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Having a good car stereo is important whether you use your car in the city or for long drives. Answering phone calls on your way to work or rocking to the latest music sensation on the weekend, an impressive car stereo is a must. Driving can get stressful at times with stop and go traffic and honking vehicles all the time. This makes driving a dreadful experience. If you have soothing music to relax your nerves, it really helps a lot. Listening to your favourite tunes is a sort of stress relief.

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Upgrading the car stereo from a factory installed stock audio system is a common practice that audio enthusiasts follow. That is because the car stereo is one of the most important components of a car. Music lovers who like to go on long road trips travelling in their cars will want to have the best music experience the car can offer. To improve the number of option available to you, it is a good idea to get an android car stereo.

An android car stereo comes as a touch screen car music player. It is based on the Android platform that you have on your phone and various apps like the Google play store are option on it. Android car stereos have access to all the android apps that are used on phones and mobiles. You can even mirror your phone screen on the touchscreen of the car stereo, answer calls and connect Bluetooth for a completely wireless music experience.


A Bluetooth car stereo has the added advantage of having a built in Bluetooth feature to connect to your phone. A car stereo will usually have other connectivity options like Aux, USB, mirror link technology and Wi Fi in addition to Bluetooth.

Bluetooth connectivity allows you to connect your phone to the sound system, or even a wireless earpiece or headphones to answer calls, and other portable devices like Bluetooth speakers that are mounted on the dashboard.

The advantages of a Bluetooth enabled car stereo are hands free calling, audio streaming, remote app control and access to your stored contacts.


Having a touchscreen car stereo ensures that you can drive in comfort while you listen to your favourite music. A touchscreen for your car stereo allows you to explore, easily change and play music in your car while driving.

Car stereos with touchscreens usually have advanced connectivity options like Bluetooth, and GPS navigation to add versatility to your driving experience. Just think of this type of a car stereo as an extension of your touchscreen phone if it happens to have Android auto enabled with it.

Car stereos with touchscreens can also play videos in HD which gives a whole new meaning to high-fidelity entertainment in your car.


DIN stands for Deutsches Institut Fur Normung. It refers to the slot in your car’s dashboard where the music system is installed. DIN is the universal standard for car stereo size and it originates in Germany. They can come in two sizes, single and double. The single DIN is 2 inches in height while the double DIN is 4 inches in height. Both the single and double DIN have the same width that is 7 inches.

Before you buy a car stereo, first find out if your car has a provision for single or double DIN car stereos.


Car stereo amplifiers boost an audio electrical signal to a higher voltage. This drives the car speakers with more power, volume and clarity. Usually when stock car stereos are used at high volumes, they begin to distort music at certain frequencies. An amplifier prevents distortion of the music.

An amplifier is used to prevent distortion and to add fidelity to the music. Powerful bass from subwoofers could not be reproduced without the help of an amplifier to boost the signal. An amplifier provides higher sound quality as it offers lower noise and less distortion.

Some car stereos come with a basic amplifier built into the head unit.


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