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If you are a motorbike enthusiast and love to give your bike new additions, or keep it sparkling clean always, then a paddock stand is a must-have instrument to keep in your garage. You can purchase authentic, high-quality, super sturdy and reliable paddock stands from at the most affordable prices online.


A bike paddock stand is basically a rectangular metal frame that is designed to keep a motorcycle stationary. A paddock stand is connected with wheels on the back side and two holding mounts on the front.


A bike paddock stand is a super useful instrument. It helps you to keep the bike in neutral and rotate its wheels easily. It also ensures that the bike is upright and not leaning to one side when you are working on it. As it serves many purposes, most garage and repair shops have at least 2 bike paddock stands. Here are a few activities for which a bike paddock stand comes very useful:

  1. Tyre change
  2. Puncture Repair
  3. Checking and repairing wheel
  4. Providing support to the bike
  5. Effortless washing and cleaning of the bike
  6. Full bike servicing
  7. Keeping the wheels off the ground, and thus avoiding flat spots and prolonging tyre life


Carorbis puts together a comprehensive variety of premium paddock stands from the best brands:

  1. Rear Paddock Stand -

    This is a premium rear paddock stand with a removable handle. This reduces the area taken by the stand. With adjustable width, it can lift almost all models of bikes. Shop for this high-quality rear paddock stand and make bike repairs convenient.

  2. Front Paddock Stand -

    This front paddock stand is supplied with two lifting options- padded rubber lower fork lifters and pin type brackets that aid lifting from underneath the forks. This makes this paddock stand useful for lifting a wide range of bike models.

  3. Triple Tree Paddock Stand -

    Made of heavy-duty steel construction and corrosion resistant material, this is one of the most long-lasting bike paddock stands you can find in the Indian market. The broad U-shaped footprint frame offers increased stability for holding the bike in place. Tap here to purchase Triple Tree Paddock Stand product from

  4. Single Sided Paddock Stand -

    This front paddock stand features a removable handle that increases your convenience of using the stand. The ball bearing head makes it further easier to rotate the wheel for easy chain oiling. Purchase this premium quality single sided paddock stand from

  5. Universal Rear Paddock Stand -

    This is another lightweight and super easy to use paddock stand at Being crafted from solid steel material, this is a long-lasting, and sturdy rear paddock to keep your bike safely stable on the ground. Purchase this universal rear paddock stand at the best price from

  6. Universal Front Paddock Stand -

    While the metal frame of this universal front paddock stand is compact so it doesn’t occupy much space, it also comes with an elongated handle that aids in lifting a bike with minimum effort. This paddock stand does not require any assembly of the pipes. Buy this universal front paddock stand at the most reasonable price only from


Motorcycles are heavy structures. Hence, care must be taken while handling them. Here are some precautions and tips to consider when using bike paddock stand:

  1. Always use the rear paddock stand first and then use the front paddock stand, otherwise, you have the risk of the bike falling off.
  2. Do not move the bike much when it is on the stand.
  3. It is recommended to have some help from another person in case you find it difficult to work with the paddock stand.


With the internet being stuffed with fake and counterfeit products, it is quite tricky to pick genuine products of dependable quality. However, there’s one place,, where you will find only the best quality paddock stands from the most renowned automotive brands. So, when looking for a bike paddock stand online, you can blindly trust the products and delivery service provided by

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Q 1. How to put a bike on a paddock stand?

Ans. Follow these steps to lift a bike on a paddock stand:

  1. Place the paddock stand right right behind the wheel in case of rear tyre and right in front of the wheel in case of front tyre.
  2. Lift the bike so it is not bent towards the ground but standing at a right angle from the ground. The bike should not be on its stands.
  3. Fit the metal loops on the end of the paddock stand on to the rod-type structure extending from the centre of the tyre’s wheel.
  4. Carefully bend the paddock stand backward to touch it with the ground while pulling the bike on to the stand.

Q 2. Who all need a bike paddock stand?

Ans. A bike paddock stand comes really handy for mechanics in a garage or repair shop. It is also a must-have instrument for people who invest a lot of time in bike DIY projects.

Q 3. Where can I find the best paddock stand online?

Ans. If you are looking for some strong, stable, long-lasting, and functional bike paddock stands, then your only destination has to be Carorbis offers a wholesome collection of premium quality and affordable bike paddock stands.

Q 4. What is the bike paddock stand price in India?

Ans. Bike paddock stands can range anywhere between INR 1,000 to 10,000 according to their quality and features.

Q 5. What is a bike paddock stand made of?

Ans. Premium bike paddock stands are crafted out of heavy duty metal tubing. They are usually finished with a coating of corrosion-resistant material to make them last longer.