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Rev Up Your Ride With Car Performance Parts and Upgrades on Carorbis

There are a number of car performance parts that can enhance power, torque, acceleration and provide good handling of cars. Many drivers install an aftermarket exhaust, air-intakes, lighter flywheels and special gearboxes to extract more horsepower from the engine.

Performance ECUs are another car upgrade that drivers install in their cars. It is a highly versatile and advanced electronic device that can improve the performance and fuel economy of a car. These car performance upgrade ECUs are manufactured using high-grade automotive electronics with software programs to enhance power, acceleration and provide better fuel efficiency.

How Does an Aftermarket Performance ECU Work?

Installing a performance ECU is one of the quickest ways to modify an engine’s characteristics (power, torque, fuel efficiency) without replacing expensive parts under the hood. Of course, this works on modern cars with onboard electronics and cannot be used on older cars which used carburettors and other mechanical systems.

With aftermarket performance parts such as performance ECUs, engine parameters like fuel ignition, valve timing, ignition timing and air-fuel ratios can be optimized to provide the perfect balance between speed and economy.

Instead of replacing the stock ECU completely, we can add high-performance parts such as a piggyback ECU which will override the standard software and provide the driver with a wider range of driving modes suited to individual preferences.

Here are ways in which a performance ECU can improve your driving experience:

Improved Acceleration and Speed:

Stock ECUs come with a speed governor and rev limiter to prevent the engine from using maximum power. It can do this by limiting the amount of fuel injected, reducing throttle response and cutting off top speed. Performance ECUs can override these limits and unleash the full potential of your vehicle in terms of power, BHP and torque.

Adjustable Air-fuel Ratios:

The ratio between fuel and air has to constantly be monitored and adjusted depending on driving conditions, altitude, throttle position, gear position and engine load. The performance ECU can change between a rich and lean mixture when more power is required or if the emphasis is on fuel efficiency. Sensors placed around the engine will send signals to the ECU to control the fuel injectors as required.

Better Fuel Economy

Performance ECUs can fine-tune fuel consumption so that you end up saving on petrol or diesel. Sensors in the exhaust and other parts of the engine can regulate fuel supply and optimize frugal engine operation.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Q 1. What upgrades make a car faster?

    Ans. A piggyback ECU is the best way to improve the performance of a car. Drivers will see around a 30% increase in performance as compared to stock ECUs.

    Q 2. How can I improve my car's performance?

    Ans. Installing a performance chip such as Dieseltronic piggyback ECU will improve the power and economy of the vehicle. The car engine will develop more BHP and torque, while gear shifts are smoother.

    Q 3. What are performance parts for cars?

    Ans. Performance parts are aftermarket products which are used to enhance power, torque, fuel economy and responsiveness in cars. A piggyback ECU is an example of a performance part that can improve horsepower, torque and fuel efficiency.

    Q 4. What upgrades are available for my car?

    Ans. An aftermarket ECU is recommended for a better driving experience. These electronic devices optimize ignition timing, fuel injection, valve timing, etc for a marked improvement in power and torque.

    Q 5. How can I improve my car performance cheap?

    Ans. The cost of Dieseltronic performance ECU starts from Rs.20,000 which is quite reasonable considering the gains in horsepower and savings through better fuel economy.

    Q 6. What makes a car accelerate faster?

    Ans. The optimum air-fuel ratio, precise ignition timing and precise fuel injection can help accelerate a car faster. A performance ECU can improve these engine parameters for quicker acceleration and top speed.

    Q 7. How can I improve my car engine performance?

    Ans. Using a performance piggyback ECU is an easy way to improve car performance. Rather than expensive part replacements like suspension, air intakes and turbochargers, an ECU is a plug-n-play device which is quite affordable to install.