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Buy Premium range of car covers online for protection against rain, wind, heat, and dust.

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Defend Your Vehicle From Harsh Weather : Buy Car Covers For Maximum Protection

Buying a new car is an auspicious moment in India and everyone wants their car to shine like new every time. However, we do very little to make that happen and our cars suffer from scratches, hot weather, dust, rain, sun and other environmental abuse. Keeping the paint immaculate is the best thing you can do to make your car look brand new. While you can always go for expensive PPF coatings, a cover for car is a basic necessity for every vehicle. It may sound very basic, but choosing the right body cars cover for your car is important. We have an array of vehicle cover on Carorbis along with other benefits as well.

Shop For A Premium Range of Body Covers for Cars on Carorbis

Carorbis is the fastest-growing automotive marketplace that promises 100% genuine auto parts right at your doorstep. The secured payment options work as the safety shield and 10 days easy replace or return policy keeps you assured with your purchase. Carorbis offers a range of premium quality heavy duty covers for car waterproof, sunproof, rain proof, and scratch proof in its car care section and you can get one for your car model that is tailor-made, keeping the dimensions in mind. Explore a wide range of car covers online at Carorbis, and choose the best protection for your vehicle.

Points to Keep in Mind Before Choosing Automobile Covers in India

There are different car body covers in the market when it comes to best auto cover in India. A cheaper vehicle protection product for your car may seem good enough but you should always look for the best car covers in India with these features before buying one.

  1. Dust Resistant -

    Always choose a dust-resistant cover with durable material. Dust can degrade the quality of your paint and in windy situations, it can also put scratches on the paint. Choose a dust-resistant cover protector for better paint quality.
  2. UV and Water-Resistant -

    If you park your car in an open space, these two features are paramount. Parking your car under the sun could affect the paint quality and the accumulation of water can turn into salty patches when dried, which is not healthy for the car paint either. Hence, always go for UV outdoor and water-resistant auto covers. Extreme temperatures from exposure to sunlight will also require a heat resistant car cover.
  3. Underbelly Belt -

    We face heavy winds in the monsoons and car protect covers flying in the sky is a common sight. Hence, it’s always recommended to get one with a strong underbelly belt to keep the car protection cover in place in spite of heavy crosswinds.
  4. Warranty and Replacement -

    Buying a protection cover online offers you a hassle-free replacement and returns without any questions asked. Not only that but you are also offered a 1-year warranty and in case of any issues faced, you can claim and get a new automobile cover for free.

Best Cover Material Options

  1. Red Snug Fit -

    This auto cover is made up of form-fitting Lycra fabric that is stretchable and offers a snug fit. Thanks to a soft inner lining, it is gentle with the paintwork and offers an amazing interior finish. Even though it is scratch-resistant, it doesn’t offer water and UV resistance. Hence, it is only preferred for indoor use in a closed parking space.
  2. DuPont TYVEK -

    These car body covers are made up of HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) Fabric which is durable and lightweight. This cover is also breathable to avoid condensation undercover. Along with that, it offers a 60% radiant heat barrier and 88% UV resistance. It will also repel water to a certain extent but if you always park your car outside, go with the one with 100% water and UV resistance.
  3. K-Series -

    This cover is made up of 3 layers of non-woven fabric that offers 100% waterproof resistance. It is a highly durable,waterproof car cover which offers elasticity at all ends with scratch resistance as well. However, all these qualities come at an expense of a lack of stretching flexibility. It’s the one that covers cars with waterproof all-weather coverage.
  4. L-Series -

    This cover is also offered with water and UV resistance. However, it’s less durable but offers an eco-friendly grade and scope of flexibility. It’s made up of synthetic coated fabric, hence, could get damaged by pets.
  5. N-Series -

    This cover is made up of 100% waterproof non-woven fabric. However, unlike the K-Series waterproof cover car, it is made of just a single layer. Hence, it offers lesser durability and scratch resistance. It can be chosen in either blue, red or green colour options.

All Polco car covers are tailormade for individual car models and offer pockets for antenna and side mirrors. Polco premium car body cover products are considered one of the best car cover brand in India

To tackle high winds, all the options are offered with a centre belt and some level of water resistance. However, if you park your car in an open environment, choose the most durable like the car cover waterproof K-Series which offers 3-layer construction for best durability along with water and UV resistance.

Benefits of Using Best Car Covers Material

  1. Better Life of Interior Plastics -

    Indian roads are crowded and you should consider yourself lucky if you have access to closed car cover parking. Most cars are parked on the roads, under direct sunlight that can, in high temperatures, affect the quality of your car’s interiors. A good quality UV-protected cover for cars ensures the long life of interiors.
  2. Quality of Exterior Paint -

    We all know that direct sunlight is detrimental to our car’s paint. It can fade the colour and also decrease the shine of the paint. Vehicle covers ensure low temperatures on the car by protecting it from heat and UV rays.
  3. Protects From Bird Droppings and Dust -

    You can avoid bird droppings in indoor parking but dust is omnipresent. Cleaning dirt every time you go for a drive is an unnecessary effort that can be avoided by using covers for cars.
  4. Saves from Scratches and Rain -

    If you park your car in an open locality, one day, some kids high on adrenaline will scratch your car with their bicycles. To avoid that, you should use a body cover car protection product that is built with scratchless material. Heavy duty waterproof car covers also save your car from rain as most of the covers in the market are now water repellant.
  5. Maintain the Immaculate Polish -

    If you polish your car, spend two long hours on it and park it in open without a car protection cover, it’s of no use really. Polish and wax attract dust and you can avoid that by using a cover. But ensure that the wax or polish is completely dry before putting on the cover.

Car Covers Near Me - Buy From Carorbis

Rather than roaming around different shops to get the perfect fit and price, order premium car covers from Carorbis. We offer market-best prices with quick doorstep delivery. In case of dissatisfaction, you can return the cover within 10-days without a haggle. Our easy payment options are quick, convenient, transparent and most importantly, secured with leading banking partners. To choose the cover for your car, choose your car model from the filter and get the perfect fit delivered to your doorstep.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. What is the waterproof auto cover price?

Ans. There are a variety of protection covers that are differentiated by material quality and features. A good K-Series waterproof cover for a hatchback will set you back by around Rs 3,700.

Q 2. How to wash the cover?

Ans. You can wash an auto cover by soaking it in a water-detergent solution. Dip it multiple times till all the debris and other elements are removed and then hang it on a tall surface to dry. If your cover is machine washable, you can put it in a washing machine as well. Make sure not to use any fabric softeners as that could damage the layers of the protective cover.

Q 3. Do cars cover scratch paint?

Ans. If you put the cars cover on a clean car, it won’t put any scratches. However, if your car is covered with dust and it’s windy out in open, the cover could scratch the paint because of the constant changing positions due to high winds.

Q 4. Which car body protection is the best?

Ans. The best material for car cover actually depends on your needs. If you park your car indoors, you would prefer a breathable cover with a softer inner lining. However, if you park your car outdoors, you would require a durable cars cover with water, UV and scratch resistance.

Q 5. Are auto covers machine washable?

Ans. Most of the covers are machine washable and come with a rating on the tag. Before using the machine, always look for guidelines. It is worth noting to never use fabric softeners while washing covers.

Q 6. What type of cover is best?

Ans. A car protect cover that shields against sunlight, rain, dust and debris is the best as you will get maximum benefits. The auto cover should also be compact, light weight and easy to install and store.

Q 7. Is it a good idea to cover your car?

Ans. If you park your car in the open, it is best to use some form of protection to prevent fading of paint, wear and tear, and corrosion. An auto cover is the best solution to protect your vehicle’s exterior.

Q 8. Is there a 100% waterproof autombile cover?

Ans. Polco produces a 100% waterproof car body cover product that can protect your vehicle from rain, moisture and water droplets when parked outside.

Q 9. Is it safe to protect car with cover?

Ans. Yes, a car cover protector can prevent damage due to exposure to weather elements, dust, dirt, scratches, etc. Your vehicle’s exterior will remain in good condition for a longer time.

Q 10. Does a cover damage paint?

Ans. Covers are made from soft, breathable fabrics that prevent sunlight and water from damaging paint. They also provide a secure fit to avoid scratches and impact from debris, while keeping dust and dirt at bay.

Q 11. Which type of vehicle canopy is best in India?

Ans. Choose Polco car covers for their premium and durable materials, anti-dust protection and shielding from sunlight and rain.

Q 12. Can I use a cover daily?

Ans. It is recommended to use an auto cover daily, however, ensure that the cover is washed often in order to remove accumulated dust and moisture.

Q 13. What is a good waterproof car cover?

Ans. Rain protection for cars is important to preserve the paint and avoid corrosion and rust when exposed to weather elements. Polco produces a range of waterproof car covers so that your vehicle’s exterior remains in immaculate condition.

Q 14. What is the best material for outdoor car cover?

Ans. Buy car covers to protect from sun, because UV rays and extreme sunlight can fade paint and render interior dull. If you park your car in an area that receives rain often, then you will need a waterproof car protection. Polco car covers are resistant to sunlight, rain, dust and scratches, making it the perfect product to maintain your vehicle in good condition.

Q 15. Are vehicle covers good for rain?

Ans. Waterproof covers prevent corrosion and rust due to mositure accumulation on a car body. Moisture can leave spots and wear out paint if unattended.

Q 16. Are automobile covers rain proof?

Ans. Yes, you can buy a 100% water proof cover that can repel rain, moisture and water droplets. This keeps your vehicle dry and safe from water damage.

Q 17. Is plastic car body shield good?

Ans. Plastic is a waterproof material and is quite durable as well. Plastic covers are ideal for use in harsh weather conditions where you need maximum protection from the elements.

Q 18. What is the disadvantage of auto cover?

Ans. As far as vehicle protection goes, there is nothing better than an auto cover. However, the car owner may have to spend a little effort in installing and removing the cover everyday.

Q 19. Should I buy waterproof car cover?

Ans. A waterproof cover for your car is essential if it is parked outside in rainy weather or in humid climates where there is a lot of moisture in the atmosphere.

Q 20. Are car covers good for sun?

Ans. Auto covers are excellent at reflecting UV rays and direct sunlight to prevent fading and cracking of paint. Interiors can also get damaged by extreme temperatures, so a car protection cover is an essential accessory.

Q 21. What is the cheapest way to protect your car from sun?

Ans. It is best to buy an auto protection car cover online from Carorbis because you can find affordable products that protect your vehicle from UV rays, harsh sunlight and extreme temperatures.

Q 22. How can I protect my car from heat and sun?

Ans. The best way to prevent vehicle exterior damage from sunlight is to use a car protection cover that reflect UV rays and prevents the high temperature build up in the interior when parked outside.

Q 23. Can vehicle cover prevent scratches?

Ans. Yes, an auto protection cover can decrease the chance of scratches on the car body due to dirt, debris or light impacts.

Q 24. Should car cover be tight or loose?

Ans. If the cover is too loose, there are chances it may get blown away with the wind or even cause light abrasions on the paint. At the same time, it if it too tight, it cannot provide adequate protection from rain and sunlight. The cover should fit securely, yet have some breathing room in between.

Q 25. How do I scratch proof my car?

Ans. The best way to prevent scratches is to use an auto cover protection that will prevent dust and debris from scratching the paint.

Q 26. How should I protect my car paint?

Ans. A car with a pristine exterior looks good, get high resale value and is a pleasure to drive. For many car owners, an impressive exterior is a sense of pride and joy.

Q 27. Which quality of back cover is best?

Ans. Choose materials that are waterproof and protect the vehicle from UV rays. They should also be soft, breathable and scratch resistant.

Q 28. What cloth is used to cover cars?

Ans. Different fabrics used include polyester, nylon, microfibe cotton lining, tyvek and waterproof materials such as PVC.

Q 29. Which colour cover is best for car?

Ans. It is best to choose white, silver or any other light colour if you park your car in sunlight. These light colours reflect sunrays and keep your car cool. Dar colours are suitable in other climates.

Q 30. What is the car cover price?

Ans. Carorbis offers affordable automotive covers starting from Rs,1,600 in a wide range of materials and sizes to fit your vehicle model.