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Shift Into Overdrive With High-Quality Gear Shift Knob Covers From Carorbis

Add a new dimension to your car with sporty gear shift knob covers from Carorbis. A practical and aesthetic accessory that’s designed for a comfortable grip and seamless gear shifting. At the core of gear shift knob covers functionality is the ergonomic design, pleasant feel and sporty confidence-inspiring driving experience.

At Carorbis, we curate only the best automotive accessories from top brands. So, you can expect our gear knob covers to live up to the expectations of car enthusiasts in terms of quality, convenience and value for money. Explore our wide range of gear shift covers and give your driving and interior a new lease of life.

Explore the Benefits of Car Knob Covers

More than just a design element for your gear shift lever, a stylish and sporty car gear knob cover can offer a range of advantages that will improve your driving style. Here are some of the key benefits to consider before purchasing a car gear knob cover.

  • Improved Grip and Comfort:

    These covers provide a soft and pleasant feel every time you need to shift gears. Crafted with materials such as leather and titanium, with rubber borders and leather stitching, they ensure a secure grip that keeps you in control in every driving situation. The warm feel of the gear shift knob cover will also be helpful during cold weather to protect your hand from getting chilly.
  • Stylish Designs:

    You can get a gear knob cover from Carorbis that blends perfectly with your interior and personal style. From a sleek, sporty look to a luxurious and premium aesthetic, it’s a simple way to customise your car and get that feel-good factor on your drives.
  • Durability and Protection:

    Adding an extra layer of material to your gear shifter will contribute to the long life of your interior and protect it from scratches, wear and tear and damage that can occur with frequent use. Carorbis offers shift knob covers made from premium OEM-grade materials that are designed to maintain their quality and protect your car for many years.
  • Easy Installation and Compatibility:

    You have a user-friendly installation with high-quality car shifter covers from Carorbis. Installing car gear handle covers from Carorbis requires no special tools or professional skills and it's an easy upgrade for your vehicle that can be done without any hassles. These accessories are also compatible with a wide range of cars and SUVs providing versatility and ease of use.
  • Temperature Regulation:

    A gear shift knob cover for heat prevents the knob from getting too hot during summer and adds an extra layer of warmth during winter. You can expect a more enjoyable driving experience no matter the weather conditions.
  • Better Driving Ergonomics:

    You can reduce hand fatigue in stop-and-go traffic that calls for frequent gear shifting with a good-fitting car gear shift cover from Carorbis. The plush leather and smooth metal components reduce strain on your hands while changing gears.
  • Cost-Effective Style Upgrade:

    With prices of car gear shift knob covers starting from Rs.5,000 on Carorbis, it’s an affordable interior upgrade that will provide many miles of driving pleasure. It’s a cost-effective alternative to replacing the gear shift lever or investing in complicated modifications.

Online shopping for gear shift covers on Carorbis is easy with a wide collection of products, multiple search options and a user-friendly interface with a quick add-to-cart and online payment process. Carorbis lists 100s of top brands in the automotive aftermarket accessories market so that you can choose the best sellers that offer you big value for money. The best part is affordable prices, discounts and special offers on your favourite car accessories. Plus, with free shipping on orders above Rs.499, you end up saving more every time you shop on Carorbis. So, join our ever-growing network of auto enthusiasts, and change the way you drive with Carorbis.

Which Type of Car Gear Handle Cover is Best?

The choice of materials used on a car gear knob cover plays an important role in comfort, durability and usability. Carorbis online shopping website offers a wide range of covers for your gear shifter crafted with precision and quality. Let’s take a look at what materials are the best.

  • Genuine Leather:

    Premium genuine leather offers a soft and luxurious feel while offering excellent durability from wear and tear. The natural cover material contributes to a comfortable, firm grip that can withstand daily driving with frequent gear shifts. Leather is also great for all kinds of weather because of its temperature regulation.
  • Titanium Metal:

    Titanium adds a modern appearance to your interior and offers great durability with a sleek design. It's perfect for cars that need an uplift in terms of aesthetics and good protection from scratches and damage. Titanium also has a unique neochrome effect that changes colour in different light settings, adding to its distinct appeal.
  • Die Cast Zinc:

    The frame of the car gear knob cover can be made from zinc which is strong and resistant to corrosion. It is also lightweight, yet has enough body to provide feedback while shifting gears, which is important for an involved driving experience. This durable metal overcomes mechanical stresses associated with gear shifting.
  • Hand-Swen Stitching:

    Leather materials that are used in the cover for the gear knob feature meticulous designs and ensure long life by preventing frayed edges and unwrapping of the cover due to constant use over time.

Other Key Features to Look for in the Best Cover for Gear Shifter

Gear shift knobs on Carorbis have additional features that make them more versatile and convenient.

  • Height Adjustment:

    This allows for a custom position for the driver’s optimal comfort. This adjustable feature tailors the gear knob to the preferred driving position.
  • Weight Design:

    When a gear lever is either too heavy or too light, it doesn’t offer a pleasant driving experience. Too much weight on the cover shift knob will make shifting cumbersome and awkward. While a light gear knob won’t offer adequate feedback to the driver as he focuses on the road and relies on feeling alone to slot the right gear at the right time. The weight design should be carefully calibrated to strike a balance between improved performance and comfort you can sense at your fingertips. The perfect gear handle cover can turn a boring vehicle into an involved driver’s car.
  • Compatibility:

    The gear knob cover you choose should be suitable for your car without the need for any modifications or complicated installation procedures. This thoughtful construction can be an advantage if you need to swap the gear rod cover from one car onto another.

How Do I Install Gear Shift Handle Cover on My Car?

Start by ensuring a clean workspace. Remove all objects and items from the centre console, dashboard and seats so that you can work unobstructed. Work during the day or install a bright light to help in installation.

Inspect the stock gear knob and remove all traces of dust, dirt and look for any damage that may affect installation.

Select the right gear selector cover (check size compatibility, adjustment bolts and screw size) for a seamless fit. It is not recommended to modify the gear lever as this may affect vehicle operation.

Usually, the stock gear shift handle cover comes off with just a few screws and the new one can be replaced just as easily.

Check product instructions for specific recommendations. Align the gear shift lever cover with the top of the knob and gently stretch it over, gradually making sure the cover fits snuggly. For some gear covers, you may have to replace the whole knob with the new gear shift handle cover.

Once the cover or complete knob is in place, assess the fit and make necessary adjustments in terms of height or position. The gear shift handle cover should not impede the functionality of the gear lever while driving.

If you encounter problems during the installation process, ask a professional mechanic for help or seek assistance from a service centre.

Maintenance Tips for Preserving Your Gear Shift Lever Cover in Top Condition

When you buy a gearshift knob cover from Carorbis, you are guaranteed original authentic products that are assured to be durable and reliable ensuring long life. However, with a few maintenance and care tips you can extend the life of your gear cover and keep it in optimal condition for longer, contributing to a comfortable driving experience through the years.

  • Regular Dusting:

    Use a soft, dry microfibre cloth to remove any surface dust, grease or grime. For leather, you can utilise a leather cleaner and conditioner to keep the material soft, supple and shiny. Metal gear knob covers can be cleaned with a regular interior detailing product and a clean cloth. The idea is to prevent the accumulation of dust and dirt over time.
  • Use Mild Cleaning Solutions:

    The cleaning product should not contain any harsh chemicals that may damage the surface of the gear shift cover. Mild soap and water are also a good alternative, but ensure that you dry the surface thoroughly after cleaning.
  • Avoid Direct Sunlight:

    UV rays from harsh sunshine can damage not only your interior but also the gear shifter cover. Over time, the material will fade and dry up, causing an unpleasant experience. If you are parking your car in a sunny area, use a soft cloth to cover the gear lever, dashboard and centre console. Foldable sunscreens that cover the windshield are also useful in extreme summer.
  • Handle With Clean Hands:

    If you are snacking on the car, try to wipe your hands clean before operating the gear lever as it may accumulate food and drink stains on the cover. When you do notice a stubborn spot, clean immediately to avoid permanent stains.

Periodically inspect your shift knob cover for signs of damage, wear, and loose fittings to prevent further deterioration. Address repairs as soon as possible for long life and carefree driving. This way, your gear shift cover will remain both functional and visually appealing throughout the life of the vehicle.

End Your Search for Universal Shift Knob Covers at Carorbis

Experience a new way of driving with high-quality, premium and stylish universal gear knob covers from Carorbis. Your search for the perfect car accessory ends here!

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There’s a reason why so many happy customers keep coming back to Carorbis. It's because we offer a seamless online shopping experience that’s convenient, user-friendly and affordable. With added services such as free delivery for orders above Rs.499, easy returns, cash-on-delivery and easy EMI options, it’s no surprise that Carorbis is the preferred online shopping destination for countless auto enthusiasts.

It’s time you explore Carorbis’ wide range of car accessories today, and change the way you drive!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the price of gear shift knob covers?

Ans. Prices for car gear knob cover start from Rs.5,000 on Carorbis.

Q2. Will the car gear knob cover fit on my car?

Ans. Car shifter covers from Carorbis are designed to be versatile and compatible with a wide range of cars, SUVs and other vehicles. Check the product description or contact Carorbis customer support for specific car model suitability details.

Q3: Why should I use a gear knob cover for my car?

Ans. Gearshift knob cover serves both practical and style purposes by enhancing grip, comfort, and protection and adding a pleasing aesthetic to the interior.

Q4. Is it easy to install a gear shift knob cover?

Ans. Most car gear handle covers require no special tools or skills and are designed for hassle-free installation. Refer to the step-by-step installation guide provided or ask a professional mechanic for further help.

Q5: How do I choose the right gearshift knob cover?

Ans. Consider the design, shape, compatibility and suitability of the gear shifter cover before purchasing. It should also blend well with the interior and provide a smoother driving experience.