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Is it really a fun trip without playing the iconic playlist in your car with your friends and family? The importance of good-quality car audio systems in your car transforms a boring drive into a fun one. Car audio and other car electronics accessories create the best moments in your ride by improving your entertainment options. Imagine how dreadful driving can be without good music?

Whether you are stuck in the traffic, going on a road trip, or commuting to work, music makes everything better. Car audio systems ensure you have nothing but great quality music streaming for every journey you take.

Car audio systems along with other vital car electronics gadgets simply improve your comfort, and convenience in your car. Car electronics and accessories include audio systems, tire air compressors, inflators, tool kits, and many others to deal with any emergency.

Shop online for car electronics and audio systems from a wide collection of car stereos, speakers, amplifiers, car chargers, and many more at Carorbis. Grab all the car essentials to upgrade your vehicle’s sound quality, safety, and service life at the best price.

Carorbis is India’s leading aftermarket marketplace, offering a wide range of in-car accessories from leading brands in the industry. Browse for the latest car audio and electronics gadgets at the lowest prices.

Your Concern is Now Our Concern!

Find great deals on Carorbis high-quality car electronics and audio systems online. Enjoy all the convenience by simply hopping on to our site and selecting the product you need.

Our wide collection of car electronics and accessories enhance your driving experience, entertainment quality, and the level of your safety. Enjoy your drive more than usual with Carorbis.


An excellent quality car audio system is an absolute requirement for a long drive or road trip with friends or family. It spices up your boring drive from work and introduces you to all the good music you didn’t have time to listen to.

Upgrade your in-car audio experience with Carorbis high-quality car audio system for an immersive cocoon of sound. Kickback to your favorite tunes of Punjabi music, 90’s hip hop, or soulful R&B for a romantic long drive.

Good music can completely transform your in-car experience and create a fun environment, all thanks to your car audio systems.


Buying a car audio system isn’t easy, considering the millions of speakers present in the market. If you don’t know what to look for when buying a car audio player, you are most likely to struggle.

We understand the daunting task of buying car audio systems, thus consider these vital points before buying.

  1. Receiver -

    Also known as a head unit, a receiver is the control hub of the car audio system. It sits on the dashboard and has an interface to change songs, control volume, and more. Depending on the audio system, receivers can also display maps, vehicle status updates, and many more.

  2. Receiver -

    Also known as a head unit, a receiver is the control hub of the car audio system. It sits on the dashboard and has an interface to change songs, control volume, and more. Depending on the audio system, receivers can also display maps, vehicle status updates, and many more.

    Almost every car audio system requires a stereo receiver. For most, it comes pre-installed in the car which is good enough in the initial years. However, you need to upgrade with an advanced one to improve the audio quality.

  3. Bluetooth -

    Bluetooth is also an incredible way to stream music and attend phone calls from your smartphone. Car audio Bluetooth receiver works like just any other Bluetooth device. Once you connect your phone to the receiver, it will automatically connect whenever you step into the car.

    After that, you are free to stream music or attend phone calls automatically without the hassle of using the phone, which is quite dangerous while driving. It’s easy to find car audio with Bluetooth in the market, as most car receivers offer Bluetooth support.

  4. Car Amplifier -

    Car audio amplifiers are useful in increasing the amount of wattage provided to the speakers. It helps to increase the speaker output, resulting in loud music.

    Car amplifiers come in a range of channels, generally, one channel on your amplifier for each speaker is quite enough. The amount of power the amplifier delivers will determine the quality of your audio system. Amplifiers with more power will provide better and clear sound.

  5. Car Speakers -

    Buying car speakers can seriously enhance the overall audio performance in your car. Car speakers are divided into two categories based on the frequency of soundwaves it produces. Ranging from highest to lowest frequency, car speakers can be differentiated into tweeters, mid-range, and subwoofers.

    The tweeters are directional, often placed in the dash. While mid-range speakers are ambient and installed in the doors and woofers are often placed behind the back seat in the trunk.

  6. Car Subwoofers -

    A car subwoofer is also a speaker, dedicated to producing ultra-low frequency, ensuring ambient sound. Subwoofers also come in a wide variety, ranging from around 8-inches up to 15-inches.

    Powered subwoofers are also a kind, which has a built-in amplifier and compact size. It offers nice music with an extra oomph without needing a dedicated amplifier separately. While buying car subwoofers, keep the size in mind. If you prefer a loud setup even if it takes a lot of space, then get a bigger subwoofer. Choose subwoofers depending on the space you are willing to sacrifice.

  7. Equalizer -

    And equalizer is a crucial component in your car’s audio system for improving the sound quality. Depending on the audio setup, you can choose an external equalizer or choose a receiver with a built-in equalizer.


Your car needs extra care with time, thankfully, car electronics and accessories help to maintain its top performance, service life, and protection.

Your car needs extra care with time, thankfully, car electronics and accessories help to maintain its top performance, service life, and protection.


Car essentials such as cam recorders, audio system, seat cover, LED lights, and many more that improve your vehicle performance, comfort, and convenience are considered car electronics.

These add-ons improve the car’s capability, improve its look and protect it from wear and tear. A good-quality seat cover will drastically improve the aesthetic of your car interior decor while a car phone charger offers great convenience.

Using these vital car electronics and gadgets, you can also give a personalized look to your ride. Car electronics protect and optimize the performance of tires, engine, interior and exterior accessories, body, and other mechanical parts of the vehicle.


You might think after knowing the benefits of car electronics online, people would be rushing to buy. The reality is quite different, people don’t invest enough in these vital car electronics accessories. It can save car wonders from expensive repair costs and exceedingly increase the car service life.

Buy car electronics gadgets online at Carorbis at competitive prices from leading brands. We stock a wide variety of car stereo, audio & dash cams to improve your driving experience and boost security.

Shop online at unbeatable prices from Carorbis to enhance the function and appearance of your car using high-quality car electronics accessories.

  1. Dash Camera - Keep an Extra Eye! -

    Install Carorbis premium dash camera to protect yourself from fraudulent insurance claims. Record footage of unexpected incidents and provide proof of your innocence.

  2. Car Stereo - Upgrade Your Speaker System - Keep an Extra Eye! -

    When music doesn’t hit differently, you know it’s time to invest in quality car stereos. Buy Carorbis high-quality car speakers online for a fun and immersive listening experience in your car. Enjoy the improved sound quality from an extensive range.

Find all sorts of interior and exterior car electronics products and gadgets from Carorbis from a budget-friendly range.


Shop unbeatable car audio range from Carorbis from a wide range. We pride ourselves in selling high-quality car electronics systems and car audio systems online from Industry's leading brands.

Buy a car audio system online to transform the way you listen to music while driving. Discover the latest audio products and gadgets from premier manufacturers and the lowest price.


As you can imagine, there are millions of brands that offer audio equipment for cars, each claiming to be offering the best product.


Carorbis is a leading online retailer, offering premium automotive aftermarket products at the lowest price. Whether you are buying receivers, amplifiers, or speakers, each product is designed to be effective, long-lasting, and high-quality.

Here are the reasons why you must choose Carorbis -

  1. High-Quality Products from Top Brands -

    We speak and sell quality! Carorbis provides premium automotive products from top brands at premium quality. Each product is designed to win the customers and delivers unexpected results that go beyond their expectations.

  2. Fast & Trustworthy Service -

    Our customer service is simply unmatched. We ensure each and every customer gets high-quality products without burning their pocket. We don’t take days to resolve your query, giving the customers the best and fastest service.

  3. Free & Fast Home Delivery -

    Get FREE home delivery over the purchase of INR 750. We don’t like to waste your time, providing you products within 2 to 3 working days.

  4. 100% Customer Satisfaction -

    We ensure our customers are completely satisfied with the product’s size, color, measurements, or fitting. In case we ever miss the mark, customers are free to apply for an easy and hassle-free refund.


Q 1. Is car audio worth it?

Ans. Yes! Investing in a high-quality car audio system will improve the music quality in your car, resulting in a fun family or friends trip.

Q 2. How can I improve the sound quality of my car?

Ans. You can improve your car sound quality by upgrading your speakers, receiver, amplifier, or equalizer.