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Key fobs are the ultimate accessory for your keys. They keep your keys secure by hooking them to your belt or pant’s loop. Key fobs are just the perfect length to have your keys hang loose. You can slip them into your pocket as well if you want to walk in silence and don’t like the traditional key jingle.

The key fob can also be used as a keychain. Leather key fobs are usually hand cut and hand finished to perfection from heavy duty genuine leather. This ensures that for handmade key fobs, no two are exactly alike due to variations in stitching and tooling. Each key fob is truly unique.

The key fob is a nod to the art of motorcycle culture. It is a unique key ring that holds your keys securely to the motorcycle or anywhere else you may choose to hang it. Key fobs can hold any size of key and you just have to loop it through the ring.

Key fobs are a great gift to motorcycle lovers. Especially since many key fobs can be hung as a piece of art when they are not in use holding a motorcycle key.

Every man has an accessory they cannot live without and a key fob is no exception. The key fob is a perfect addition to the motorcyclist’s collection. Key fobs are flexible and sturdy enough to hang a set of keys and can be secured tightly to your pant’s belt loop so that you don’t have to worry about them falling off.

Hand-cut and hand-finished vintage leather key fobs are desirable because they are cut, sewn, dyed and oiled by hand. Each key fob will be unique due to the variations and craftsmanship that go into making it.

The key fob serves as an extension of the key ring. It also serves as an accessory that makes you look stylish when you are on the move. Indeed, it gives the biker a touch of class.


When buying key accessories to keep your keys organised, you will come across the terms key fobs and key rings. Knowing the difference between the two is important for choosing the right accessory that is both functional and appropriate for you.

A key ring is a metal ring that holds together your various keys on one single piece of metal. You’ll find them in the shape of a circle and of different sizes. Most of the time a key ring is attached to a key chain.

The first thing that you have to decide upon is the size of the key ring. This will depend on the number of keys you want to fix on to the key ring. Most keyrings can fit into any wallet or purse. Key rings are both slim and durable. They are available in many shapes and sizes but the most common shape is circular.

The exact definition of a key fob is an electronic device attached to a key chain that is used for unlocking and locking doors electronically. Key fobs have undergone many changes since its inception to become a major component of electronic door systems.

But in common parlance, a key fob is nothing but a piece of leather, metal or plastic that is fixed on a key ring in order to put together a bunch of keys. At times, people use key fobs to designate the purpose of the keys, for example, the yellow key fob for the car and the black key fob for the bike.

The key fob is just a piece of material that is used to distinguish one set of keys from another.


Actually, the question is not between a key ring or a key fob as they both work together. The key ring fits in with a key fob in order to hold the keys together.

The real question is in fact which key ring and key fob to get together for your bunch of keys.

Key rings are often made of metal, that is stainless steel to make them durable and strong. When making the decision to get a key ring, you will have to consider the number of keys that you are going to bunch together.

If the number of keys you need to keep together is large, then you will need a large sized key ring. The best idea is to bunch the keys that you use together in one ring, for example, one key ring for the car keys, the garage door, and the house keys. And another key ring for the motorcycle.

Plastic key rings are available, but they are not as durable as metal rings and are likely to break if mishandled. You need something extra strong that is not going to break easily.

When you are buying a key fob, there are a lot of options to choose from, so this is where you can get a bit creative.

Get a key fob that matches your profile and personality. It depends, if you are a racing enthusiast, you may want to get a key fob in the shape of a racing machine.

You could get a key fob with your favourite logo or have a special message typed in to the key fob.

Another option is to get a key fob that can be used as a small handy tool, like a small flashlight, a bottle opener, a spanner or a USB flash drive.

Attaching the key fob to your keyring will add a touch of elegance to your overall style.