Get a padded helmet hanger

    Purchase a padded helmet hanger to store the helmet when not in use. The helmet hanger can also be used to store your riding jacket, gloves and keys when you are not using your motorcycle.
  4. Keep the helmet away from heat and moisture

    Make sure you are not keeping the helmet in a moist area or in direct sunlight. Moisture and direct heat can both damage the helmet. Over a period of time, moisture and direct heat can damage the structural integrity of the helmet. The inner lining and padding will also get damaged which reduces the helmet's effectiveness in the event of a crash. The best place to keep the helmet is high above the ground on a helmet hanger.


The avid motorcycle enthusiast must be tired of hanging helmets on handlebars and throwing riding jackets on the floor. The helmet hanger is here to help.

Helmet hangers are thoughtfully designed to hold helmets of any size. Helmet hangers are designed for the modern home and can be mounted on just about any wall in a room. It is a great way to hang your helmet and riding gear in one convenient and safe place.

Give your helmet the care it deserves when you come home after a long ride on the open road. The helmet hanger keeps your helmet in a safe location away from knocks and bumps that could occur if the helmet was stored on the floor or balanced on top of a cupboard.

Best of all, you can hang your helmet together with your gloves, riding jacket and keys as well other accessories, all in one place.

Helmet hangers mount easily on a wall with the help of two screws to hold the base plate firmly against the wall. The hanger is thoughtfully designed with enough space between the holder and the base plate so that the back of the helmet never gets bumped when mounting it on the hanger.