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For motorcycle riders who use their bikes daily, messenger bags that can be mounted at the rear and then unmounted to strap onto your shoulder, have become a common site.

Messenger bags have a large enough compartment to hold a laptop and can be slung over the shoulder to be carried. No wonder these messenger bags are also known as shoulder bags.

As messenger bags for bikes have grown in popularity, they have become more convenient by being waterproof, having large pockets to carry for instance a laptop, having key holders and shoulder straps to make it easier to carry the bag off the bike.

You can give your style an edge with a messenger bag. It's perfect for carrying a laptop and other essential documents.

Messenger bags also make a very good gift for a loved one, family or friends. A very versatile piece of gear, you can wear it on your shoulder, carry it by hand or mount it on your motorcycle at the rear under the seat.

A 100% leather messenger bag is the best because it is raw, rugged and completely authentic. No compromise in quality means no cheap liners, synthetic materials or rubber. Leather messenger bags last a long time indeed. They come with adjustable leather straps and are hand crafted to perfection.


  1. Material –

    The messenger bag should be durable and strong to withstand the elements. A hard wearing messenger bag will be able to protect your valuable belongings for a long time.
  2. Size-

    The compartments in a messenger bag should be large enough for your laptop and important documents.
  3. Strength of fastening straps –

    You certainly don’t want the holding straps of a messenger back to break or come undone either on the bike or on your shoulder. Messenger bags that are made specifically for mounting on to motorcycles will have fastening straps that are much stronger than regular shoulder messenger bags.
  4. Ease of access –

    the messenger bag should be easily accessible with the use of zippers, or buckles. A messenger bag with awkward access is a real problem especially in the tight spaces when mounted on a bike.


Canvas messenger bags are available in a variety of colours and are large enough for bulky items. And with adjustable straps, they can fit many types of bikes. But canvas material is not waterproof, and it doesn’t wear well with constant use.

Padded compartments in messenger bags are good for delicate items like laptops and tablets. Messenger bags made of synthetic materials are good for daily use because there isn’t too much wear and tear in the materials. They stand up to harsh environments and keep your items safe.

Messenger bags made of leather are quite durable, and they are usually reinforced with synthetic materials in areas that are prone to wear and tear. Most of them come with adjustable straps to keep them portable on and off the bike. Pockets inside and outside the bag give a lot of space for your gear.


Q1. Can you wash a messenger bag?

Ans. Every messenger bag comes with a unique set of wash and care instructions. Most bags can be wiped down with some warm water, soap and a soft cloth to remove any stains.

Q2. Are messenger bags for men or women?

Ans. Backpacks and suitcases are not the only choice for men. While women usually bought messenger bags before, there are many options for men too.

Men’s messenger bags also share a similar function as women’s bags; to carry essential items like a phone, wallet, keys, pair of sunglasses, etc. There are many varieties of colours, sizes and designs to suit men’s taste.

Q3. Is it safe to carry a laptop on a motorcycle?

Ans. A messenger bag is a convenient way to carry a laptop when riding a motorcycle. A good thing to consider is a messenger bag that is waterproof and padded, to prevent moisture from getting in and to protect the laptop from bumps.

Q4. Are messenger bags in style?

Ans. Messenger bags are in style because they are extremely versatile and fashionable. They have a rich history of a wide array of uses, so you know that it is a quality bag designed for everyday use for the avid bike enthusiast.