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Motorcycle fairing is a unique accessory that elevates the bike aesthetic and deflects wind blasting from the rider.

The fairings on bikes are designed to improve motorcycle performance along with a whole bunch of perks. To know more, read on further.


A motorcycle fairing is a large, small, or medium-sized, often wind-shapen panel or cowl found on sports bikes. The bikes contain the fairing above their front wheel, and around the handlebar area.

Fairings add a superior and streamlined look to your bike and also act as a critical windshield. The shape, size, and color of the fairing can vary significantly. Depending on what you’ve got on your mind, you will also find striking fairing for your bike.

Fairings are a valuable investment since they are designed with a greater purpose in mind - protect the rider against wind blast./span>


Protection Against Wind Blast - Don’t you hate the hard-hitting, wind on your face while riding? You can feel the force. Guess what? You can keep the wind off of your hands or face while riding with motorcycle fairings. Install a windshield or choose the fairing that comes with one to gain absolute wind protection.

With a good old motorcycle fairing, you can move or get a great command using the gloves and drive at a higher speed than usual. The fairing helps to reduce fuel consumption which in turn extends the engine life.

  1. Give Your Bike A Streamlined Body -

    Bike with fairing is designed to give the bike an aerodynamic design. Somewhat similar to a ship’s prow or an airplane’s nose cone, the fairing adjusts a streamlined shape for lower resistance against the wind at the front.

    When there is a low resistance, your ride is bound to be smoother. You won’t feel the air attacking your body, rather experience a smooth driving experience.
  2. Stability Control -

    The primary function of fairing on bike is to reduce air drag. And the secondary purpose is to protect the rider against the instability caused by the massive wind attack. By making the bike vulnerable to gusts of wind, the fairing reduces turbulence and helmet buffering.

    The fairing provides a stabilized ride, preventing the helmet or seat shaking.
  3. Add A Cool Edge -

    The bike fairings are designed to protect and shine when added to your bike. Each design is built to fit the bike aesthetic smoothly, giving a premium or magnificent look.


There is a wide variety of motorcycle fairing types depending on the shape including half, full, dustbin, handlebar, belly pan, quarter, full, etc. However, the material you opt for while choosing the best bike fairing makes a great difference. Here are the following motorcycle fairing types -

  1. ABC Plastic -

    Based on the material, the bike fairing can either be less or highly durable. If you opt for motorcycle fairing made of ABS plastic, then it turns out to be more durable than PVC plastic. However, it has a short lifespan when compared to fiberglass.

    The ABC plastic is one of the most common materials in motorcycle fairings, mostly due to its high scratch-resistance and lightweight. This material is also quite affordable and comes in a stunning glossier or satin surface.

    The fairing surface is also built to be UV-resistant, maintaining the sleek look for years.
  2. PVC Plastic -

    This material is one of the least durable of all, but quite easy on the wallet. When you are on a search for affordable or cheap bike fairing, then PVC plastic motorcycle fairing is a suitable choice.

    Although, PVC plastic fairings won’t turn out to be highly durable. However, its affordable pricing makes it easy to buy plenty of replacements if yours get damaged.
  3. Fiberglass -

    The fiberglass material offers the highest durability out of all the three materials we have mentioned. It is made of woven fibers, making it highly resistant to rough damages and scratches.

    Making it quite a sought-after material in motorcycle fairings, especially in race cars for the ability to withstand great damage. Compared to ABC plastic and PVC plastic, fiberglass is undoubtedly the most robust and durable of them all. It is also lighter than ABS plastic in many cases.

    Due to their sturdy design, fiberglass fairings are quite expensive and are mostly seen in luxurious models.

    Choosing the best bike fairing type mostly depends on the type your manufacturer or manual recommends. While picking the right material for your bike, you must check if the specific material guarantees long-lasting service life, higher performance against wind blast, and protection to the rider.


Not all fairing in bike will fit well with your motorbike model, no matter how beautiful the fairing looks. So before making a purchase, it’s a wise decision to look at crucial consideration points while shopping around.

It’s easy to be tempted by the fancy features of every manufacturer, however, your primary focus is to help you find what your bike needs. So we have put together the important factors to consider while buying bike fairings.

  1. Shape -

    Shape can be of all kinds - big, small, or standard. However, the shape of the motorcycle fairing will impact how the motorcycle acts on the road.

    The answer lies in a small physics class lesson you might not recall. Streamlined body or aerodynamic design helps to cut through liquid or aerial motion quite smoothly.

    So when you are choosing the best bike fairing, always opt for an aerodynamic or streamlined body. The overall shape of the fairing’s outer shell influences how comfortably you ride and helps to improve your fuel economy and engine service life.
  2. Quality and Material -

    Quality always matters! Prioritizing the quality and material determines how long and well the motorcycle fairing performs. Poor quality fairings fail to retain their shape in harsh weather or conditions.

    Often, cheap fairings can’t remain firm when riding at a higher speed due to the lack of material’s robustness. The quality determines a whole lot when it comes to the protection and performance of the fairing while riding.

    Investing in high-quality fairing can withstand severe damages against weather atrocity, deformity from regular wear and tear. Consider getting fairings from top brands for an easy to mount feature.
  3. Whatever You Prefer -

    Your motorcycle is more than a vehicle, it’s more like a buddy or companion. Racer cars help you build a great rep, so why not give them your aesthetic spin.

    Few riders prefer fitting in certain accessories like speakers at the front. While others value the streamlined design over price or aesthetic. Riders also prefer getting windshield attached with a fairing to deflect frontal winds and protect their hands while in motion. Consider your height and viewing angles while picking the windshield.

    You have your quirks when it comes to personal customization, so choose the fairing that looks cool to you. However, make sure that the fairing fits your vehicle properly and comes with easy installation.


While buying a fairing bike in India, make sure the purchase comes with a manual “how-to-install” guide. Most motorcycle fairings look easy to install, while others come with a series of complex steps.

Consider getting a mounting kit to complete the whole set-up of the fairing on your bike. Most sellers now sell the guide in the audio system as well.

Remember to get a purchase warranty while buying the motorcycle fairing. The risky nature of online purchases can cause an issue if you have invested a hefty amount. So stick to choosing the products that offer absolute security.

Needless to say, the durability of motorcycle fairing must be the primary demand. Remember to choose robust fairing that withstands some level of physical abuse, preventing you from costly replacement or repairs.

While buying bike front fairing online, choose the right model of your motorcycle. Pay close attention to the accurate measurement, specifications, and material of your front fairing.


Typing “bike fairing near me” is incomplete without the recommendation of Carorbis. It is India’s leading online platform for shopping premium automotive aftermarket products at the lowest price.

Carorbis motorcycle fairings are designed for easy mounting and reduce wind drag to improve the riding experience. Its quick-lock mechanism helps every user to easily install, and mount. The streamlined fairing design also helps riders with gaining acceleration and reduced fuel consumption.

Our motorcycle fairing is built to protect the rider by blocking road debris. It lets the biker have a comfortable riding experience by actively deflecting winds away, and other dirt or damaging elements.

The sleek look and the glossier finish of the motorcycle fairings bring a brand-new aesthetic.

The high-quality construction of all different fairings can withstand harsh weather and deformity. The fairing remains durable and robust against any physical abuse. You can pick materials like ABC plastic or fiberglass for longer service life.

A large fairing is effective in protecting the rider from mud, rain, and flying debris. Each fairing is designed to maintain stability by decreasing turbulence.

Carorbis’s bike fairings are compatible with various models including Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, and many other motorcycles.

Transform your old bike into a brand-new one with our wide range of bike fairings.


Finding the product you’re interested in buying isn’t difficult. However, finding the perfect platform from the gazillion online sellers is quite a hassle. Every online seller claims to be selling the best, but the reality is far more different.

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Q 1. What is fairing?

Ans. A fairing is an accessory added to the front for reducing wind drag and help the vehicle to run faster.

Q 2. How much do motorcycle fairings cost?

Ans. The average cost of bike fairing is between INR 5,000 to 7,000 depending on the model and material. However, you can buy fairings at a lower price at Carorbis.

Q 3. Is it hard to change fairings?

Ans. Mostly no! You might need a bit of patient while removing the bike fairing but it is quite simple. Stick to the user manual and reverse the installation process for removing the fairing with ease.

Q 4. Can you put newer fairings on an old bike?

Ans. You can fit a new fairing to any kind of bike, including an old one.

Q 5. Do you need a fairing on a motorcycle?

Ans. Yes, a fairing is a great addition to your motorcycle. It helps to fight the wind and enables the rider to have a smooth riding experience. The fairing also improves the engine life.

Q 6. How long does it take to install fairings?

Ans. It takes 2 to 3 hours.

Q 7. Can you ride a bike without fairings?

Ans. We don’t recommend riding a bike without installing fairing. Without the protection of bike fairing, wind erosion can cause turbulence and damage the soft parts of the motorcycle.

Q 8. How do you install fairing?

Ans. Stick to the manufacturer’s manual for proper installation of the bike fairing.