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If you drive your car on a regular basis, then you know the importance of a good quality AV receiver stereo system. Even if you are just sitting in traffic, or out on the open road for a long road trip, or maybe just going to work, listening to some groovy tunes or an entertaining podcast is a good way to pass the time while you drive.


Factory AV receivers are limited in their output capacity, and with less power comes quieter music. If you really want to enjoy the music, a good quality aftermarket AV receiver with a built-in amplifier will let you take your music all the way to the top.

Top rated car AV receivers come with equalisers to customise which frequencies you would like to boost and which ones you like to muffle. This will produce the best sound quality possible and add a whole new dimension to your music experience.

While AV receivers that come factory fitted in your car have many features, they are lacking heavily when compared to an aftermarket AV receiver. Features such as the ability to play different music formats, connectivity options, built-in amplifiers, touchscreen display and newer features like Android Auto and Apple car play.

A good quality after-market AV receiver is a good way to keep the selling price of your previous car from being too low when it’s time to buy a new car. On the other hand you may want to take the AV receiver with you to your next car, in which case it ends up being a good investment for you.


  1. AV receiver

    Also known as the head unit, it is the main interface that you interact with when playing music or using some other features of the AV receiver. Newer systems often go by the term infotainment system, because in addition to being a source of entertainment, you can use navigation apps, etc which serve some information to the driver and passengers.
  2. Speakers

    Speakers come in three types. Tweeters are used for high frequency music and sounds. Tweeters are the smallest of all speakers. Subwoofers are responsible for deep, bass music and low frequency audio. Woofers are used for mid-range frequencies and all other types of sound effects. Subwoofers are usually placed in the rear part of the car or the trunk, whereas tweeters will be placed in the front near the dashboard. Woofers are placed in the doors or at the rear parcel shelf.
  3. Equalisers

    These are a very important part of the system and are used to improve and optimise the sound quality. Some equalisers are external while others are built into the AV receiver. The equaliser works by making use of frequency filters to either mask or amplify certain frequencies.
  4. Amplifier

    The amplifier is used to boost the voltage that is being sent to the speakers. This means the speakers receive a higher power output and the music will be much louder. Amplification is measured in gain which is nothing but the ratio of the input signal to the output signal.
  5. Single DIN or Double DIN

    Depending on the type of vehicle you have, you will be using a single DIN or double DIN AV receiver. Single DIN slots in the dashboard are 2 inches in height, while double DIN slots in the dashboard are 4 inches in height. Some single DIN systems can be placed in a double DIN slot on the dashboard making use of special mounting brackets.
  6. Phone connectivity

    AV receivers are increasingly offering smartphone connectivity with their systems. This will allow you to make phone calls, play music, navigate through apps, and search for contact all from your AV receiver screen.


· If you are finding songs muffled while playing mp3, WAV or WMA files, check the compression rate. Some compression rates cause the song to be distorted because many of the frequencies don’t make it to the final output. This has an adverse effect on sound quality.

· Just like compression rate, make sure that songs have a high bit rate. A song that has been recorded at a low bit rate will be smaller and may take up less space, but the sound quality will suffer and you get a distorted output.

· An amplifier is a good way to boost the power output of your speakers. But before you install an amplifier, ensure that the speakers can handle that kind of power, otherwise you run the risk of blowing out your speakers.

· Ensure that the speakers that you are installing have the required dimensions to output sound. Too large or too small an area may cause the music to sound below par.


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Q1. Which is better, a single DIN or double DIN AV receiver?

Ans. The question is, not which is better, but which one is your car designed for. A double DIN system will have a touch screen and more features than a single DIN. Many newer cars come with a double DIN slot in their dashboard. A single DIN system can be fitted in a double DIN slot with a special bracket.

Q2. Is an external amplifier required for an AV receiver?

Ans. You don’t need an external amplifier to listen to music, but having one will give you a better listening experience because volume levels can be boosted and all frequencies can be reproduced at a higher output level. Factory speakers work fine with the built-in amplifier of the AV receiver, but if you are installing aftermarket speakers that are rated for a higher output in terms of wattage, an amplifier will be needed to handle that kind of power.

Q3. What is the use of an equaliser?

Ans. If you are just listening to podcasts, the radio or news channels, then an equaliser is not very important. However, if you are looking for studio quality music from a high bit rate recorded song, then an equaliser is required because it helps you improve the quality of the music. Certain frequencies can be filtered out while other frequencies can be enhanced to give you the best experience depending on the type of music.