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Drive Smooth With High-Performance Automatic Transmission Oil

Driving an automatic car is convenient because you don’t have to worry about constantly shifting gears in traffic. But your vehicle needs special automatic transmission oil in order to provide smooth gear shifts, high performance and good fuel efficiency. Automatic transmission oil or ATF is also used to transfer hydraulic pressure for the automatic system to operate.

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What is Automatic Transmission Oil for Cars?

Automatic Transmission Fluid or ATF is a vital component of automatic transmission vehicles which acts as a specialised lubricant to ensure smooth vehicle operation and long life of parts.

It has high-temperature stability which allows the transmission to stay cool during extended use. The advanced additives and friction reducers help eliminate wear on the gears and clutch, providing smooth gear shifting, enhanced driving comfort and low noise as well as reduced jerks.

ATF also has anti-corrosive properties which lend long life to transmission parts for a reliable drive.

Automatic transmission fluid types come in different grades such as ATF 9008, ATF 9007, and ATF 9005 depending on their specifications for a certain automatic gearbox used in a vehicle. There are also Automatic transmission oil specifications such as ATF CVT for continuously variable transmissions and ATF DCG II for Dual Clutch Gearboxes. Refer to your service manual for the recommended ATF to use in your vehicle.

What Are Automatic Transmission Fluid Uses?

ATF is used in the automatic transmission of vehicles for the following reasons:

  1. Lubrication:

    Gears, bearings, clutch and other transmission components can operate smoothly with ATF due to its friction-reducing properties.
  2. Heat Dissipation:

    Gears constantly meshing together generate a lot of heat. ATF is used to carry this heat away and keep the transmission running cool.
  3. Hydraulic Pressure Transfer:

    ATF serves as a hydraulic fluid to transfer pressure from the torque converter, clutch and hydraulic control units for the proper functioning of the transmission.
  4. Extends Transmission Life:

    The best automatic transmission oil types have advanced anti-wear additives to protect components from damage with extended use.
  5. Automatic Transmission Fluid in Power Steering:

    Some types of ATF can be used in power steering systems as they are also hydraulic components that require lubrication in their moving parts. Check with your vehicle service manual if ATF is compatible with your power steering system.

The automatic transmission oil capacity and grade depends on your vehicle make and manufacturer as each system is designed differently. If you are thinking of replacing your ATF soon, then you should consider shipping on Carorbis. Here you can find affordable products with automatic transmission oil prices starting from Rs.825 for 1 Litre. It helps you save on car maintenance and repairs instead of relying on a service centre to source these products for you.

Some of the ATF products available on Carorbis include Automatic transmission oil for Mercedes, Automatic transmission fluid for Toyota, XUV 500 automatic transmission oil, Volvo automatic transmission fluid, Celerio automatic transmission oil and Automatic gearbox oil for Honda Jazz. There are more car makes and models that our ATFs are suitable with, so please refer to your service manual for compatibility or to find the automatic transmission oil equivalent for your particular car model.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What kind of oil is used in automatic transmission?

Ans. Automatic transmission oil can be based on synthetic oils and special additives that ensure friction-busting properties, corrosion prevention and high performance with smooth gear shifting.

Q2. What is automatic transmission oil?

Ans. Automatic transmission fluid is a special type of lubricant used in vehicle automatic transmission. Automatic transmission oil for cars provides smooth gear shifting, prevents overheating of the transmission and also facilitates hydraulic pressure for the transmission operation.

Q3: What is the use of ATF oil?

Ans. The main functions of ATF oil are to reduce friction between gears and bearings, to provide smooth gear shifting and acceleration, to remove noise and vibrations from the transmission, to dissipate heat and to provide good fuel efficiency.

Q4. When should I change my ATF oil?

Ans. ATF oil is usually changed at around 50,000 km, but some vehicles may have a shorter or longer service life depending on specific types of transmission and ATF used.

Q5: Is ATF better than gear oil?

Ans. ATF and gear oil are used for different components and cannot be interchanged. ATF is used only in automatic transmissions while gear oil has multi-uses in manual transmissions, differentials and other components that have gears.

Q6: Which oil is best for transmission?

Ans. Each type of transmission requires a different kind of oil. If you have an automatic transmission on your vehicle, then you can choose ATF from brands such as Liqui Moly or Rowe which are known to be high quality and provide excellent performance, protection and durability.

Q7. Is ATF and gearbox oil the same?

Ans. ATF and gearbox oil are not the same as ATF is used for automatic transmission and can handle hydraulic pressure as well. Gearbox oil is usually used to refer to oil in manual transmission which can handle lubrication.

Q8. Will ATF mix with gear oil?

Ans. It is not a good idea to mix ATF with gear oil as it may lead to damage to vehicle transmissions.

Q9. Can I use any ATF transmission fluid?

Ans. If you have an automatic transmission in your vehicle, then you have to use ATF transmission fluid in it.

Q10. Can you mix ATF and CVT?

Ans. No, ATF fluid and CVT transmission fluid cannot be mixed as it may lead to transmission damage.

Q11. Can I add gear oil to my car?

Ans. For a manual transmission car, you can top up the gear oil in your car if you have the right tools and equipment. But for automatics, it is advisable to have a certified mechanic carry out the job.

Q12. Is ATF good for your engine?

Ans. No, ATF is meant for automatic transmissions and is not suitable for engines. You will cause severe damage to engine components if you use ATF instead of engine oil.

Q13. Is ATF OK for power steering?

Ans. Yes, many types of ATF are also used in power steering systems. But check your vehicle service manual to ensure compatibility.

Q14. Is ATF the same as engine oil?

Ans. ATF is not the same as engine oil. ATF is used to lubricate transmission gears and bearings while providing hydraulic pressure to the system. On the other hand, engine oil is designed to lubricate engine components that are working at high temperatures and pressure. These fluids are not interchangeable.

Q15. What is the automatic transmission oil price in India?

Ans. Online prices for ATF on Carorbis start from Rs.825 for the Rowe Hightec ATF 8000 – 1 litre which has a synthetic blend of oils and advanced additives for use in automatic transmissions, power steering systems and other hydraulic components in vehicles.