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In traditional cafe racer bikes, most people used to add a headlight x tape to their bike’s headlight. This gave it a good look and also protected other riders from the shards of glass from the headlights which may break in case of an accident.

Today, we stand here as Royal Enfield bikes look astonishing when a headlight x tape over the headlights of RE bikes. Mosly, RE riders use a headlight x tape and there’s a good reason behind it- the classic look. As mentioned, cafe racer bikes used to have these in earlier times, so it is a classic product.

Royal Enfield bikes are classic bikes which are loved by Indian riders because of its long history in India. This company has been serving on the Indian terrain since long. The date goes back to when the British government was here. It is respected in society even today. A headlight x tape makes this classic bike even more classic and vintage by looks.

Hence, it is loved among the riders.

Here, we will also help you with the installation process.

There are two types of Headlight X Tape which is based upon the design language:

  1. Normal Headlight X Tape:

    These are normal X Tape which holds two leather straps with a punched metal in the middle.
  2. Perforated Headlight X Tape:

    This type of headlight x tape gets its name as the leather straps have holes in them. It makes the look more stylish and gives a fresh look to the usual non perforated headlight x tapes.

Cost of both are the same and we have both options available with us. It depends on you which one you like more. If you are more of a minimalist person who likes a plain vintage look then the non perforated is for you. But if you are a more of a like-new ideas person then perforated headlight x tape will be fine for you.

Headlight X Tapes come in various colors like Vintage tan, cherry red, classic black and tobacco brown. The cherry red is not used by many and so gives a unique look along with pleasure to the eyes. Rest colors are more classic looking.

Will a Headlight X Tape Fit on My Bike’s Headlight?

A headlight x tape is mainly for headlights with round shape. Nowadays, we know of no popular bikes which give a round headlight, except obviously Royal Enfield bikes. That’s why if you have a Royal Enfield bike then it will fit on to your bike. If you have a bike with a different structured headlight, then also don’t get sad as we have a world of bike accessories which can give your bike a charming look. Feel free to surf through them and choose one.

Now shapes and sizes- Headlight XTapes come in only one size and it will fit on any Royal Enfield bike. So, you really don’t have to think about the size. Almost all Royal Enfield bikes have headlights of the same size.

Additionally, you can give different looks of the headlight x tape by adjusting different angles of the two leather straps. As told earlier, the two straps are held by a middle metal piece and the two straps are free to rotate. So, you can rotate it and mount it over your headlight as you like.

How to Install a Headlight X Tape on Your Bike?

A headlight x tape is an aftermarket accessory to enhance the aesthetics of a bike, mostly a Royal Enfield bike. It is very easy to install them and does not require any electrical connection or anything problematic.

To start with, start by washing your bike. You can skip whole body wash as it won’t be much necessary but obviously can do so for a perfect photo of your bike’s new look. Anyway, make sure to wash the headlight properly as if you mount the headlight x tape over dirt and sand then it may scratch the headlight and also, the accessory may not stay at its place firmly. Best results will be produced if you clean the headlight with a glass cleaner.

After washing, unbox the headlight x tape and notice that the back side of it has 3M tape cover or wrap. It can be any tape cover for the matter. Now, make sure your hands are also clean and washed as if you touch the adhesive with dirty hands then dirt will stick to it and the accessory will not stick to the headlight firmly and also chances of scratching the headlight is present.

So, after peeling the tape wraps, stick the headlight x tape at your desired angle. You can leave more gaps between them or lessen it. But make sure to stick the headlight x tape at one go, as repeated attempts will weaken the adhesive. So, make up your mind regarding the angles beforehand and stick to it.

That was all about it. Hope we could convince you why you should get a headlight x tape and also clear every possible doubt you had regarding it. It won’t cause any trouble to you and don’t worry, it will not damage the headlight glass.