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The engines of our automobiles undergo extreme heat and pressure, especially due to the Indian weather conditions.

This is why the engine needs a lubricant like an engine oil. In fact, an engine oil is like blood for the engine.

Hence, it becomes essential to invest in only the best quality engine oil for your bike or car.

At Carorbis, you can find an excellent range of only the best quality 5W 30 engine oil for bikes.


5W30 engine oil for bikes is a lubricant with a base formulation of mineral, semi-synthetic, or fully synthetic engine oil. It is further added with several additives that perform different functions, majorly of lubricating different engine parts and ensuring to minimise metal to metal contact.

As we decode the nomenclature of the 5W 30 engine oil, we find that the W stands for winters, the number before W is the oil's viscosity under winter conditions and the number after the W is the oil's viscosity at higher temperatures.

5W 30 engine oil is ideal for summer weather as it can withstand super high temperatures, keeping the engine protected at all times.


With its special additives, a premium quality 5W 30 engine oil provides these major evident benefits:

  1. Cleaner engine
  2. Improved fuel efficiency
  3. Increased lubrication
  4. Decreased vehicular emissions


When looking to make your purchase budget-friendly and economical, you can always rely on the variety offered by Carorbis for 5W 30 engine oil online.


Searching for the best quality 5W 30 engine oil at different automobile stores can be quite tiring.

Also, if you try to ask Google 'Best 5W 30 engine oil near me', you'll still have to rummage through a plethora of websites, many of which can be fake and unreliable.

However, when you visit, you'll only receive the most authentic range of premium quality 5W 30 engine oils from the best of brands.


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Q 1. What is 5W 30 oil used for?

Ans. 5W 30 oil for car and bike engines is especially designed to withstand the intense heat and pressure conditions in the engine system due to the intense Indian market.

Q 2. What is the best 5W30 engine oil?

Ans. The best 5W30 engine oil thoroughly lubricates the engine, protects it against wear and tear, prolongs the engine's service time and lasts longer than its counterparts.

Q 3. Should I use 5W30 or 5W40?

Ans. Although there's not much difference between the performance of 5W30 or 5W40 engine oil, you should always use the engine oil recommended by your vehicle's manufacturer in the user's manual.

Q 4. Is it ok to use 5W30 instead of 0W20?

Ans. No. There will be a major difference between the performance of 5W30 and 0W20 in cold conditions. Hence, you should always use that engine oil which is recommended in your manufacturer's user's guide.

Q 5. What happens if you use 5W30 instead of 5W40?

Ans. Although there's not much difference between these two engine oils, the 5W40 will perform slightly better under hot weather conditions.

Q 6. Where can I find the best 5W 30 engine oil for Hyundai?

Ans. If you are looking for the best 5W 30 engine oil, then you can find a range of premium 5W 30 engine oils by the best brands at Carorbis.