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With its origins in London, a drag handlebar is a straight handlebar that is also known as cafe racer bars. A drag handle bar when fixed on a two-wheeler, makes the rider lean forward, thus reducing the wind resistance and enhancing acceleration. While they are originally used on drag bikes, you can easily install a drag handlebar for Harley Davidson, drag handle bar for Royal Enfield, or any other bike to give it a completely different and sporty appeal.


If you are planning to get you bike installed with a drag handlebar, then you must know the three basic advantages of having a drag bar:

  1. Reduced Wind Resistance -

    Drag handlebars are especially designed to provide the rider with a reduced wind resistance, resulting in higher speed. As the rider leans forward, he has less area of his body exposed to the wind. With less wind putting pressure on his body and pushing him in the opposite direction, he gets an advantage of increased speed with the reduced resistance.
  2. Aesthetic Appearance -

    The most evident advantage of a drag bars handlebar has to be the low profile aesthetic touch it gives to your bike. This little addition can totally change the front and even lateral appearance of your motorbike and it is definitely going to make you stand out.
  3. Sporty Driver Look -

    Another reason why people end up switching their regular handlebars with a drag handle bar is the sporty feel and appeal it provides to you when you are driving. Leaning forward towards the handle is something you generally achieve on sports bikes and bicycles. However, with a drag bars handlebar, you can enjoy the same feeling without having to shell out as much money as you need for a sports bike.


There are basically three types of drag handlebar based on their shape:

  1. Low Drag Handlebar -

    A low drag bike handlebar has its handle grips slightly bent downwards. It offers the lowest bend towards the handle. So, if you are looking for the maximum aerodynamic benefit, go for a low drag handle bar. However, the riding posture on a low drag handlebar can affect your posture.
  2. Zero Drag Handlebar -

    A zero drag handlebar has its handle grips perfectly aligned with the centre of the handlebar, making a straight angle. With this, the handle seems like a perfect straight line offering both, aerodynamic benefits and posture maintenance.
  3. High Drag Handlebar -

    A high drag handle bar comes with grip handles slightly bent upwards. This one is ideal for those who want to enjoy increased speed offered by the forward lean, while also maintaining a good posture. However, out of the three types, this one offers the least amount of aerodynamic benefits.


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Q 1. What is the drag handlebar price in India?

Ans. Drag handlebar price can range anywhere between INR 1,000 to 5,000 in India.

Q 2. Where can I find a drag handlebar?

Ans. If you are looking for premium quality drag handlebar at the most affordable price possible, then Carorbis has to be your one destination. Carorbis offers an impressive variety of drag handlebars from the most trusted dealers and manufacturers in India. With pan India delivery service, you can get the best-quality drag bars handlebar at your doorstep.

Q 3. Is it easy to install a drag handlebar at home?

Ans. Yes! Installing a drag handle bar on your bike is a very easy task that you can perform at your home without any special skills or tools and without anyone’s assistance.

Q 4. Are drag handlebars durable?

Ans. If you purchase a drag handlebar from a trusted manufacturer, then it is as robust and durable as a factory-installed handlebar.

Q 5. Do drag handlebars cause back pain?

Ans. Low drag type handlebars do affect the posture of the rider. So, if you suffer from postural deformities, you must consider a doctor before installing a drag type handlebar.