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Not to over exaggerate but I think a car glass cleaner is the unidentified, silent, undermined and underappreciated hero of the society. Imagine a hypothetical world where there are hypothetical cars but that have no hypothetical car glass cleaners. Wouldn’t that be such a sad place, hypothetically? It is the only avenger we need in this non-hypothetical world where we need actual and not hypothetical smiles.

Enough with the blabber and banter, let us straight off jump to the point here and that is the key role of car glass cleaners in the long-term maintenance of our cars. A car glass cleaner is indeed an essential car accessory but often not regarded as one because of its supposed trivial significance. Your windscreen is no less important than your engine so, if fuel cannot be substituted with water then why do the same to the car glass cleaners?

Visibility is as much valuable in a car as efficiency of an engine is when it comes to the safety of the driver. To ensure that all glasses in your car are spotless, let us have a detailed discussion about some of the best car glass cleaners and other car glass cleaning products.


Depending upon the concentration of the solution, a car glass cleaner is broadly classified into two categories. These categories are briefly discussed below.

  1. Normal Liquid Glass Cleaner - This type of car glass cleaner comes in handy and user friendly as it is easy to operate and requires no knowledge of the external environment or the car glass surface. It is a very basic model and it is proven to be effective in a lot of cases so it can be trusted for excellent results.
  2. Concentrated Liquid Glass Cleaner - this type of car glass cleaner is a little difficult to use for it requires knowledge of the pH levels on the surface of your car glass.These liquids can prove to be highly effective when they are used on different glass surfaces of a body. However, these need to be handled with caution.


There are several glass surfaces in a single car and it would be practically impossible for one variety of a car glass cleaner to deal with all these surfaces in different locations of the body of the car. Therefore, there are different types of car glass cleaners designed to serve different purposes in a car.

Let us take a look at some of these purposes or uses of car glass cleaners.

  1. Maintain a clear visibility on the windshield in order to prevent any road accidents from happening.
  2. Keep all the unnecessary adhesive particles from the windshield because a stream of water will not do the right job for it.
  3. Keep all the twigs, leaves and branches off the surface of the windscreen so that it will not hamper with the performance of wiper blades and thus, protecting them from any unnecessary damage.
  4. Cloth and soapy water often remove the visible stains but they fail to remove those hidden stains that interfere with the anti-glare property of the windscreen. This job is fulfilled by car glass cleaner.
  5. Rear view mirrors are critically important especially when the roads are so spontaneous and events are so unforeseen, something very common on the Indian streets. Car glass cleaners also ensure spotless reflection in rear-view mirrors.
  6. These car glass cleaners clean the windows of the car and present a beautiful scenery to the passengers.
  7. Sometimes, car glass cleaners can be put to use for an even greater cause. They can work wonders by replacing your car wax and polish for temporary basis. One can bring that shine to the metallic body of the car using car glass cleaners. It is one hidden treasure of this accessory.


Know your market before you make a purchase; a principle quite common among the customers who make bold, wise choices. It is important to know all the best products available in the market and compare them on the basis of their quality, price, sales, finish and guarantee. Once, you have made all these comparisons, you are all set to put that chosen beast to use.

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Dull and damaged windshield wiper blade can cause serious trouble during sudden downpour. Here are a few tips to make sure that your car wiper blades are always good to go:

  1. Glass Cleaning Cloth –

    This excellent product is the best choice to pair your car glass cleaner. Microfibres of this cloth help remove even the unseen particulate matter from any surface. Hence, it provides an excellent cleaning experience on the overall.
  2. Car Rearview Mirror Protective Film

    It safeguards the rearview mirror and protects it from any scratches and any unwated dust particles
  3. Wiper Blades

    These wiper blades help keep the windscreen clean from rain, dust, grim, leaves, twigs etc.


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