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When upgrading a car’s music system, the easiest way to boost your dashboard tech is to get a new car mp3 player.

Also known as the car stereo, or “head unit”, the car’s mp3 player is the brain and heart of the music system and the part that you directly interact with while driving. When you use a car’s mp3 player, you are also locking in the other features such as Bluetooth, USB, Aux and SD card.


The features that are most often used in a car mp3 player are USB, Aux, SD card and Bluetooth wireless connections to your music sources like your phone. Even if you are old school and keep a bunch of CDs in your glove box, sooner or later, someone is going to be in the car and want to hook up a phone or media player to play some music. So, make sure your car’s mp3 player is compatible with an Aux cable, USB, AAC or WMA from a flash storage device.

The simplest way to connect different music sources is through Bluetooth or aux input for universal connectivity.


Q1. Why should I get a new car mp3 player?

Ans. The reasons for getting a new car mp3 player are superior sound and features such as USB, Aux and Bluetooth. Aftermarket car mp3 players have more powerful amplifiers than factory stereos. You get better features like smartphone connectivity, touchscreen controls, navigation, and satellite radio depending on the model that you buy.

Q2. There are a lot of types of car mp3 players, which one is best?

Ans. The different types of receivers are: CD players, mp3 players, DVD receivers, navigation receivers. CD players – Car CD receivers play CD’s but they also have features like Aux, USB to play music from different sources. MP3 players- these receivers are able to play mp3 encoded music from a flash storage device or another source such as Bluetooth, etc.

DVD receivers – These units are capable of playing DVDs as well as CDs. DVD receivers have touchscreen displays that you can watch videos on. Some DVD receivers come with Android Auto and Apple Car Play as well.

Navigation receivers – When travelling a lot, a navigation receiver is good because you can use built-in GPS without relying on connectivity to your smartphone.

Q3. If my car has steering control, can I use them?

Ans. If the car mp3 player that you are installing is compatible with steering controls, you can use them. You can also get a steering wheel control adapter for your car if the car mp3 player is not compatible with steering controls.

Q4. Will my new car mp3 player work with my existing factory set up?

Ans. The factory installed options on your car like satellite radio, navigation or Bluetooth can work with the new car mp3 player if the unit is compatible with it.

Q5. Can I get a car mp3 player that will match with my dash illumination?

Ans. Certain car mp3 player look like they belong on your dash. Look out for car mp3 players that let you adjust the colour of the display. You can then match the aesthetics of the interior with the car mp3 player’s design.

Q6. Will the new mp3 player work with your smartphone?

Ans. One of the most exciting features of a car mp3 player is that it can be integrated with your smartphone. With the USB option, smart phones can be connected to the head unit to play music or other media files. If the car mp3 player has Bluetooth, you can access the smartphone seamlessly without the use of cables or USB ports. Another option is Android Auto and Apple Car Play that allows you to mirror your smartphone screen with the head unit display, and seamlessly integrate apps like Google play and Navigation tools like GPS.

Q7. Can my factory speakers handle my powerful car mp3 player?

Ans. Your stock speakers should be able to play music without distorting with an aftermarket car mp3 player, although there will be limits to the volume levels and depth of the music.

If you want to get the best listening experience, it is better to invest in a good set of aftermarket speakers to match your new car mp3 player.