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Backpacks present you with a convenient and safe way to carry your things while riding a bike. It is common for bikers to carry their essentials and gear in a backpack, you just can’t think of a more practical way to carry your belongings.

Backpacks come with a list of advantages over other ways to carry your essentials and make them the most preferred option to carry luggage. Some of these benefits are listed below:

  1. Carrying a backpack is convenient –

    backpacks are quick and easy for bikers. Compared to other options like saddlebags, panniers, duffle bags and top boxes, backpacks are more convenient. Besides, the other options can be a hassle to install on your motorcycle.
  2. Security –

    Since the backpack will be fastened to your body at all times, you don’t have to worry about the luggage carrier falling off while riding. As long as you zip your bags closed, your items will be safe when you reach your destination.
  3. Waterproof bags –

    finding a backpack that is water resistant is not too difficult and very helpful if you happen to be riding in rainy weather. A waterproof bag will keep your water sensitive equipment, like mobile phones, safe from getting drenched.
  4. Price-

    backpacks are very reasonably priced and also can easily be fixed if they tear or get damaged. Almost any rider can find a backpack that suits his/her budget because they are highly affordable and easily accessible.


There are many reasons why it is beneficial to carry a backpack while riding, however, there are some disadvantages as well, especially if you are wearing a backpack that is not meant for riding.

Some backpacks may prove risky and unsafe in the event of an accident.

Let’s look at the reasons why you should think twice before wearing a regular backpack.

  1. Severity of the crash –

    One of the reasons you may not want to carry a backpack is what would happen in the event of a crash.

    If you happen to fall on your back, the backpack will hit the ground first and cause your head and back to arch backwards, thereby causing more injury than if you were not carrying the backpack.

    Some kinds of backpacks that are not meant for riding have hard shells and they could cause injury to your back in the event of a fall.
  2. Contents of the backpack –

    depending on the items you carry inside the backpack, they may cause an injury in the event of a collision.

    Imagine a sharp object was stashed in the front pocket of the backpack. This could easily rip through the bag and injure you when you fall.

    It is advisable to carry stiff, sharp objects in the tank bag, saddlebag, top box or panniers. There is less chance of the rider getting injured if they stay clear of the backpack.
  3. Balance-

    A risk associated with carrying a backpack, especially if you overfill the bag, is that it might throw you off balance when you lean into a corner and may cause an accident.

    Again, the best idea here would be to carry the luggage in a tank bag or side panniers to prevent you being thrown off balance.

    This would be really helpful if the objects you were carrying were very heavy.
  4. Drag –

    some bikers say that the backpack causes a lot of drag when travelling at high speeds down a highway. This is caused by the airflow around the body of the biker that gets thrown off course because of a bulky bag.

    It is better to have the backpack fastened securely and tightly to your body so that it doesn’t flap around at high speeds.

    All these disadvantages can be avoided by using a backpack that is designed for riding and using good judgement when packing the bag.


There are several brands out in the market that manufacture backpacks specifically for motorcyclists.

Some backpacks feature padded sleeves to fit electronics such as laptops, tablets and smartphones. Keep in mind that the laptop backpack should be large enough to carry the laptop but small enough to wear while riding the bike. The laptop bag must also be light weight so that you are not thrown off balance by carrying bulky gear. The laptop bag must also be durable and waterproof to protect the sensitive electronic equipment from the harsh elements.

Backpacks that are used for trekking are also a consideration for bikers. For trekking you have to choose a backpack that is spacious, has a shoe compartment, is waterproof, made of a synthetic material, and is all purpose.

At the same time a trekking backpack should be convenient enough to carry while riding, because a backpack that is too large would be a disaster while travelling.

The best brands for trekking backpacks are Osprey, The North Face, Salewa, American Tourister and Wildcraft.

Backpack prices depend on the size, type, fabric and most importantly the brand. Most backpacks are in the range of Rs.1000 to Rs.2000.


  1. Materials –

    backpacks are usually made of tough, sturdy and durable materials like Kevlar and Cordura fabric. This allows them to resist wear and tear from daily use and keep your things safe.
  2. Size and fit-

    Motorcycle backpacks come with adjustable straps that take the stress off your shoulders and distribute weight evenly while riding. This makes the backpacks more comfortable and easier to handle while riding
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  4. Comfort and convenience –

    Motorcycle backpacks come with extra padding and soft materials at the points where there is contact with the body. This offers extra comfort for the rider. It also helps with reducing the likelihood of injury if there is a fall.


· Ensure no sharp objects can go through the bag

· Look for backpacks with a hard shell

· Get a backpack that is made from durable materials

· The backpack should act as a back protector

· The motorcycle backpack should be waterproof

· A roll up top is inconvenient to use

· Get a backpack that has a provision for a helmet carrier

Do not ride a motorcycle with a backpack unless it is a backpack that is specifically designed for riding a bike. Wearing a normal backpack while riding increases your chances of having a spinal injury in the event of a crash. A heavy backpack that is not designed to be worn while riding may seriously affect the balance of your bike.

Motorcycle backpacks come with shoulder straps, waist straps, and additional padded sleeves for safety of your things while riding a bike. Some of the best brands of motorcycle backpacks have padded shoulder straps to avoid chafing, and a detachable waist strap for comfort.

Adjustable straps make it convenient to use while riding and comfortable to wear when you get off your bike and don’t require them to be securely fastened. Some motorcycle backpacks come with magnetic roll top closures, external pockets and laptop sleeves.

Whichever biker backpack you choose, ensure it is comfortable, safe and the right size for you and your bike. There are a lot of considerations when choosing a biker backpack and the choices in the market are a lot to say the least.