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The leather saddlebag is a one-of-a-kind riding gear accessory that is hand-crafted for riders who are looking to travel in style. Being perfect for the rainy season, the leather saddle bag is highly water repellent. The unique hand made design gives one the freedom to personalise this riding gear as per one’s requirement, be it for touring, cross-country or just for a run to the shops.

Leather saddlebags have a special water repellent suede material to keep your valuables safe from the harsh rain. 100% leather material is handmade to perfection. This means, no cheap liners, regular cloth, rubber or plastics are used in its construction. Saddlebags can be used when you ride to work, ride to play or just ride.

Saddlebags are an excellent choice for travellers because of their luggage carrying capacity and water-resistant characteristics. The dark colour and shade also hide any dirt that may be thrown on them while riding.

Leather saddlebags with buckled straps that connect under the seat keep them stable during long tours.


Buying the right saddlebag for your tour is one of the most important stages of your preparation. The wrong saddlebag will make your tour tougher in so many ways.

When buying a saddlebag online, one of the things you should look into is the size of it. If the saddlebag is too big, it will hang low and make your riding difficult and unbalanced. Too small and the saddlebag will not be able to hold all your luggage and you may have to leave some essentials behind. If the saddlebag is made of the wrong material, i.e., not waterproof, your belongings may get drenched in the rain.

Decide on the size and the kind of look you want to go for and then start searching for the right saddlebag. You’ll end up with a saddlebag that not only looks good on your bike, but will also serve your needs.


  1. Size-

    A saddlebag that is too big will be cumbersome in traffic and out on the highway. A saddlebag that is too small will not carry all your belongings and would mean you have to buy another saddlebag.
  2. Weight –

    The saddle bag should not be too heavy otherwise it may interfere with your riding and balance. Choose a saddle bag that is the right weight for you and your bike.
  3. Water resistance –

    Make sure that the saddlebag that you buy is waterproof because you want to keep your things dry from the rain.
  4. Reflective lining –

    While riding at night, it is good to have some sort of reflective lining on your saddlebag to alert other motorists of your presence.
  5. Zippers –

    The saddlebag that you choose should have some heavy-duty zippers that make it convenient to open and close the bag even in tight spaces.
  6. Warranty –

    The longer the warranty on the saddlebag, the better, because you don’t know how long the saddlebag is going to hold out when you're out on the open road.


Q1. What is a saddlebag?

Ans. A saddlebag is a modern motorcycle accessory. It is a bag placed across the seat at the rear of the motorcycle, making them quickly detachable. They can be made of either leather or vinyl (imitation leather). They come in different sizes and shapes as luggage carriers or as handy containers for shopping items.

Q2. Should I ride with a saddlebag?

Ans. Saddlebags on your motorcycle give it a fresh, new look and also increase the usefulness of your ride especially on long tours when you have to carry extra luggage. Leather saddlebags are versatile and easy to unmount when you want to carry the saddlebag with you to the camping site.

Q3. What can you fit in a saddlebag?

Ans. The items that are usually placed in a motorcycle saddlebag are rain gear, tool kit, tire repair kit, air compressor, jumper kit, work gloves, food, flashlights, first aid kit and bottled water. In fact, you can carry anything you want and are going to need on a long motorcycle trip.

Q4. Do professionals use saddlebags?

Ans. Saddlebags are not used exclusively by amateurs or professionals. They are an excellent way to carry luggage on a long motorcycle ride, so experienced riders and beginners alike will use saddle bags to carry along their essential items.

Q5. Why is it called a saddlebag?

Ans. Saddle refers to the seat on a motorcycle. Saddlebags are also called seat bags, or under seat bags that sit under the seat and are attached to the rails, sissy bars or mountings of the seat itself with the help of straps and buckles.

Q6. Why is a saddlebag popular?

Ans. Saddlebags allow you to carry necessary items in a safe and secure way. Not only can you carry what you need on a long motorcycle journey, it is also a means of style for your ride. Leather saddle bags look good and serve the purpose of carrying your essentials.

Q6. How much can saddlebags carry?

Ans. Most bikes have a place to mount a saddlebag on the rear of the motorcycle. You could easily pack essentials for a weekend trip in saddlebags. Most saddlebags can carry up to 50 litres of luggage space.

Q7. Why is a saddlebag popular?

Ans. Saddlebags allow you to carry necessary items in a safe and secure way. Not only can you carry what you need on a long motorcycle journey, it is also a means of style for your ride. Leather saddle bags look good and serve the purpose of carrying your essentials.

Q8. Who invented saddlebags?

Ans. The concept of saddlebags originated from throw over saddlebags that were used in the early 1950’s for the first time. Historically, saddle bags were used by the military where rudimentary bags made of canvas type woven material were used to carry important documents and essentials on motorcycles. After the war ended, saddlebags were available at army surplus depots where they were bought for civilian use while touring.

Q9. How do you mount saddlebags on a saddle?

Ans. On the back side of the saddlebags, you will find perhaps 2 parallel leather straps. These straps allow you to anchor the bag onto the saddle. In order to set the saddlebag higher or lower you can fasten the straps in the desired set of slots to do so. Then, to fix the bag firmly onto the seat, simply loop the straps around the seat frame. Make sure that the bags stay away from the hot exhaust system.

Q10. Are saddle bags in fashion in 2022?

Ans. The motorcycle has a certain style that represents the rider well. A saddlebag that is attached to the motorcycle enhances this style and matches with the rest of the bike. So, yes, saddle bags are definitely a fashion statement in 2022.