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Most of us want to keep our vehicles looking as glossy and shiny as brand-new. But parking our beloved automobile in a public place is a real gamble. There can be other drivers brushing or even bumping their car into yours, or there can be dogs and cats passing by, rubbing their sharp claws against your blingy car surface. Even if you manage to park your car in the safest of all places, dust and dirt can still find their way to sit on the paint job and damage it with minute scratches.

So, you see, there’s no escape from having scratches on your precious car. But what’s really in your hands is the ability to remove these scratches with such perfection that no one can tell there ever was a scratch in that place. Now, if you ask, ‘how to remove scratches from car surface at home?’. All you need is a nice and simple car scratch remover in your car’s glove box. You can find the best of all car scratches and other car detailing products to make car maintenance easier than ever exclusively at


A car scratch remover is a mildly abrasive compound that is used to minimise the appearance of minor scratches on your car. A handy scratch repair pen for cars is helpful in getting rid of small scratches at home in less than 15-20 minutes without much effort.


As mentioned above, a car remover is an abrasive compound. It works by removing a very fine layer of paint from the surface of your car to make the scratched area even and thus minimise the appearance of the scratch.


The car paint job has three layers, namely primer, enamel coat, and the clear coat. While the primer is the first layer applied on the bare metal body to keep it free from corrosion, the enamel coat is the actual paint that gives the car its colours. The final and the top-most layer is a thick, clear coating that is basically there to protect the other two layers. It is this layer that bears the most damage. A regular scratch repair pen for cars or other car scratch remover compounds for personal use can be used to remove scratches on this third layer. However, major scratches reaching all the way through to the second and third layer are difficult to treat at home.

Read blog from to get a deeper understanding of the three layers of car’s paintwork and the different types of scratches each layer can bear.


Removing car scratches is a super simple process of only four steps. Even if you know nothing about car care and have never done that before, you’ll be able to do it easily, of course, with the help of a good car paint scratch remover..


  1. Car wash shampoo
  2. Microfiber towels
  3. Buffing pad
  4. Scratch repair product


  1. Step 1: Thoroughly wash the scratch area -

    Wipe the scratch area to ensure there is no dirt or dust on or around it. Tiny particles like such can fill inside the scratch, or worse, rub against the surface and add more scratches! Always use a nice car wash shampoo to cleanse your car rather than just picking any random detergent or soap. Splash some water on the scratch area, lather some car wash shampoo on it, throw more water to rinse it off and then wipe it dry with a different microfiber car towel.
  2. Step 2: Rub the scratch remover product on the scratch -

    Pour out a dollop of scratch remover onto a buffing pad and rub it on the scratch area in gentle, circular motions. You can also take a back and forth motion but you must not switch directions.
  3. Step 3: Remove excess product -

    Pour out a dollop of scratch remover onto a buffing pad and rub it on the scratch area in gentle, circular motions. You can also take a back and forth motion but you must not switch directions.
  4. Step 3: Remove excess product -

    Now, you have to gently wipe off all the excess product quickly before it dries. For this, you must use a different, microfiber towel. You can refer to the user’s manual for instructions to remove the excess product.
  5. Step 4: Repeat until the scratch is gone -

    You may have to repeat the above steps about 2 to 3 times to remove the scratch completely. Make sure not to overdo it as doing so may damage the clear coat.


Carorbis sources products from the best of all global brands. The collection includes premium auto detailing products from the most renowned brands like Michelin. While being most popular for its reliable quality tyres, Michelin also offers a wonderful range of auto detailing and car care products like car wash shampoo, wax, polish, bug remover, chamois cloth, wash sponge, etc.


While a nice and effective scratch repair pen can make it super easy to get rid of minor scratches at home, scratch removal is still a task. Go through these tips to keep your vehicle from getting any scratches:

  1. Bath your vehicle regularly -

    Also known as a head unit, a receiver is the control hub of the car audio system. It sits on the dashboard and has an interface to change songs, control volume, and more. Depending on the audio system, receivers can also display maps, vehicle status updates, and many more.
  2. Use microfiber car cleaning clothes -

    Dirt and dust can cause swirls and nicks to your shiny car body. Hence, give it a good bath every two weeks to keep all of them away.
  3. Use microfiber car cleaning clothes -

    Microfiber cloths are specially made for effective cleaning of automobile surfaces. They are harsh on stains and mild on the paint work. Hence, you should always use a dedicated car microfiber cloth. Just make sure you don’t use any cloth on a dry car surface. Check this affordable microfiber glove by Softspun Microfiber for easy, quick and effective auto wash.
  4. Use dedicated clothes for different auto parts -

    You must use different dedicated clothes or sponges for car wheels and car panels. Also, use different microfiber cloths to clean and dry the vehicle after a wash.
  5. Don’t park the vehicle at vulnerable spots -

    When you have to park your automobile at a public parking lot, you should look for a space clear from other vehicles or things.
  6. Drive clear of other vehicles -

    You must always keep a distance from other vehicles and things like overhanging branches, and bushes as these objects can scratch your car.
  7. Don’t put any objects on the car surface -

    Even when you're super careful, putting something or sitting on the car roof or hood will scratch its body.
  8. Use a soft line car cover -

    Cheap, poor-quality car covers will not fit your car nicely. Also, they are generally made with metal grommets that can cause more scratches by rubbing against the surface of the car.


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Q 1. Which is the best car scratch remover?

Ans. Car scratch removers that are easy-to-use, highly effective yet mild on the car’s paint, and that dries quickly are the best car scratch removers.

Q 2. Does polishing remove scratches?

Ans. Yes. Polishing a car removes a fine layer of paint from the car surface. This minimises the appearance of scratches.

Q 3. Where can I buy car scratch remover?

Ans. If you are looking for an effective and affordable car scratch remover online, then you can check the car care products collection offered by

Q 4. Does wax remove scratches on cars?

Ans. No. A wax adds a layer of glossy shine on the car surface. It is not meant for removing scratches. However, it does reduce the appearance of scratches to some extent.

Q 5. Do car scratch removers really work?

Ans. Yes! Car scratch removers are abrasive compounds that work by removing a fine layer of the surface paint. Hence, they make the scratched area even, thus removing the scratch.

Q 6. How to polish off scratches from a car with home remedy?

Ans. Some people claim that toothpaste can be used to get rid of car scratches at home. However, it is not as effective as a product specifically designed for that purpose. Rather, it can damage the car paint. Instead of that, you can use a handy car scratch remover pen.