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Michelin Digital High Power Tyre Inflator 12265
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Best-Selling Car Tyre Inflators to Shop at

Have you ever had a day when your tyre went flat on the loneliest of all roads and you were stuck there for many hours? In such situations, a car tyre inflator air compressor pump comes out as a real hero that saves you from the hassle of replacing the flat tyre or rushing to the nearby mechanic by foot.

The best car air pump kit comes with an inbuilt or detachable air pressure gauge, takes only a few minutes to inflate a flat tyre and is super easy to use. Carorbis offers a wonderful variety of tyre inflators in India from the best of all brands.While tyre inflator price in India can range between INR 400 and INR 23,0000, Carorbis provides the best quality portable digital tyre inflator at the lowest possible price range.

The Different Types of Tyre Inflator in India

A tyre inflator is a simple machine that pumps air inside a deflated tyre with pressure. The two most common types of tyre inflators are:

  1. Electric Tyre Inflators

    Electrically operated tire inflators function on a 12 V battery’s electric supply. The battery can either be cordless and rechargeable, or it can be operated by connecting the tyre inflator with the cigarette lighter socket of your vehicle.
  2. Foot Pumps

    These are manually operated air inflators that feature a pistol and barrel assembly to pump air inside a tyre. These tyre inflators for cars require more efforts and time as compared to electrically operated tyre inflators.

Why Do You Need Car Tyre Air Pumps or Tyre Inflator?

Having a tyre inflator by your side not only saves you from disastrous situations, but also comes with multiple benefits:

  1. Car tyres pump are compact, handy and portable. You can always keep them in your car tool kit and never worry about being stranded due to a flat tyre.
  2. Tyre pressure pump for car help you keep a regular check on and maintain apt tyre pressure all the time. Thus, they prolong the life of your tyres.
  3. It can be frustrating to wait for several hours for a mechanic when your tyre goes flat on a deserted road. In such a case, a tyre inflator can save you a lot of time as you can use it to inflate a tyre in just a few minutes.
  4. Tyre inflators are extremely easy and user-friendly to use, much easier than replacing a flat tyre.

Most Loved Brands for Auto Accessories Like Car Tyre Inflator

Stay ahead of the seasonal trends with the latest and superior collection from International brands at

  1. Bosch

    The Bosch Group enjoys 100% recognition in many international markets like the UK, US, France, Spain, Germany, and India. Find the entire range of Bosch products by tapping on this link..
  2. Michelin

    Michelin’s premium quality tyre inflators and best air pump for car are the most popular air compressors used in India. Tap here to find all Michelin tyre inflators at one place.
  3. Softspun

    Softspun specialises in microfiber cleaning solutions like clothes, towels and gloves. Their products are colourful, efficient, and durable. Find their microfiber towels and gloves through this link.
  4. Roots

    Roots is the first largest manufacturer of premium quality vehicle horns in the world. Find Root’s versatile variety here.
  5. Osram

    Based in Germany, Osram is renowned for offering the most sustainable lighting solutions for all kinds of vehicles. Click here to discover Osram range.
  6. Mann-Filter

    Mann-Filter is a popular manufacturer of premium quality air-filters for cars. Explore more products from Mann-Filter through this link.
  7. myTvs

    myTvs offers a wide variety of products to suit your needs like digital air pumps, bulbs, and car cleaning equipments..

You can discover more automotive brands at by tapping here.

Why Choose

Carorbis is an initiative to bring together the biggest variety of automobile parts and accessories at one single place. Carorbis hosts an ever-growing, comprehensive, and versatile variety of car accessories like a tyre inflator from the best of and globally-renowned brands. With a quickly expanding Carorbis family, there are many reasons for you to become a part of the club:

  1. Pocket-Friendly Prices

    As we source all our auto parts and accessories right from the manufacturer, we are able to cut the middleman costs. These savings are passed on to you as a customer. You can purchase your favourite car accessories from at the lowest price possible.
  2. User-Friendly Interface

    A well-designed website interface reflects the time and resources that have been put into building it. The user-friendly interface at helps you and guides you through the process of selecting the right products for the type of your vehicle.
  3. Genuine Products

    All the sellers at Carorbis are 100% verified and certified manufacturers from around the world that are renowned for the premium quality of products that they produce. Furthermore, all the orders at Carorbis always undergo strict quality audits before being approved for delivery.
  4. Free Delivery

    We don’t want you to pay huge sums of money only to be able to enjoy the benefits of shopping online. Therefore, Carorbis provides a free delivery service after the purchase of INR 500.
  5. 24 Hours Dispatch

    We understand how frustrating it can be to wait for your online order for several days. Carorbis 24 hour dispatch service ensures that your order is dispatched within 24 hours of us receiving the order request. Next, our expert delivery partners deliver the product within the next 2-4 working days, right on your doorstep.
  6. Easy Returns

    Although Carorbis always makes sure that only the rightly fitting and the best of products are delivered to you, there can be times when you might feel unsatisfied with the delivered order. In such a case, you can conveniently choose to return the order. Once you put the return request, our delivery partner will pick the order from your doorstep and deliver it back to the manufacturer.

End Your Search for ‘Tyre Inflator Near Me’

Shopping from a brick-and-mortar store is not only tiring and time-consuming, but it prevents you from saving huge sums of money as well. At, you can compare between prices and features of different product models and avail coupons and discounts to make your purchase the most economical. So, before you go and ask Google, ‘Tyre Inflator Near Me’, don’t forget to check the exciting variety of tyre inflators available at Carorbis.

Purchase Tyre Inflator Online From the Comfort of Your Home

Online e-commerce markets have come as a revolution as they enable you to purchase your essentials from the convenience of your home. With an online automobile marketplace as comprehensive and vast as Carorbis at your fingertips, you can shop for the best and the latest auto accessories while comfortably sitting at your home. The user friendly interface at guides you through the process so you can select just the right tyre inflator for your vehicle type.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. What is the best tire inflator?

Ans. The best tire inflator is the one that takes the minimum time in fully inflate your tyres. Also, it should be easy-to-use, with most accurate PSI readings and preferably portable. Carorbis hosts a versatile variety of best car tyre inflators so you can find just the right product for your unique needs.

Q 2. What is the best cordless tire inflator?

Ans. A cordless tire inflator should come with a good battery backup and the convenience of portability should not make you compromise on the efficiency and power. You can check Michelin 12267 Cordless Rechargeable Tyre Inflator that empowers you with an impressive battery backup of 12 V. While the motor is powerful enough to inflate a tyre from 0 to 30 PSI in just about 3 minutes, the battery of this digital tyre inflator can refill 10 cycle tyres in one recharge.

Q 3. Does the car need to be running to use the tire inflator?

Ans. No! You must not run the car while the inflator is on. Turn the engine off and then connect the tyre inflator to inflate the low pressure tire.

Q 4. Will driving on a flat tire ruin it?

Ans. Yes! Driving on a flat tire will certainly cause damage to the tire and its internal structure. Moreover, it can also affect the wheel and the vehicle as well. Running on a flat tire will also make it difficult to keep control on the vehicle that can be very, very dangerous.

Q 5. What is the difference between an inflator and a compressor?

Ans. Air compressors are much larger than air inflators as they mostly come with a built-in tank. While this built-in air tank adds to the heavy weight of an air compressor, making it non-portable, it increases the efficiency of an air compressor. An air compressor can inflate a flat tyre in seconds. While on the other hand, a portable tyre inflator can take several minutes to do the same job.

Q 6. What does a tire inflator do?

Ans. An automatic tire inflator is a kind of air compressor that pumps air with pressure to inflate an automobile tyre upto the optimum levels.

Q 7. How does a portable tire inflator work?

Ans. Portable tire inflators are connected to the cigarette lighter socket of your vehicle and the energy is used to run the tire inflator motor and pump air into the tire. On the other hand, cordless tire inflators work on a 12 V rechargeable battery.

Q 8. How many miles can I drive on a flat tire?

Ans. You can not run your car on a flat tire without damaging it to the extent that it becomes unrepairable. If in a very unfortunate case you have to run your vehicle on a flat tire, do not drive for more than 1.5 miles and make sure not to drive faster than 20 miles/hour. That’s the only way to ensure that there is at least any chance of saving your tire from irreparable damage.

Q 9. What is the lowest tire pressure you can drive on?

Ans. The lowest tire pressure you can drive on is 20 PSI. Anything below that is considered a flat tyre.

Q 10. What happens if you drive on a tire with low pressure?

Ans. Driving a tire on low pressure causes it to wear quickly. Moreover, it causes unsafe driving conditions as you have reduced control on the vehicle.