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Having a personal car is a dream of almost every Indian. Now, finally when you have achieved it, any infestation can give you anxiety and I agree it should. As, if we don’t care for our car then chances are it won’t serve us properly.


Bug and tar seem to be attracted to newly detailed cars but what can we do? Many things just don’t make sense at all but they “happen”. Today we will emphasize on this topic and let us know how you can use our products to get bug and tar off from your car.

You must have seen white tiny circular spots on your car’s body or windshield or for the matter of fact the back glass of the car. These spots generally don’t get washed off with water.

This problem becomes worse in the summer season. Winter is a relief season as bugs go away in the winter due to lack of food or just go hiding to escape the cold. But as soon as summer starts, with the growing of new crops, the bugs also come to eat them. These bugs leave residues on the car's body.

So, what about the tar? Well tar is not a bug and comes from the road. But this problem is also related to heat like the previous one. Road tar is formed from asphalt. Tar bonds the asphalt and so the roads stay strong.

Can Bugs Damage Your Car’s Paint?

What damages a car paint? A car paint is damaged by acidic or highly basic substances. Sadly, bug’s residues tick all of these boxes. Bugs like grasshoppers or any other hard beetle bugs can hit your car at about 60 kmph and this can cause scratches on the car’s body. Along this, the residues they leave can cause stains. As these residues contain acid so this will continue to degrade the clear paint coating of the car.

Basically, as you’d have guessed by now, it is important to remove the bugs as soon as you notice them.

Here are two common damages that bugs and tars can give to your car:

  1. Stains:

    The guts inside a bug contain acids. Same is the case of road tar. When these stick to your car for a day or two, they can stain the clear coating of the paint and stain it permanently. The only way to correct it then would be repainting that part. Headlights and plastic parts can also get stained due to this.
  2. Chips:

    Chips are like small deformities on a part of the car. These can be easily seen on the bumper, grills and plastic parts etc when a huge beetle or road tar chips off and crashes with the vehicle.

How to Use Bug and Tar Remover?

When a bug decides to commit suicide by imapling itself onto your car then it creates a messy splatter. This can be quite nasty. And as we have already told you that it is hard to get these off with simple car washing. So, it is wise to use a bug and tar remover on the messed up part.

First, wash your car and remove all the dirt and particulates. Then locate the bug areas and spray them with a bug and tar remover and let it sit for a few seconds or as advised on the bottle. Bug and tar removers come with a spray head so that you can directly spray them on to the disputed area. Then wipe it out with a microfiber towel with a bit of pressure. If it still sticks to the body, then repeat it a few times.

For tar also, we will follow the same steps but we need to be more careful as there can be sand underneath. So, we will wash away as much as possible with a high pressurized water source and then use the bug and tar remover in a similar fashion as discussed above.

Now I present to you some alternative cleaning ideas:

  1. A clay mitt:

    When a bug or tar splatter has dried then it is quite some hurdle to remove them. A clay mitt will form a hard grip over bugs or tar. You can also use a lubricant simultaneously to easily wipe off the bug and tar with the clay mitt.
  2. Bug and tar removal sponge:

    This product is easily available as bug sponge. It is a microfiber sponge and so can never scratch your car. A microfiber mesh kind of construction is done into this sponge. The microfiber mesh may grasp or dislodge the bugs or tars.
  3. WD-40:

    Yeah it’s that product which you use to loosen up rusted screws and bolts. So, you know that it loosens up and that’s what we need. It can also loosen up bugs and tar and so, it will be easier to remove them.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1: What are bug and tar removers made of?

Ans. Bug and tar removers are made of a number of ingredients like isopropyl alcohol, isoparaffin and butoxyethanol. Some tar removers have linseed oil, peanut butter and a lot of kitchen items. All bug and tar removers are safe to use on any kind of car surface.

Q 2: Is bug and tar remover safe for paint?

Ans. Absolutely! A bug and tar remover contains ingredients for cleaning only. They do not cause any harm to your car’s paint.

Q 3: Will bug and tar remover take off adhesive?

Ans. Yes, a bug and tar remover can loosen up adhesives as well. You can also use them on bird droppings.

Q 4: Will bug and tar remover remove sap?

Ans. Tree saps are sticky materials from trees which can fall over your car. Yes, a bug and tar remover can be used to remove sap.

Q 5: What is the best bug and tar remover for a car?

Ans. Turtle wax bug and tar remover is awesome for cars. It is cheap and very effective in cleaning not only bugs and cars but also bird dropping and other things. It is also safe to use on all parts of the car.

Q 6: Can you use bug and tar remover on glass?

Ans. Yes you can and it won’t cause any damage to the glass.