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Protect Your Vehicle’s Exterior & Paint With Ceramic Coating Spray From Carorbis

Ceramic coating spray is a popular bike and car detailing product that can enhance the lifetime of the vehicle’s exterior. Constant exposure to weather elements like sunshine and rain, dust, asphalt grime and grease can take a toll on the paint causing damage, scratches, deterioration and fading. Bike ceramic coating products can be used on cars, SUVs and any other vehicle with a painted surface.

Regular wash and waxing are good to maintain the paint but are time-consuming and labour-intensive tasks which should be carried out at least twice a month for the best results. A car ceramic coating spray is quick, convenient and increases the life of the car’s exterior or even painted surfaces on a bike. Ceramic spray coating is a nanoparticle polymer compound that binds to the paint and forms a protective seal over it. It repels moisture, dirt, fine particles and prevents minor scratches, swirl marks and spots on the body panels. Use spray ceramic coating if you want to keep your paint in good condition.

The best ceramic coating for cars protects from rust and corrosion due to moisture accumulation on the bumpers, wheel arches and door sills. Areas like the bonnet, trunk and roof suffer from sun damage due to being exposed to harsh UV rays when the car is parked outside. For a bike, the main painted surface is the tank and side panels which can benefit from a high-quality spray on ceramic coating. Ceramic coating liquid quickly bonds with the metal surface and forms a seal within seconds. These products come in 30ml, 100ml and 500 ml bottles that can last for several months if used as instructed. Spray on ceramic coating is easy and convenient to use, even in your home garage. Some of the best ceramic coating brands in India include Wavex and 3M which are available on

How Do You Use Ceramic Coating for Cars & Bikes?

Many drivers are apprehensive about detailing products and want to know what is car ceramic coating?

Follow these steps for the best results when using a ceramic coating liquid on your car, SUV or bike.

  1. Wash

    Use a high-quality car wash shampoo from Wavex to remove all the exterior dirt and grime from the car body. The previous applications of wax and polish should be removed completely so that they don’t interfere with the ceramic coating spray. Next use the clay bar and spray lubricant to lift impurities from the clear coat.
  2. Polish

    There is a range of polish products available from Wavex that remove minor scratches and correct the colour of the paint. Use a pre-treatment spray from Wavex to prepare the painted surface for the ceramic coating spray.
  3. Apply the Ceramic Coating

    Spray the ceramic coating on the applicator sponge/pad and wipe in a horizontal direction in straight lines. Repeat in vertical straight lines over a small area. Leave to cure for a few minutes, then wipe any excess ceramic coating liquid with a dry microfibre cloth. Buff to a high-shine, glossy finish to seal in the ceramic coating spray for car. Ceramic coating bikes and cars are basically the same processes.

Repeat the ceramic spray coating process after an hour if required. Don’t drive the car for 3 hours and keep it parked in the shade. Avoid exposure to moisture or rain as this may compromise the ceramic coating within the first 7 days. Don’t wash the car or bike for a week as this may remove the ceramic coating. Instead use a clean, dry microfibre cloth to wipe away dirt.

Benefits of Ceramic Coating for Cars

Ceramic coating provides superior protection against direct sunlight and harsh UV rays that cause fading and cracking of paint. The ceramic liquid reflects the Sun’s rays, preventing damage to the paint colour.

Acid rain cannot attack paint which has been ceramic coated. It forms a pH-neutral layer that will not allow acid to corrode the metal.

The best professional ceramic coating for cars resists the effects of bird droppings, tarmac dust and pollutants. Your paint remains intact like the day you received the car from the showroom. The best ceramic coating for bikes also provides similar protection from the elements.

Minor scratches, blemishes, spots, swirl marks and chipping are eliminated with a high-quality ceramic spray. The paint is strengthened and will stay in good shape for many years.

The top ceramic coating brands in India are Wavex and 3M which can be purchased on These ceramic sprays will keep your car and bike shining like brand new and protect them from deterioration. Car ceramic coating cost starts from around Rs.500 for the spray bottle and approximately Rs.1000 for the whole kit including car applicator pads, microfibre cloths and sponges. Bike ceramic coating is priced around the same range on Carorbis.

Why is Carorbis the Only Place for the Best Ceramic Coating for Vehicles?

Carorbis has professional-grade ceramic coating sprays that are designed to provide long-lasting performance to resist scratches, stains, fading, rust, corrosion and deterioration. No need to search through car and bike accessory stores that sell inferior products at high prices. Shopping online at Carorbis is easy and convenient, with a host of car ceramic spray products for bikes and cars from brands like Wavex. You can even purchase a ceramic coat kit, complete with all the equipment you need to keep your car and bike in top condition.

Carorbisoffers a wide range of 100% authentic car & bike accessories and automotive detailing products at unbelievable prices. You can rely on Carorbis for genuine parts that improve your vehicle’s performance, protection and care. Products are shipped right to your doorstep within 3-5 business days with free delivery for orders above Rs.500.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. What is the car ceramic coating price?

Ans. For touch-up ceramic coating on small spots of the car, you can buy a ceramic coating spray for as little as Rs.1000. These are only temporary applications for paint correction and protection. They come in the form of a kit along with microfibre cloths and applicator pads. Ceramic coating is used as a sealant for paint. The bike ceramic coating price is about the same as well.

Q 2. Which are the top ceramic coating brands in India?

Ans. The best ceramic coating for cars includes brands like Wavex and 3M. These are affordable options for ceramic coating in the form of a spray that can be easily applied on specific areas of the body panels. These products cannot replace a professional ceramic coat that uses specialised equipment. Ceramic coating for bikes is also an option with these same products.

Q 3. What are the benefits of ceramic coating on bike?

Ans. The ceramic coating on a bike is used to protect the paint and provides a durable layer that prevents scratches and other damage. A spray-on ceramic coating for bikes reduces the effects of UV rays, fading, and makes it easier to clean a bike, as dirt and grime are less likely to stick to the surface.

Q 4. Is ceramic coating good for bike?

Ans. Yes, the bike’s paint remains in good condition and it is easy to wipe away dirt as it accumulates only on the upper surface without penetrating deep into the body panels.

Q 5. What is ceramic coating for bikes?

Ans. The same ceramic coating products used on cars can also be used on bikes and any other vehicle with a painted surface that needs protecting.

Q 6. What is 9H ceramic coating?

Ans. 9H ceramic coating can be used on cars and bikes and is a type of paint surface coating that is known for its exceptional hardness and durability. 9H ceramic coating is the perfect choice for protecting the bike or car paint that is prone to scratches & damage. 9H ceramic coating is also known for its resistance to chemicals, UV rays and extreme temperatures.

Q 7. Which coating is best for bike?

Ans. Brands like Wavex and 3M are excellent choices for ceramic coating products for bikes. These products are available on starting from Rs.1000, which makes it an affordable purchase that goes a long way in protecting the paintwork on your bike.