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Get All-Round Protection with Benelli Bike Covers from Carorbis

Carorbis offers premium, high-quality Benelli bike covers to keep your two-wheeler well-protected and looking good. The range of high-quality bike covers has been designed to protect your Benelli from the types of weather and environmental elements, enhancing the longevity and aesthetics of your bike.

Shopping online at Carorbis is easy, affordable, and seamless. You’ll find competitive prices, an easy-to-navigate website, and a hassle-free shopping experience assuring you of the best quality bike covers. Check our collection of waterproof bike covers now to protect your Benelli 302R & 300 in mint condition.

How Do Benelli Bike Covers Protect Your Motorcycle

Discover the best features of Elegant bike covers for your Benelli bikes available online at Carorbis. Each feature is designed to give your bike complete protection and increase its lifespan.

• Full Elastic Border: It gives a tight custom fit around your Benelli bike. It secures the cover bottom from top to bottom. Such a feature ensures that the cover will not blow off in strong winds or slide down, partially exposing your bike.

• Double-Stitch Seams: The seams are double-stitched to add reinforcing. Superior strength and durability are provided such that it does not rip very quickly due to normal usage or in adverse weather conditions. This double stitching secures the cover more, making it more durable.

• Water-Resistant: Made from the finest quality waterproof materials, the cover is water-repellent and will keep your bike dry even in the rain or when exposed to moisture. This would avoid seepage of water and consequently save the bike from being rusty or getting corroded on its metal parts, thus increasing the life of your bike.

• Scratch Proof: The cover is manufactured from a soft and durable fabric that's scratch- and abrasion-resistant. This will make sure your bike's paint and surface are protected from accidental scratches that small debris, tree branches, or a slight impact could bring about.

• Dust Proof: The cover is built to be dustproof; it protects your bike from accumulated dust and dirt. It keeps the bike shiny and clean, hence reducing the effort of cleaning and maintaining it frequently. It is an excellent advantage for bikes stored in dusty environments.

• UV Protect: The cover provides excellent protection from the damaging ultraviolet rays that might otherwise lead your bike's paint and plastic parts to fade or crack with time. By keeping these UV rays away, the colour of your bike is maintained on the outside, keeping the integrity of its structure.

• Tree Sap Resistant: Tree sap can be very corrosive and a headache to clean from the surface of your bike. These bike covers are tree-sap resistant, hence giving an assurance that your bike remains clean and safe even if it's parked under trees.

• Custom Fit: Designed to fit your Benelli 302R motorcycle model perfectly. It is adjustable according to the shape and size of the bike and has been constructed to fully enclose the body for better safety.

• Breathable Fabric: The material is breathable and allows air to pass through the cover, thereby preventing the collection of moisture or the development of mildew. It is vital to ensure that the bike stays dry and free of rust when stored for extended periods.

• Paint Protection: The soft interior lining of the cover offers good paint protection. It guards against scratches and abrasions when being put on and taken off, ensuring the finish of your bike is in perfect condition.

• Protection against bird droppings: Some of the chemicals in the bird poop may be acidic and work against your bike's paint. This cover thus shields your bike from such contaminants so that no harm happens, and it is easy to clean off. The material for the cover is extra soft; it is very gentle on your motorcycle's surface. This way, the bike cover does not damage your paint and finish under regular use.

• Free Storage Bag: A free storage bag is available with all the covers, hence enabling easy handling to stow or carry the cover when off it. A storage bag facilitates simply storing, keeping clean, and maintaining the cover in the right place to be ready for use any time you want.

Every one of these features is precision-designed to provide optimum protection and longevity to your bike. Shop now and keep your motorcycle in its best condition always.

Summary of Key Features of Benelli Bike Covers

Product Feature


Elastic Edges

Ensures a tight custom fit around the bike, preventing the cover from blowing off or sliding down.

Double-Stitch Material

Reinforced seams for superior strength and durability, preventing quick wear and tear.


Made from waterproof materials to keep the bike dry and prevent rust and corrosion.

Scratch Proof

Manufactured from soft, durable fabric to protect the bike's paint from scratches and abrasions.

Dust Proof

Protects the bike from accumulated dust and dirt, keeping it shiny and reducing cleaning effort.

UV Protect

Protects from UV rays, preventing paint and plastic parts from fading or cracking.

Damage Resistant

Resistant to tree sap, and bird droppings, preventing paint damage.

Custom Fit

Designed to fit the Benelli 302R perfectly, fully enclosing the bike for better safety.

Breathable Fabric

Allows air to pass through, preventing moisture build-up and mildew development.

Paint Protection

Soft interior lining protects the bike's paint from scratches and abrasions.

How to Use Your Benelli Bike Cover?

Get Endless Protection to Your Benelli bike with Elegant Bike Covers available at Carorbis. Here are some easy steps to tuck in your Benelli bike.  

Get Your Bike Ready - Always make sure the bike is dry and clean when covering, to avoid trapping dirt or moisture under the cover; over time, this would cause damage.

Remove the Cover from Storage -  Open the storage bag and take out the cover, then unfold it thoroughly, ensuring to take out all the straps. Lay flat and identify the front and rear sections

Putting the Cover On - Just lay the cover over your bike. The elastic edge should be draped at the bottom edge of the wheels, and this is the edge we'll be using to secure the cover to the bike.

Front Attachment - Simply place the front part of the cover over the front wheel and handlebars. Tuck the elastic edging under and over the front wheel and front forks.

Cover the Sides - While gently tugging the cover down the sides of the bike, ensuring that it stretches over the fuel tank, seat, and side panels tightly.

Secure the Rear - Pull the back end of the cover down over the back wheel and exhaust. Hook the elastic bottom under the rear wheel and any other outcroppings, such as the rear fender or luggage rack.

Check the Fit - Walk around the bike to ensure that the cover is sufficiently spread and protecting all the parts it needs to. Tug on the cover so there are no baggy areas or gaps

Attach Straps -  some covers come with straps or even buckles. Use them to further secure the cover, especially in windy conditions, so it cannot blow off.

Store the Bag - Place the storage bag in a convenient location for future use. You can also store small accessories or maintenance items in the bag.

Remove and Store the Cover - When you are removing your cover, detach it from the motorcycle first at the bottom and work your way up, folding as you go. It will be easier to store and less likely to drag dirt onto your bike. Put the cover back in its storage bag until the subsequent use. With these easy steps, you can appropriately utilize your Benelli bike cover to protect your bike from all-weather elements and ensure that your bike remains in great shape.

Your Search for Premium Benelli Bike Covers Ends at Carorbis

Look no further when it comes to finding the perfect cover for your Benelli bike. Our collection of high-quality bike covers will make sure your two-wheeler stays guarded under any condition.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How much do Benelli Bike Covers cost?

Ans. Prices for Benelli bike covers start from Rs.940 online. These products are eligible for free delivery.

Q2. What colours are available for Benelli bike covers?

Ans. The colours available are Grey and Blue, Grey and Red, White and Blue, White and Grey, White and Red.

Q3. Are Benelli Bike covers waterproof?

Ans. Yes, these bike covers are made from water-resistant materials and double-stitched seams to prevent rain and moisture from seeping into the cover. It protects the bike from water damage.