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Are you also confused with cryptic terms like “20w40 engine oil”?

We completely understand. These terms are nothing but the viscosity grade of the engine oil. Viscosity is a measure of the “thickness” or “flowability” of an oil.

Thicker oil has a higher viscosity while thinner oil has a lower viscosity. Why does viscosity matter? Well, the engine requires proper lubrication to function well, which is possible only with the right oil viscosity. Engine oil with low viscosity can break down the film strength at high temperatures. While engine oil with high viscosity will be unable to pump down the vital parts at a low temperature.

Therefore, the right oil viscosity is crucial to run the engine properly.

The viscosity grade like 20w40 informs the users about the oil thickness or viscosity.


Viscosity is measured by the time required for a standard quantity of lubricant at a certain temperature to flow through a standard orifice. The higher the value, the higher is the viscosity of the oil. The standard unit used for measuring viscosity is referred to as centistoke (cST). And the measuring temperature is at either 40-degree Celsius or 100-degree Celsius.

Now that you have understood how to measure the oil viscosity, let's dig deeper into different engine oil grades.


Oil grade and oil weight are often used interchangeably, however, they are not the same terms. Oil grade is the numerical code system designed by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). There are two different types of engine oil grades: mon-grade and multi-grade.

The typical single-grade engine oil is often like SAE 30. While a multi-grade engine oil looks like 20w40.

Multi-grade oils, for instance, 20w40 contained added polymers to the oil. The polymers help the engine oil to be suitable at different temperatures.

Let’s break down what each number means in this term: 20W-40. The first number “20W” indicates the oil viscosity at a cold temperature, while the second number “40” means the oil viscosity at the operating temperature or hot weather. The “W” stands for winter.


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Q 1. What is the difference between 10w 40 and 20w 40?

Ans. The 10w 40 engine oil has a lower “W” rating, meaning it will perform better at cold temperatures. While 20w-40 engine oil has a higher “W” rating, meaning it will not perform better in cold temperatures.

Q 2. What is the difference between 15w40 and 20w40 engine oil?

Ans. The 15w-40 engine oil is “less viscous” or thinner than the other. 15w-40 engine oil will provide a better performance in cold temperatures than 20w40 engine oil.

Q 3. Difference between motorcycle engine oil 20w40 vs 20w50?

Ans. The 20w50 engine oil will do better than 20w40 engine oil in hot temperatures. However, 20W50 engine oil also causes more sludge than 20w40 since 20w50 has more viscosity improvers.

Q 4. Where to buy 20w40 engine oil at low prices?

Ans. Carorbis is the perfect place to shop all kinds of engine oil from top brands at the lowest price. Get access to 24 hours dispatch, hassle-free returns, and 100% authentic products.

Q 5. What is 20W40 oil used for?

Ans. 20W40, similar to other motor oil with different grading, is used for engine lubrication, protection against rust and corrosion, and keeping the engine clean.