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Buy Premium Bike Mobile Holders to Stay Connected & Secure

Motorcycle enthusiasts know that joy and freedom come with exploring the open road on two wheels. And for seasoned riders or even those just starting out, having a reliable bike mobile holder is essential for staying connected and navigating the roads with the help of GPS. Lucky for you, Carorbis has a wide range of amazing bike mobile holders to keep your phone secure and accessible on daily commutes, long road trips or weekend adventures. Our collection of premium bike mobile holders is designed to make your riding experience enjoyable and convenient, giving you the confidence to explore further with your phone firmly in place.

From basic handlebar mobile mounts to advanced charging models with USB connectivity and anti-vibration features, we offer a diverse range of options in all price ranges to suit every rider's needs.

Explore Carorbis online selection of high-quality bike mobile holders online & enjoy a safer, more convenient ride with easy access to your smartphone. Together with Carorbis genuine products guarantee and durable accessories from trusted manufacturers and top brands in the automotive sector, you can ride anywhere with no hassles.

Why Choose Bike Mobile Holders From Carorbis?

Here are some cool and important reasons why you need to buy a bike mobile holder.

  • Secure Mounting:

    A bike mobile holder keeps your phone securely mounted to your bike, even on rough terrain or bumpy roads. With strong grip and anti-slip material, your phone is not going to fall off no matter what your riding style is.
  • Easy Access:

    Use a bike phone holder to reach out to your phone at a traffic light, while stuck in traffic or just pull over to the side to find your destination on Google maps. You get easy reach for navigation, music streaming, or taking calls while riding.
  • Protection:

    The strong and durable build quality of our motorcycle phone mounts protect your smartphone from potential damage caused by drops, bumps, or inclement weather conditions. You can even get a bike phone mount with a waterproof cover for best protection from rain and moisture.
  • Convenience:

    With a phone holder for a motorcycle, you can easily view Google maps, GPS directions, or tracking apps and videos without having to stop at the side of the road and pull out your phone from your pocket. Its super useful to have a cell phone holder for a motorcycle when someone calls you on the road, because you can quickly connect with the caller.
  • Safety:

    Having your phone mounted securely on your bike with the best motorcycle phone mount keeps your hands on the handlebars & more importantly, your eyes on the road. This equates to reducing distractions and improved safety.
  • Versatility:

    A handlebar phone mount is not only useful for navigation but you can also track your journey for speed performance, timing and various other metrics. Another option is to capture photos or videos which are made famous by motorcycle vloggers who upload footage on YouTube. Or simply keep your phone accessible for any unexpected situations and emergencies.
  • Saving of Phone Battery Charge:

    The best motorcycle phone mounts with charger are available on Carorbis to keep your phone on full charge throughout your ride. Eliminate the worry of a drained battery when you need it most and forget about looking for the nearest place to recharge your phone battery. With these portable chargers that connect to your motorcycle battery, you’ll never run out of juice. As you can see, with Carorbis, you can buy a mobile phone holder for bike to fully immerse yourself in your travels without having to worry about the security or charge of your smartphone. Explore new routes, enjoy a leisurely ride with your phone easily accessible for added convenience and seamless journeys.
  • Adjustable Viewing Angles:

    Carorbis cell phone mount for motorcycles offers adjustable viewing angles, (some even have 360 degree swivelling on ball joint features) to customise the position of your phone. What your get is optimal visibility & comfort. This feature enables you to adjust the angle, orientation and position of your device to record from any vantage point, simultaneously giving you a clear and convenient view of the screen while riding.
  • Anti-Vibration Technology:

    The best bike phone mount from Carorbis features anti-vibration technology, minimising the impact of road vibrations on your phone. This technology gives you a stable and clear view of your device's screen, while maintaining visibility & readability even on bumpy surfaces.
  • Waterproof Construction:

    You can buy a motorcycle handlebar phone mount from Carorbis with waterproof construction, for extra added protection against rain, splashes, or other moisture-related weather and hazards. Your phone remains safe & functional even in wet / damp conditions, so that not even the monsoons can dampen your riding spirit.
  • Easy Installation:

    Bike cell phone holders from Carorbis are designed for hassle-free installation. You get all the necessary tools & instructions to mount them securely on your bike’s handlebar or tank or even mirror mount. This feature allows you to set up the mobile stand for bike quickly & easily, without the need for professional assistance / specialised equipment or tedious process.

What Are the Types of Mobile Phone Bike Mount I Can Buy Online at Carorbis?

Take a look at the wide variety of best phone holder for motorcycle you can shop online for at Carorbis auto accessory webstore.

  1. Motorcycle Phone Mount With Charger:

    You can get a fast 15W wireless charger mobile holder which combines the convenience of wireless charging with the functionality of a secure motorcycle mobile phone holder. Basically, charge your device while on the go. With fast charging capabilities, they ensure your phone powers up quickly during long rides.
  2. Magnetic Motorcycle Phone Mount:

    Utilising strong magnets, these come as a motorcycle phone case and mount providing a quick and easy mounting / dismounting solution. They offer a strong grip while allowing for effortless attachment and detachment of your device. Great for when you need to pick the phone off the mount without any hassles.
  3. Anti-Vibration/Metallic Heavy Duty Mobile Holder:

    Phone holder for bike handlebars will receive a lot of vibrations from the engine which can make it difficult to use. Cellphone holders for motorcycles from Carorbis are designed for durability & stability, and these holders feature heavy-duty construction & anti-vibration technology to keep your phone steady even on rough terrain. They provide a secure mounting solution with minimum vibrations for clearer visibility of your phone screen.
  4. Bike Phone Holder Waterproof:

    GPS Mobile Holder from Carorbis comes with a waterproof feature to withstand challenging weather conditions. They offer a secure mounting solution for navigation purposes, and your smartphone remains visible and protected even in wet conditions.
  5. Jaw Grip Mobile Holder:

    This is the best phone holder for bike featuring a jaw-like mechanism that securely grips your phone in place. It provides stability even on bumpy roads. It offers easy insertion & removal of your device with an easy-to-use jaw mechanism making it convenient for quick access.
  6. Claw Grip Mobile Holder:

    Claw grip holders are a type of handlebar phone holder that utilises adjustable claws to securely hold your phone in place. It can accommodate various sizes & shapes of smartphones. They offer an extremely firm grip and stability for maximum phone security.
  7. Tank Mounted Phone Holder:

    The tank bag mobile holder is made for use on top of a tank bag. They feature easy access to your device for navigation, calls, and apps, enhancing your riding experience.

If you are ready to level up your motorcycle experience, then come to Carorbis. Over here, we will show you how to stop fumbling with your smartphone while riding and present seamless rides with our top-notch phone case bike mounts and accessories.

Easy riding is now a thing, and Carorbis makes it possible for your street commuting, off-road trails and office runs. We've got the best phone holder for bikes to keep your phone safe and at your fingertips. Shop now on Carorbis and ride smarter with smart bike mobile holders.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is a Cell Phone Bike Mount?

Ans. It’s a mount used to securely attach a smartphone to a motorcycle handlebar for convenient access while riding.

Q2. Are Motorcycle Phone Holders Waterproof?

Ans. Not all holders are waterproof. You can buy a waterproof mobile holder online from Carorbis to protect your phone from rain and splashes while riding.

Q3: How Do I Install a Handlebar Phone Holder?

Ans. They come with clamps, brackets and fasteners that are secured with nuts, bolts and screws to the handlebar.

Q4. What is the Price of a Bike Handlebar Phone Mount?

Ans. Prices for bike mobile holders start from Rs. 507 for the tank mounted type.

Q5: Is a Cellphone Holder for Bike Required?

Ans. It is not necessary to use a mobile mounting device while riding, but it does add a lot of convenience and safety for your smartphone while using GPS navigation, streaming music or taking calls.

Q6. Do I Fix the Phone Holder for Motorcycle on Handlebars or Mirror?

Ans. It depends on the design of the phone mount and the preference of the rider.

Q7. Which is the Best Handlebar Phone Mount?

Ans. The tank mobile holder features easy mounting, water resistance, compatibility with various smartphones and enhances your ride with easy access and security of your device.