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Steering wheel is technically the most important part in a car and steering covers naturally become a necessity. There are several incorrect myths about the requirement of steering covers. These are stereotyped to be nothing but just an eye pleasing accessory. There are a number of unsaid advantages of steering covers that only a few know.

Let us go through a few services of this underappreciated car accessory that is so much more than just an accessory.

  1. Steering covers help maintain a firm grip to the driver on the steering wheel.
  2. Steering covers prevent the body of steering wheel from receiving unnecessary scratches or stains.
  3. Steering wheels are available in a variety of designs, colors and patterns such that they add life and vibrance to your car.
  4. Steering wheel covers define your personal taste and speak volumes about your choices and habits.
  5. Steering wheel covers are highly affordable and they stand lowest in the price list among other car accessories.


A driver’s assistant, an essential accessory, an eye candy and a symbol of a personal statement; steering covers for cars cover almost all categories of essential needs of a driver. These accessories help assist the manufacturer fulfill all the structural demands of a steering wheel. Many manufacturing brands ship cars with free steering covers pre-installed in the unit.

Steering wheel covers are available in a wide range of quality, price as well as durability. We must be cautious while making our purchase and finalize our decision only after making all the comparisons. These comparisons between steering wheel covers should be made on the basis of quality, price and durability and our selection will be impeccable.

Steering wheel covers are also available in a variety of materials. Some of the materials that can serve as steering wheel covers are as mentioned below:

  1. Leather is the most common material that can be used as steering wheel covers. These are used by most of the automobile companies as they are easily affordable, highly durable and classically attractive. Leather steering wheel covers are also easier to clean.
  2. Wooden steering wheel covers are rare but they are available in the market and they add a unique element to your car.
  3. There are also varieties in steering wheels for cars that are made with rubber. This material provides a stronger grip to the driver and the steering does not easily slip from the hand hence making it safer for driving.


Since we have already discussed a lot about the variety in material, let us also talk about different brands that are dealing with steering wheel covers for cars. These brands are in a constant competition with each other to reach and hit the right charts of popularity.

Steering wheel covers for cars should be taken under special consideration when we are talking about brands. This is because steering wheel covers for cars are constantly in use, they are subject to constant frictional force. This friction tends to cause major wear and tear in the material of these steering covers. Therefore, one must buy high quality steering wheel covers for cars so that they do not have to replace them over and over again.

Without any further ado let us talk about the brand that has made it to the top of the list of the bestselling steering wheel covers for cars.


Yes, you heard that right. It is Michelin, the most trusted auto parts and auto accessory company in the world that has made it to the top in our survey. Michelin has been in the business for several decades now and it has gained the right popularity by right means. Michelin products are well renowned and match the global quality standards. Besides, Michelin makes products that can be easily afforded by any common working-class man. Good quality plus decent price range, what else do you need to be the best?

Steering wheel covers for cars manufactured by Michelin have following characteristics:

  1. Michelin steering wheel covers are made by high quality material.
  2. Michelin steering wheel covers are easily available all over the nation.
  3. Michelin steering wheel covers are available at decent prices and are highly cost effective.
  4. Michelin steering wheel covers are durable and tough.
  5. Michelin steering wheel covers last longer than any other ordinary brand.
  6. Michelin steering wheel covers can be conveniently washed or dry cleaned.
  7. Michelin steering wheel covers come with a smooth finishing and neat touch.


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