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Buy High-quality Car Dash Cams Online on Carorbis

Dashcam for cars have become popular in-car accessories over the past few years due to their numerous benefits, affordable costs and easy installation. Car dash cameras are mounted either on the dashboard or below the rear-view mirror to record video and audio as you drive along.

Car dash cameras are capable of recording footage both inside and outside the car for complete security and peace of mind. Dashcams can be installed on cars, SUVs, driving instructor vehicles, taxis, buses, security cars and police vehicles. Dashboard cameras are equipped with a host of technology features such as GPS navigation, mobile apps, Wi-Fi and can be connected to laptop computers via USB cables (or the recorded data is stored on a portable data card).

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Why Use Dash Cams for Cars?

You should consider buying a car dash cam online on a shopping website like Carorbis. They are low-priced and can be very useful devices. Car dash cam price in India is around Rs.4,000 – Rs.4,700. Here are some notable reasons for using a car dash cam while driving.

Record Car Accidents

Car drivers decide to invest in car dashboard cameras in case of a road accident or driving mishap. The dash cam will record the event in real-time for concrete evidence of the driver at fault in an accident. Insurance claims can be expedited with video footage to prove another driver’s involvement in car damage. It is better to have a car dash cam for reasons of safety and to save you time and money.

Monitor Road Rage

Incidents of undisciplined drivers flouting road rules or driving rashly can easily be recorded with a car dash cam. Risky driving manoeuvres can put lives at risk, and if you have evidence of these incidents, it makes it simple to catch the culprits red-handed. Dash cams step in where eyewitnesses are absent and there is no other way to report bad drivers.

Excellent for Driving Instructors and Learners

If you have a teen driver in the household, a learner or your car is driven by different people, a car dash cam is perfect to keep track of their driving habits. Worried parents can put their minds at rest when they know that their car is in safe hands. Dash cams come with GPS tracking devices that can be accessed via mobile phones to determine the exact location of your car. In addition, dash cams can monitor the driving speed and routes as well.

Ideal for Travel Vlogs

A road trip is not complete without memories that you can share with friends and family. The best dash cam for cars records every minute of your travels and occasional trips to far-off places. Camera footage can be downloaded and shared on social media for the benefit of viewers. A dashboard camera transforms your road trip into an unforgettable experience that you can cherish for many years.

Safe Parking

A tight spot to park can be a nightmare for drivers due to the fear of scratching other vehicles or denting fenders. A dash cam can record parking manoeuvres and remain active while your car is parked so that you can capture incidents where other cars may damage your vehicle.

A car dash cam can safeguard your car against vandals or car hijackers who might be apprehensive about dealing with car equipped with a dash cam. With remote monitoring on smartphones, laptops and tablets, car owners can relax knowing their cars are safe while parked.

Best in Car Dash Cam Features

Dash cams for cars improve your driving experience making your journeys stress free and convenient. It is the perfect solution to ensure safety because you are always prepared for an accident or unfortunate incident.

Let’s look at the features available on car dash cams that make them useful car accessories while driving.

HD Recording

Dashcam for cars in India are fully HD compatible which can capture video in low light settings and have a wide focus angle to record without obstructions.


With GPS you can determine the precise location of your car, driving routes and statistics such as distance travelled and routes.

WIFI Compatibility

Car dash cams come with WIFI and internet connections to kook up wirelessly to a smartphone WIFI hotspot. Dedicated mobile apps allow remote control of the dashcam over the internet.

Heat and Weather Resistant

Dashboard cameras for cars can withstand high temperatures in summer as well as moisture during the monsoon season.

Internal Battery

A backup battery will power the dash cam even when the car is switched off and the car battery is disconnected. This will prevent the draining of the car battery when parked.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. Why dash cam is important?

Ans. Car dash cameras document your driving on recorded video. This can be helpful for insurance claims, travel vlogs, proof of accidents and safety when the car is parked.

Q 2. What is the best dash cam for the money?

Ans. A popular brand of car dashboard cameras is Qubo by Hero Group. These car dash cams have built-in GPS, crystal clear image quality, night vision, WIFI, CMOS image sensor and a phone-compatible navigation app.

Q 3. Is dashcam legal in India?

Ans. There is no specific legislation against the use of car dash cams in India. You can install dash cams for cars without any legal consequences.

Q 4. Will dashcam drain battery?

Ans. Car dash cams have a possibility of draining the car’s battery if they are plugged into the 12-volt adapter power outlet. Instead, opt for a car dash cam with parking mode which has a built-in voltage monitor or a portable battery pack.

Q 5. Where should dash cam be placed?

Ans. Ideally, you can place the car dash cam front and rear to record all angles while driving. The best position is high on the windscreen or behind the rear-view mirror for an uninterrupted view. At the rear, you can place the car dash cam at the top of the rear windshield.

Q 6. Is dashcam useful?

Ans. Dash cams for cars record everything as you drive and can provide useful evidence in the case of a road accident to prove your innocence. It is also a safety device to prevent thieves and vandals from damaging your car.

Q 7. Can dashcam footage be used against you?

Ans. Yes, if you are in an accident and the car dash cam footage proves that you were at fault, then it could be used against you in a court of law. Car dash cam footage can also be used in insurance claims.