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Your vehicle tyre is exposed to so much dirt, water, grime, grease, and harsh light every day. So much so that the tires lose their shine, and quickly start to appear faded and dull. Using a tyre polish spray is the best remedy to dust off dirt and debris from the tyre and restore its shine once again. A tyre dresser is incredibly vital to clean the tyre’s surface and prevent it from ageing, fading, and cracking. Aside from getting rid of dirt, the tyre polish for car adds stunning shine and a smooth look to the tyre.

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Why do you need a tyre polish spray

As simple as it sounds, a tyre polish for car and bike is an excellent product to clean your vehicle’s tyre and provide great lustre to it. Using a tyre dresser brings out the natural deep black colour of the tyre with a great shine. The product’s excellent for adding colour, shine and make your vehicle’s wheel stand out.

Additionally, when you apply a tyre polish for car and bike to your tyres, it also gets rid of all the dirt, dust and mud off the surface. Making your tyres look a lot cleaner and brilliant looking for a longer duration.

If you happen to invest in high-quality tyre dresser products, then it comes with several additives to protect the tyre from UV rays damage. Most tire shine products include a UV blocker. UV-protective tyre shiners prevent tyres from premature fading, cracking or browning of the rubber. Consider buying a tyre polish liquid to butter up the look of your tyres and extend their life.

Why do you need a tyre polish spray

Tyre Polish liquids are made up of different formulas containing various types of chemicals and polymers. Each tyre shine product is different based on brand and manufacturer.

We can categorise tyre shine products into two major sections - water-based tyre polish or solvent-based tyre shiner.

Water-based Tyre Polish Spray

As the name suggests, these products are usually made from naturally occurring oils and polymers suspended in water.

Often found in the form of tyre polish liquid, water-based products are gentle to the rubber of the tyre, suitable to use often. Water-based tyre shiners aren’t ideal for the high-intensity finish, it’s quick to shine the tyres.

Solvent-based Tyre Shiners

These products are also made from naturally occurring oil and polymer, suspended in solvents. It’s more abrasive to rubber tyres, almost any damage will ask for quite frequent use of these tyre shiners.

Solvent-based products are effective in providing long-lasting tyre shine by creating a strong bond with the tyre. It results in providing a shiny finish to the tyre surface.It is a suitable tyre polish for bikes.

Key features to look for when buying tyre shiner online

It’s always wise to know what features you are looking for when heading to the market to buy a tyre shiner. You want only the best product for your vehicle’s maintenance, which is only possible by knowing the right features. Here are the different key features you need to consider when you’re looking for a tyre shiner online -

Ease of Use

Tyre polish for car products are of various different types, it can be as simple as spray or tyre polish liquid. While other tyre shiner products require intensive labour and time. We recommend opting for the tyre shiner that’s easy to use and handy. It must be easy to use and take less time to dry. Consider the tyre polish spray option and invest in products that’s piece of a cake.

However, we don’t suggest easy applications similar to inadequate performance. If your tyre shine spray isn’t sufficient enough to provide tyre polish evenly, then being handy isn’t of great help. In such cases, consider getting a gel if it covers complete removal of the impurities lying on the tyre’s surface.

UV Protection

One of the secondary benefits of Tyre dressers is the high-quality UV protection they offer, preventing tyre early ageing. Most of the tyre shiner products you will find online offer UV protection to some degree.

However, if you want a good amount of UV protection for your car’s tyre, then consider investing in a better product. Especially if you live in an area with a high temperature. All you have to do is look for UV blocker additives in the product’s formula. The UV rays make the tyre’s rubber hard and brittle, the tyre dresser works to soften the rubber and prevent drying, cracking and fading.

Shiny Polish

As the name suggests, the primary role of a tyre shiner is to provide great shine to the tyre. However, there’s a wide range of polish and finishes. You must decide what kind of tyre’s shine you are looking for.

If you are looking for a satin finish or brand-new shine, then opt for the tyre polish liquid product claiming to do so. However, steer clear from wet or high glass shine type as it’s quite difficult to maintain, as the surface draws dirt and dust.

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Nothing harms a car's look more than quickly fading and dull-looking tyres. It’s a complete bummer to look at a damaged tyre. If you are putting in the work to clean your car by washing it, then consider giving it a brilliant shine using the best tyre polish for car and tyre polish for bike products online. A tyre shine brings back the stunning exterior glam of your car. It also helps to protect the black lustre of the tyre’s rubber. A tire dresser acts more than adding a shine to the tyres, it also provides an extra layer of protection against UV damage.

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Best tyre polish for car near me

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Q 1. How to use tire polish liquid?

Ans. Follow the steps to guide using tyre shine spray -

  1. First and foremost, clean your car’s tyres properly.
  2. Dry them off with a dry cloth.
  3. Apply the tyre polish spray all over the tyres
  4. Let the Tyre shine sit on the tyres for a few minutes.
  5. Remove the excess tyre polish liquid if required.

Q 2. Is tyre shine good?

Ans. Yes, tyre dresser products are incredibly helpful in improving the tyre’s look and shine. Along with protecting the tyres from UV rays damage.

Q 3. Does tyre polish for bike damage paint?

Ans. No! Tyre polish products don’t contain toxic chemicals. It won’t damage the paintwork of your car.

Q 4. How much does tire shine cost?

Ans. The average cost of tyre polish liquid products cost between Rs.700 to 800.

Q 5. How do I keep my tires black and shiny?

Ans. It’s very simple, just use a tyre dresser product from Carorbis.

Q 6. Is tyre polish spray bad for tires?

Ans. No! Tyre shine isn’t bad for your tyres at all.