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The engine of your car and bike have to undergo intense heat and pressure when running on the Indian roads.

This pressure causes the engine parts to wear does reducing their service time.

5W 40 engine oil is used to to lubricate different parts of the engine and minimise metal to metal contact consequently minimising the wear and tear of these metal components.

At Carorbis, you can find an affordable range of top notch quality 5 W 40 engine oil to protect your engine and extend its overall service time.


If we decode the nomenclature the W stands for winter the number before this W stands for this engine oils viscosity in winters and the number after this W is the engine oil viscosity in summers.

Considering the extreme Indian weather conditions especially in summers, you want engine oil that provides maximum performance to withstand intense heat conditions.


When looking for 5w 40 engine oil online you will find that the internet is stuffed with fake and counterfeit products making it a struggle to pick a genuine brand out of all the thugs.

However Carorbis especially strives to put together a country collection of only and only e high quality products from trusted brands.

Also, with its aim to make online shopping for premium quality auto products convenient and accessible for everyone in the country, Carorbis ensures to provide you with the best 5W 40 engine oil price.


As Carorbis has come with its authentic collection of 5W 40 engine oil, you can finally end your quest for '5w 40 engine oil near me'.

Also you don't have to Ramesh through multiple local automobiles stores to find one good bottle of of premium 5w 40 engine oil.

All you have to do is open ,choose any of the 5W 40 engine oil offered at the website and get it delivered right at your doorstep in less than 2-5 working days.

Shopping for authentic auto products could not be easier.

WHY CHOOSE CARORBIS.COM? is a platform for a collection of authentic automobile parts and accessories from trusted Indian and international brands.

While this amazing brand is still in its infancy stage it has already grown a vast National customer fanbase for which these are a few reasons:

  1. Wholesome Collection -

    At Carorbis you can find each and everything that your bike or car requires. The collection hair includes products like wiper blades, headlights, honrs, auto detailing products, car battery chargers, engine oil, engine oil filter, car cabin filter, air fitler, air freshener, and customise bike accessories like tail tidy seat cowl 2A seat tyre hugger bike fairing, radiator grill, etc.

  2. Trusted Brands -

    Kar aur B sources products of only the best selling Indian and international brands that I trusted by a majority of the Indian population.

  3. Authentic Products -

    All the collaborated distributors and sellers at Carorbis are 100% certified and verified. The products offered by them are authentic and original products from best brands.

  4. Affordable Prices -

    The products offered at are specially chosen to fit rightly in the Indian budget bracket.

  5. Exciting Discounts -

    Apart from the already affordable prices the customers can find exciting offers discounts coupons and sales throughout the year to make their shopping for products like 5W 40 engine oil online all the more economical.

  6. Multiple Payment Options -

    There is a versatile number of payment options at to make online shopping convenient.

  7. Cash on Delivery -

    If the multiple payment options is still not enough for you you can choose to make a cash payment for your order at the time of delivery by paying an extra charge of only INR 40.

  8. 24 Hour Dispatch -

    No you don't have to wait for many many days before your online order is finally delivered at your place. Carorbis strives to spinach all orders received from you within the first 24 hours so that our delivery partner can deliver your order within the next 2-5 working days.

  9. Free Delivery -

    At Carorbis, the customers are provided a free delivery service above the purchase of INR 500.

  10. Free Returns -

    In case you happen to be not completely satisfied with the quality or the fit of the products received, you can apply for hassle-free returns on the Carorbis website.

  11. Support Customer Team -

    The customer team at ka robbers is especially e patient and supportive to to solve all your queries and complaints.


Q 1. What is the best 5W40 synthetic oil?

Ans. The best 5w40 synthetic oil effectively lubricates and cleans each and every engine part to minimise metal to metal contact. The best 5W40 synthetic oil along the engines service life and also increases engine oil change span.

Q 2. Is it ok to use 5W30 instead of 5W40?

Ans. While you will not notice much difference between the performance of 5w 30 and 5w 40 engine oil, it is recommended to lubricate your engine with only that engine oil that is recommended by your vehicle's manufacturer.

Q 3. Can I use 0W20 instead of 5W40?

Ans. No. 5W40 engine oil performs much better than 0W20 engine oil under extreme heat conditions of the Indian weather. Also you should always make sure to use only the recommended engine oil by your vehicle's manufacturer.

Q 4. Can you mix 10W40 with 5W40?

Ans. No. Mixing engine oils of different grade levels is totally not recommended as doing so effects the qualities of both the engine oils.

Q 5. Engine oil 5W40 vs 10W40, which is better?

Ans. 5w40 engine oil will perform better in colder conditions than 10W40 engine oil. However it is always advisable to fill your engine with only the recommended only that engine oil that is recommended by your manufacturer.

Q 6. Where can I find the best Nissan 5W40 engine oil?

Ans. At you can find an excellent range of premium quality 5w40 engine oil from the best of brands at the most reasonable prices.