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Car lights have been advancing in technology over the past few years, to the point where fog lights have become mere accessories. Front fog lights are what manufacturers use on top end models with full options on their trim level. Fog lights on the rear of the car are mandatory in some countries so that other drivers can see a car through low visibility conditions.

Front fog lights are found on high spec cars to differentiate them from cars with lower trim levels. Fog lights do help in foggy conditions and may even be useful in rain when visibility falls below 100m.

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Newer models of cars often don’t offer fog lights and rely on daytime running LEDs. The purpose of increasing visibility in low light conditions may not be served by daytime running LEDs but they do make you more visible to other drivers which can enhance safety on the road.

Fog lights are operated by an auxiliary switch on the dashboard, other fog light switches can be incorporated in the regular headlight stalk to come on with full beam and are turned off on dippers.

LED halo lights are small in size and can be installed on cars, SUVs or any other vehicles to replace existing fog lamps or to add them on as auxiliary lights. LED fog lights have high power ratings and come with premium quality lens projectors to focus the light beams and provide further reach in low visibility conditions.

An advantage of LED fog lights is that they consume much less power than regular halogen bulbs and have a higher average lifespan. They are also compact in their design which makes them suitable for use on vehicle bumpers below the main headlights.

Some LED fog lights may require the use of brackets to mount them onto the vehicle. In this sense they cannot be called plug and play products, they may require extra wiring to be run through. Also, this may not be a job that can be done at home because the skills of a professional would come in handy here.

Most LED fog lights are splash proof and can be used when it is raining. They often are made of high-grade aluminium which makes them light and durable enough to withstand the elements. One thing is for sure, they will give you better visibility during fog, snow and rainy conditions. They will also impart an upscale look to the car because fog lamps are usually installed on higher spec cars.


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Q1. Do car or bike fog lights really work?

Ans. Yes, they do work in low visibility conditions. Fog lights can be powerful enough to cut through the fog, and if used at the rear of the vehicle, they can help other motorists see the vehicle.

Q2. Are fog lights a legal requirement?

Ans. Fog lights are not a legal requirement, and not all cars and bikes have fog lights. In some countries and states, having fog lights might be required by law. Front fog lights on cars, especially high-end models are more of an aesthetic item. Many modern cars have daytime running lights that help them be seen by other motorists on the road.

Q3. Which lights do you use in fog?

Ans. You should use your main headlights in fog to increase visibility. Fog lights can be used to augment your vision in low visibility conditions, and if placed at the rear of the vehicle can be used to indicate the vehicle presence to other motorists. Fog lights should be used in addition to dipped headlights when visibility falls to less than 100m.

Q4. Should you turn off the fog lights when visibility improves?

Ans. Fog lights should be turned off in conditions where visibility improves because they may interfere with brake lights at the rear of the vehicle and confuse other drivers. Fog lights may also dazzle other motorists and create unnecessary glare annoying other road users.

Q5. Are fog lights the same as headlights?

Ans. Headlights are the primary source of lighting for the car or bike and allow you to see the road and vehicles up ahead in low light conditions. Fog lights are auxiliary lights, that are usually found on the bumper of the car used to illuminate the road immediately near the car during low light visibility conditions.

Q6. Should fog lights be used at night?

Ans. Fog lights can be used at night to augment the regular headlight beam. They can be used even when there is no fog and visibility is good. Some drivers use the fog lights at night for extra illumination of the road and on coming traffic, especially in areas where there might not be street lights and visibility is poor.

Q7. Can I drive with just the fog lights on?

Ans. No, it's never a good idea to use fog lights alone because they are not powerful enough to illuminate the road in front of a vehicle. It may not be illegal, but it is definitely unsafe and a hazard that could lead to accidents at night. Always use both the headlights and the fog lights.

Q8. Should I use fog lights during the day?

Ans. You should use fog lights only when visibility is seriously reduced. Keeping the fog lights on during normal conditions may interfere with rear brake lights and confuse drivers. They may also dazzle other motorists and cause an inconvenience to them.